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Is Tubeloom a Scam?Tubeloom Review

Name: Tubeloom
Price: $39.95 upsells and downsells
Owners: Charlotte White (I could not find more information)
Make Money Bay Rank: 37 out of 100

What is Tubeloom?

When you visit the home page, you can see a video presentation claiming that you will make $300/day just by creating short videos and uploading them on Youtube. Can this program teaches you how to earn a full-time income or is Tubeloom a scam?

This business model works with Youtube marketing and affiliate marketing. You create videos and you add your affiliate links in the description. If you get traffic, some visitors will click the links and you will make money if they buy the recommended products.

The problem is that it does not work so easily as they say on the home page of this program.

First of all, Youtube is not more popular than Google as Charlotte claims. However, you can build an online business based on traffic from Youtube but the information you can find inside the program is not enough to achieve it.

The second misleading issue is about the potential earnings. You will not make $300/day at the beginning because it takes some time to get results. It will take time just to make a sale or get ranked on the first page of Youtube. Some of them, they will never get ranked on the first page.

Sorry, but it is unlikely to get ranked for every video you create when you have a new channel even if you are an expert on video marketing.

You may need to create and upload many videos before making your first sale. I cannot say a specific number of videos you should upload or how much time it takes because it depends on many factors.

In my opinion, you can find some helpful information on the training but it is not enough to build a profitable online business. If you are looking for a training program with a step by step guide to make money online, check out my #1 ranked program.


  • It is cheap
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Legit business model


  • Unrealistic claims
  • 3 upsells
  • Poor Support
  • The training is not great
  • No free trial
  • No Community

Who is Tubeloom For?

Tubeloom is supposed to help beginners to make money online. They do not even try to target any other type of marketer. They probably know that they do not have any chances to convince someone with experience in online marketing.

However, if you have never tried another program before about video marketing you can learn some new things but not enough to start a profitable business.

More experienced users will not be benefited from this program and they will probably try to take their money back. Good luck with that.

What is Included in The Training

Tubeloom productThe training includes four modules that teach you how to create and optimize a video. There is a guide on how to pick a product, then you learn to create a video review, optimize the video and outsource on Fiverr to buy views and backlinks.

As a business model, it is fine if you do not buy fake views and backlinks. Youtube is smart these days and it can figure out the spammers easily. They will see that you have bought views and they will delete your channel and your videos.

Another problem is that the training is not detailed enough when you learn how to pick a product and how to create a video. You will need some help later on these steps.

Overall, the training is below average and I have reviewed many better products programs before. You can see them on the sidebar.

About the Support

You will not see any real support or community inside the program. Support is not really necessary on this program because you will not face any technical issues, there are only some tutorials to download.

But I have mentioned the importance of the community many times in previous articles.

When you try to build a system to make money, you will need help. If you have not done this before, you will make mistakes and there will be times when you do not know how to continue. Without someone to help, it will be the end of your online business.

How Much Does It Cost?

The standard price is at $39.95 but you may buy it cheaper. It has a downsell at $19 if you remain to the website with the exit pop up.

Inside the program, you will see three upsells that cost in total $161. More specific:

  • TubeLoom Step-By-Step Riches: $67
  • Done For You Easy Cash Campaigns: $47
  • VIP Elite Mastermind: $47

The bad news is that you will need the upsells because the basic training misses many important things and now you can see the reason.

Final Thoughts – Is Tubeloom a Scam?

Tubeloom has some good parts but overall is a bad program. However, if they were including the upsells on the basic package at a normal price, I could rank it higher.

But it is not happening. They ask you $39 for a training that misses many things. I have seen programs that offer more value than Tubeloom in their free trials. One of them is Wealthy Affiliate.

Dishonesty on the sales page is one more issue, they promise you earnings that are totally unrealistic and they will ask more money later for important upsells.

If you feel that it worths your money and your time, you can buy it but I do not recommend it.

In my opinion, if you want to get views on Youtube and make people click your links, you need to pick up a niche and create quality videos regularly. If you send the traffic to your website or your landing page, you can make sales.


Name: Tubeloom
Price: $39.95 upsells and downsells
Owners: Charlotte White
Make Money Bay Rank: 37 out of 100

If you have any questions or you want to share your experience with Tubeloom, leave your message below. I would like to here your opinion and I will reply soon.



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