Is Vindale Research A Scam? – A Thorough Review

Is Vindale Research A Scam - A Thorough ReviewWelcome to my Vindale Research review. There are some claims on the internet about the potential earnings with this site, but there are some complaints as well. In this post, you can read how it works, and if it’s another scam or a legit site.

What Is Vindale Research?

Vindale research is one of the oldest survey sites. The company has paid a few million dollars in rewards from online surveys to the members of the site. We can say that this is a legit site because it pays the users who complete surveys.

However, there are a lot of complaints from users so getting paid it’s not enough in some cases.

Anyway, these days you can find additional ways to make money with Vindale Research like watching videos and the referral program.

How Does Vindale Research Work?

There is a simple 3 step process to get started with Vindale Research:

1. Create a free account: You fill in a form with your personal information (name, email, new password, etc.,)
2. New member questionnaire: Answer some questions about yourself and your demographics. A standard process in most survey sites
3. Confirm your email and start looking for survey opportunities.

To complete your first survey, you just go to the studies page to choose any of them you like. When you complete one survey successfully, the reward will be credited to your account. When you reach the minimum cash out limit, you can receive your earnings to your PayPal account.

What’s Inside?

When you create an account and you are ready to get started, you can see 5 main pages in the members’ area.

1. Studies: This is the page with the surveys. You can scroll down to see all the available surveys and choose the ones you like. This is the main way to make money with the site and the focus of the company.

Vindale Research claims that there are some high earning surveys and there are some videos on YouTube to prove that statement. In my opinion, there are not better surveys than other similar sites. The surveys with earnings over $5 are rare and most people do not get qualified for them.

A realistic expectation could be to get the standard rewards of the industry.

2. Panels: On this page, you can see some other survey sites to join. We do not see too often competitors to be promoted. The problem is that the alternative sites are similar to Vindale Research like Toluna and MySurvey. These sites have similar issues and complaints from the users.

For some better alternatives to complete paid surveys, you can read about CashCrate and ClixSense. They include survey sites and other ways to earn some extra money.

3. Videos: It is one of the best ways to waste your time. You can earn 1-2 cents to watch videos for a few minutes. In my opinion, it’s not worth it.

4. Referral Program: When you invite new members on the platform, you earn $5 when they complete a survey.

5. Reward Codes and Bonus: On these pages, you can earn some extra money in different ways.

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Pros and Cons


1. Legit website: When you reach the minimum cash out limit, you will get paid. There are many positive reviews from blogs and forums while the user reviews are both of good and bad. Also, there is an A BBB ranking.

2. Good referral program: It’s a better referral program than most survey sites. $5 per active referral it’s a fair reward.


1. Disqualification: There are a lot of complaints about the survey process. It’s a common problem not to get qualified after a few questions on a specific survey.

However, there are some survey sites where you see this problem too often. Vindale Research is one of these sites. You may answer questions for many minutes without earning a single penny for your time. Also, it happens to the most of the surveys you complete on this site.

$50 minimum cash out limit: I think this is the higher cash out limit I have seen in a survey site. It can take forever to cash out and get your earnings.

Available only in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia: If you do not live in these countries, check for other alternatives.

My Final Opinion: Is Vindale Research A Scam Or A Legit Survey Site?

I think it’s a legit survey site, but it’s not worth your time. The average rewards on this site are really low because you are not able to complete most of the surveys you will start.

The average earnings on side income sites are $0.5 per hour. Even if you can earn the average of the industry, you need 100 hours to cash out.

It’s on you to decide if that’s enough for you. However, I do not recommend it. There are better ways to make money online, and I will show you one of them below.

Lastly, you can watch some YouTube videos and read some blogs about Vindale Research with huge claims like earning $100 a day or $50 per survey.

These videos and articles are from affiliates of Vindale Research who believe it’s fine to claim random numbers to promote their links. Of course, they do not prove their claims on any of these videos.

To earn money with paid surveys and other simple tasks, I recommend Swagbucks, CashCrate, and ClixSense. These sites include more surveys than the standard survey sites, and you can find more opportunities for some extra income.

My Top Recommendation To Make Money Online

The paid surveys have low potential. There are too many members on these sites for a limited number of surveys. The result is low rewards and a lot of disqualifications.

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Thanks for reading my review on Vindale Research. While it’s a legit site, the rules and the process of the surveys create a bad user experience. Feel free to share your experience with that company or ask any questions below.

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