is the amazon affiliate program worth it

Is The Amazon Affiliate Program Worth It?

The affiliate program of Amazon is one of the most popular programs on the internet. There are many affiliate sites that earn commissions from Amazon and marketers that suggest different ways to get started. However, some affiliates don’t like it and prefer other options. In this post, you will read if the Amazon Affiliate program worth it and everything you need to know.

Many Products To Review

As an Amazon affiliate, you will never run out of products to promote. Many niche sites that use Amazon to earn money can keep publishing new content for years because there are new products to write about. 

Reviews are a big part of a successful affiliate site. Writing reviews is a skill that can bring you a lot of profits, and you learn it by doing it. So, Amazon is a top option for affiliates because there are unlimited products. 

You can choose a niche that you like or have already bought some products and start creating content. I just gave a super profitable business model. There are many affiliates that write reviews in multiple niches. You can find big authority sites with reviews in different types of products or smaller sites that specialize in something.

In both cases, your options are unlimited. You can easily scale your earnings by expending in more niches. The only additional skill that you need to learn is SEO. Review sites get most of their traffic from search engines. So, you need to follow a few simple rules that you will apply to your sites and repeat the process over and over again. A top training program to learn this process is Wealthy Affiliate.

Good Commissions

Amazon is a marketplace for physical products, and we will compare the affiliate program with other programs from similar marketplaces. So, Amazon gives commissions from 1% to 10% depending on the niche. There is a list of categories that you can see once you join. If your products do not belong in these categories, you get the standard commissions that start from 6% and can go up to 10% based on your sales.

Compared with other affiliate programs of physical products, the commissions are fair and give multiple options. Of course, the affiliates that promote digital products can get much higher commissions. However, the benefit of Amazon is that it converts very well. People already trust Amazon and buy from it. You don’t have to convince them to buy from an unknown seller like other affiliate programs. Based on these fair commissions and high conversion rate is one of the most profitable options for affiliate marketers.

Easy To Use

The process of getting started and promoting your first products is quite easy. You actually complete your contact details and follow their instructions. Once you fill in all the forms, you need to get approved.

It is not difficult to get approved. You just need a website and some basic pages. If you follow the Wealthy Affiliate training, you will get approved every time for as many websites as you want. People from Amazon will manually check your site to make sure everything is according to their rules, and then you are ready to take action.

You can visit the main page of Amazon Associates to get your links. You search the marketplace by typing a keyword or the number of a product. Next, you can choose a product from the available results and get the link that you will use on your site. From the same place, you can check your clicks, sales, and earnings in the future.

Good Support

Good support depends on if and how they reply. Yes, you will get an answer almost always. Also, they tend to reply fast. So, they have an advantage from most competitors in this part.

However, Amazon is a big marketplace. There are many issues their employees have to handle at the same time. It can be a problem when you need a solution with a difficult issue for them. I don’t think that that the people who work on the support have any experience with affiliate marketing.

In many cases, there is some confusion and some complaints about their support. However, I believe that is a better option than most alternatives. Lastly, support is not so helpful when there are problems with their policies. But this is not only a problem of the support but a completely different category that is mentioned below.

Many Plugins Can Work With The Amazon Affiliate Program

Many affiliate marketers try to make money with this program, so many companies find a different opportunity. As you can understand, they create products for affiliates of Amazon. 

You can find ebooks, courses, training programs, and tools to help you build your business. These tools include plugins that you can use to your website to get better results. There are comparison plugins that show you the best option between the two products. For review sites, you can use plugins that allow you to create your own rankings. Also, many plugins add small features that make the process easier. 

Affiliate marketers cannot find these benefits with other affiliate programs. So, if you are a beginner, you get some help with your first steps in the online world.

Not The Best Option For Every Niche

While there are many available niches on the marketplace, it does not work for everything. For example, the internet marketing niche includes just cheap ebooks that are not worth your time because you can get much better commissions from other affiliate programs.

In my opinion, most niches that work better with digital products are not a good option for the Amazon Affiliate program. This is one of the main reasons why some people avoid it. You will find many affiliates that focus only on the very popular niches. I don’t think that is a profitable business to mess with the competition, but many people do it anyway.

Amazon Policies

The policies of the affiliate program create pressure for many beginner affiliate marketers. Simple mistakes can be enough to cost your account. If they close your account, you can’t do anything to get it back. The only exception is if you don’t make a sale in the first three months. In that case, they close your account, but they will activate it again if you ask for it.

The other policies are about your content, how to use your links, and if you give accurate information. As I mentioned above, there are many plugins that work with the rules of Amazon, so they can help you. If you are a beginner on Amazon, make sure that you have read and understood their policies.

You Need A Website

Many affiliates don’t want to build their own websites. However, this is one of the best investments you can do, and Amazon has set it as a requirement. Many affiliate programs do not care if you have a website. You can use advertising methods or other platforms to get started.

The Amazon affiliate program allows YouTubers or content creators of other blogging platforms to promote their products. But you can’t do it without a platform. The good news is that it’s quite easy to build a website, and you can get started in the following steps.

How To Get Started With The Amazon Affiliate Program

1. Choose A Niche

I have already mentioned that there are thousands of categories and subcategories of products. You can choose any of them as the niche or the topic of your website. Every category that makes sales will have enough audience for you to make money. Also, it’s possible to create multiple sites in the future, so just choose one niche and move to the next step.

2. Build A Website

You will need a domain name and a hosting provider. I would suggest joining Wealthy Affiliate for this step. It will give you hosting for ten websites. Once you build your site, you need to do some basic SEO to get ranked on search engines and add a few plugins to make your site nice. All these parts are included in the training of Wealthy Affiliate

3. Create Content

You can publish reviews on Amazon’s products, articles with lists of products, and how-to articles in your niche. If you don’t want to write or need some help with that, you can hire a freelance writer on Fiverr. Your content is a big part of an online business.

4. Get Ranked On The First Page Of Google And Make Money

Once you publish your content, you need to wait. Google can take 6-12 months to rank all your articles on the first page if the quality of the content is good enough. The competition of your niche will affect the time it will take to get results. Usually, product reviews have not much competition. Sooner or later, you will start getting traffic, visitors will click your affiliate links and buy products on Amazon. You can check your commissions on your Amazon Associates account.


The Amazon Affiliate program is worth it because you can promote thousands of products. Most affiliates follow a simple business model that is based on content creations and repetition. Everyone can write a few product reviews and a list of favorite products. So, everyone can use it to make money. 

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