is survey club legit? - review

Is Survey Club Legit? (Honest Review)

In this Survey Club review, you will read if this is a legit site or another scam. There are many different opinions about this site. We can find both positive and negative reviews on the internet. However, I think you will learn something in this post you can’t find elsewhere.

What Is Survey Club?

Survey Club looks like a survey site but this is not exactly the truth. If you create an account and check the members’ area, you will see that there are no surveys.

A more accurate description is that Survey Club is a middleman between users and other third-party survey sites. However, we cannot say that this is a legit middleman because they are not honest on the homepage and the members’ area about that.

I have reviewed some similar sites before. For example, you may have heard about SurveySay and Survey Spotter. They recommend third-party survey sites. The problem with these middlemen is that they do not tell you the truth. They make you believe that you join on a site you can earn money but this is not the case.

Survey Club says that it has 15 million members on six continents and it mentions a few surveys that you cannot find inside. I doubt that these numbers are real and we cannot confirm them. Lastly, Survey Club makes money through affiliate links to the other survey panels.

However, Survey Club does not add any value to the user. You could go directly to the recommended panels without losing your time here. It does not give information or guides about survey but only a few links. Also, you will get paid on the third-party survey panels for your survey and not from Survey Club.

As you can see, you will find a website very different from the description of the homepage.

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How Does It Work?

When you create a new account, the site asks you to complete some profile answers like a regular survey site. I guess they will use it in the future. But you do not have to answer these questions. It’s a standard process on many survey sites but these questions will not change your experience with Survey Club, so they are a waste of time.

Then, you can choose one of the surveys or survey panels. On my end, there is only one option when this review is written but it may change in the future.

Even if you choose the survey, you will be redirected to a new website in which you have to create a new account. That means the surveys you will complete on that site have no connection with Survey Club.

Also, you have an available referral link. The rewards are a little weird here. They will add to your account $1 for every referral but there is a maximum limit of five referrals. It does not make any sense. A referral is not worth $1 and I have never seen again a limit on the referrals you can get. Usually, the referral programs pay you for the activity of your referrals. There is a good reason for this weird structure as you can read below.

Can You Really Get Paid?

The creators of Survey Club made it too difficult to reach the cashout limit. In my opinion, no one can reach it. They have set the minimum cash out limit at $25. However, you earn $1 dollar per referral and you can get only 5 referrals. That means you can reach the $5 from the referral program.

However, there is no other way to make money. When you complete a survey, you get paid on the third-party survey sites so you can’t make more than $5. The website makes money through their affiliate links, tricks you to send some traffic but they don’t give something back.

Also, we cannot find payment proof from Survey Club on forums or social media so we assume that they do not pay or people do not reach their cash out limit.

About The Owner

While we can read many claims on the homepage, we have no information about the owner or the company behind this site. There is only a mail address and the about page do not give us any information at all.

The claims are about the available surveys, the members, it says that you can even find surveys per state. But when we get on the members’ area, it’s obvious that many things are different than described. The lack of information and misleading information are common issues on many online scams.


There are many complaints from members about spamming to their emails addresses. The site will try to use your contact details and any additional information to promote more survey sites or other products.

They will earn money through their affiliate links like the members’ area. This is the strategy of the site and we can understand it from the claims. You can easily avoid that part by creating a new email address only for this site. I think this is a good idea to create a new email for any survey site you join.

My Final Verdict – Is Survey Club Legit?

I can’t find anything positive on Survey Club and for this reason, I don’t rank it as a legit site. As a user, you do not have any benefit by creating an account on the site. If you want to complete surveys, just read a few reviews and go directly to some legit sites.

Survey Club will not give you any useful information or instructions. They want to get your contact details and spam their offers. They have nothing to lose from this process but they can only earn from every action you take through their links.

For most members, it will be a waste of time.

In my opinion, paid surveys are fine for those who want some extra money in their free time but the earning potential is very limited.

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Thanks for reading my review on Survey Club. It was only a middleman and it’s unlikely to reach the minimum cash out limit. For any questions about the site, you can leave your comments below.