Is Viral Pay Legit Or A Scam? - Review

Is Viral Pay Legit Or A Scam? (Honest Review)

Is Viral Pay Legit Or A Scam? - Review

Welcome to my Viral Pay review. You will read if this is a legit website to make $500 today or a scam.

The claim about $500 today sounds a little unrealistic but on the other hand, you can easily join this site and start using the member’s area for free. So, here is what you can really expect:

What Is Viral Pay?

Viral Pay is a website that promises you to earn money by referring other people on this website. As a concept sounds like an affiliate marketing system but it’s quite different.

They don’t have a product, they don’t teach something, and they don’t offer any surveys like the standard GPT sites but only ask for traffic.

The creators of Viral Pay introduce the program as an influencer network and a way to make some easy money. Of course, we do not know who is the creator of the site or any other information about the company which is a typical scam alert.

However, this is not an influencer marketing and has nothing to do with social media. You only get a referral link and the website asks the users to share their link on their social media.

If someone joins through your referral link, you are supposed to earn $10. And this is the second issue.

It’s a site in which you can join for free. How can the owners afford to pay $10 for each referral without any requirements for their activity?

The answer is simple:

They will not pay the members for their actions on the website. Yes, Viral Pay is a SCAM.

The concept of earning $10 for simple referrals who does not need to take any actions on the site is too good to be true. The same applies to the other tasks on the members’ area.

These offers are very simplistic, and a few third-party websites will ask for your details like your phone number and email address. They promise 30 dollars for each one of these tasks.

Simply, you will not get paid. They promote this site as a get-rich-quick scheme and this what you can expect.

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How Is It Supposed To Work?

You can join the website for free and get a $25 bonus. Then, it shows you some things you can do to make money. For example, you will earn $2 per click or $25 to complete surveys.

viral pay inside

These numbers are ridiculous. If you have joined any legit survey site or affiliate program, you know that these rewards are unreal.

Next, you can visit the refer and earn tab in which you can find your links and below you can find the $30 task wall.

The task wall includes offers that you must complete and $30 will be added to your account. To complete these tasks, you must join third-party websites and give your details (phone number or email).

I do not know if they are scams or legit sites but they will use your details to spam you for sure.

Lastly, you can earn $50 to upload a video for Viral Pay on YouTube. I guess this is the reason why there are some positive videos about this website on YouTube.

When you go to ask for a cash out, they will say that you need at least 20 clicks, 5 referrals, and 4 taskwall tasks. But as I mentioned above, even if you complete all these tasks you will not get paid.

request payment

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Fake Testimonials

The easiest way to prove that this program is a scam is by showing you the fake testimonials. If you visit the proof page of Viral Pay, they have added a few testimonial videos of people who say how amazing this site is.


However, they are hired actors from Fiverr and they create videos for programs like this one.

For an example, you can check the guy below:

viral pay fake testimonials

On the next image, you can see his Fiverr gig in which you can hire him for a few dollars to create a video for you.

fake testimonial - fiverr male

You can find the same guy on the other similar scams like Spring Profits and AZ Millionaire Method. All the testimonials of Viral Pay are not real users. They got paid to create these videos.

Viral Pay Reviews From Real Users

Some people have shared their experience with Viral Pay. I have found a few real reviews from users and I will show you two of them. Most people say the same thing about this website:

When you will do the required tasks and request a cash out after some days they will cancel your payment because of fraudulent stats.

This is the only problem you will have with the Viral Pay but it’s the only problem that really matters.

viral pay customer review
viral pay customer review 2

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My Final Verdict – Is Viral Pay Legit Or A Scam?

In my opinion, this is one of the worst websites on the internet that you could join to earn money.

Viral Pay is a scam, and you should not waste your time with that.

In the beginning, it’s not easy to figure it out. The homepage of the program looks professional, and there are some positive YouTube videos from people who probably try to earn the $50 reward for uploading a video.

I think the first weird things are the huge commissions and rewards on the tasks. If you have not any experience with similar sites, you may not think that something goes wrong. But You will understand it when you will wait for the cash out.

While you do not pay anything to join the website, you will share a site that does not work on your social media accounts, you will waste your time, and you may lose money on the tasks.

Also, if you could earn any money here, they would not use fake testimonials. The legit sites do not need fake testimonials because they have real members who share their results.

So, I do not recommend Viral Pay. There are much better alternatives to make money and below you can discover something that really works.

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Of course, you need to follow a strategy and take action to achieve that. It does not work just by spamming your links around as Viral Pay claims.

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Thanks for reading my review on Viral Pay. It was not a legit site but I would like to hear your opinion. You can leave any comments and questions below.