Is The Fearless Momma A Scam Or Instant $250 Commissions?

is the fearless momma a scam? - review

In this review of The Fearless Momma, you will read if this program is a scam as it sounds from the claims and the presentation or a legit way to build a business.

There are both positive and negatives reviews on the internet but in my opinion, it’s not worth your time and money for the reasons you will read below.

What Is The Fearless Momma?

The Fearless Momma is a money-making program. Their only purpose is to sell you a program that you must sell later to other people to earn commissions.

It is not a program about affiliate marketing or network marketing even if it look like some online MLMs because of the multiple levels of memberships, commissions, and the high ticket upsells.

Of course, you cannot see about the expensive upsells on the video presentation. They show you only a few new emails from their Gmail as proof of their earnings but no more information on how it works and what you must do.

We hear some typical claims that are common on many money-making schemes. For example, you do not have to work and everything is done-for-you.

Many similar programs promise something like that but when something sounds too good to be true, almost always is not true.

The Fearless Momma is not as described on the two videos and these sales pages. It’s a program that works with paid advertising so you need at least $250 + a budget to get some ads.

From the beginning, you must do an upfront investment that may cost hundreds of dollars. Next, you must promote The Fearless Momma. There is no other option.

All the members of the program will try to do the same things. They will try to put the same ads in the same places and they will send the same emails. This is the problem with the done-for-you systems and why they don’t work in the long term.

You must compete with other members of the program so your ads will not be profitable unless you try something different. But if you try something different you can promote another program for free and there is no reason to buy The Fearless Momma.

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How Does It Really Work?

The Fearless Momma is a funnel. I don’t think that many people would call it a system. They just give you a funnel and before that, you have gone through that funnel.

There are pre-written emails and ads that you can use to send traffic to your funnel. Many programs can give you the exact same thing and I do not find anything different here.

The recommendation of the program is to buy solo ads. They show you where to buy these solo ads and then, you must start with 500 solo ads according to the video presentation.

The cost of the solo ads will be at $250-$300 and all the risk is on your part even if they show you where to buy and how to promote their product.

When you buy solo ads, there are no guaranteed results and it is a very risky way to get traffic. It can work and some people make money in this way but it may cost too much until start earning something back.

Next, you are supposed to make 100% commissions. But this is the truth only for the first level of membership. On the next levels, the price of every upgrade is much bigger and you will earn only 25% commissions. If you have not upgraded when your referral upgrades, you do not make any money at all.

About The Training

You will find some guides on videos that will help you to apply the strategy of The Fearless Momma.

The videos include some basic training because the goal of the program is to just apply some instructions. You will not learn something that can be used for other programs and different businesses.

So, you can find training oh how to promote The Fearless Momma with solo ads and Craiglist ads. This is the only practical training. However, there are some videos about mindset as well

Lastly, you can watch weekly webinars that will help you to understand better the training and the program.

In my opinion, you will not learn something that is not available on other places at a cheaper price or even for free. There are plenty of videos and articles on the internet about all these stategies.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The starting price is at $250 but this is only the beginning of this funnel. If you want to earn real money, you must go through their funnel and buy the upsells.

They include three high-ticket upsells that cost from $1,000 to $5,000. If you buy all these upsells and the front end product the total cost is at $8,250.

Next, you will need an autoresponder service that has a monthly fee and to test a few ads. It can cost a lot of money and you must reinvest your earnings again and again on unimportant things like upgrading your membership.

You may make mistakes with your ads if you are inexperienced and lose hundreds of dollars without any results.

The problem here is not the potential loses but the fact that you don’t pay for quality training or tools. You just pay to be able to promote their product and make bigger commissions.

This is an outdated and ridiculous structure that reminds many online scams that closed lately like MOBE and Digital Altitude. There is no reason to get into network marketing schemes because these days you can promote high ticket programs for free.

This is the main difference between affiliate marketing and all these schemes. On affiliate marketing, you can join and promote any program for free and get better commissions.

On The Fearless Momma, you get a 100% for the front end product but the real money is made with the upsells.

The last thing to consider is that you can’t a refund if you don’t like the product. Almost every online program has a money back guarantee for one-two months. I do not know why The Fearless Momma has a different refund policy.

refund policy - the fearless momma

My Final Verdict – Is The Fearless Momma A Scam?

You will not earn instant commissions as they claim on the sales page but this is not a complete scam.

The program has a real owner even if we do not know much about her career and some people say that they have made money.

However, you must be aware that this is a funnel that you must buy it before using it and costs a lot of money. You buy only a funnel. It’s not a system or any quality training that will make a difference from the many other programs out there.

When it comes to the price, I do not think it’s worth the $250 price or the future upsells. You pay to make bigger commissions. I do not recommend this type of products. I think there are better opportunities to make money or create an online business.

Many programs out there sell a funnel and then, they tell you to send traffic with solo ads. Most of them do not work.

You must consider that you send these emails to real people and they may receive the same emails from many different members. It’s a spam strategy that costs enough money for the advertiser and does not add value to the user.

It can work if you have unique emails and funnels but again, you must run some tests.

So, it’s not a real business but a money-making trick. It may work for a while but your success will not last. Most members will just lose their money even if they follow the steps of the program.

Here Is Something That Really Works

I am an affiliate marketer and this is what I suggest to anyone who really wants to start an online business from zero.

You don’t need a big budget to pay huge memberships. The best affiliate programs will let you join for free. Programs like Clickbank, Amazon Accossiates, CJ are completely free.

You can also find high ticket programs if you prefer the very big commissions. Once you grab your affiliate links, you can put some ads or send traffic in any way you want.

I prefer the free traffic and it can be a huge advantage over your competition. Of course, for the free traffic, you must be a little patient.

But this is how the real businesses are built. They take time and work. If you want a profitable business that will last for years, you want to build an audience. The paid advertising can be an extra tool to get more traffic but not your only way to get traffic.

If you want to learn what I do to get traffic to my sites, you can read about my free affiliate marketing guide below.

Thanks for reading my review on The Fearless Momma. It’s an average and expensive product so I don’t recommend it. For any questions, you can leave your comments below.

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