Is Start Weekly Job A Scam Or The Fastest Way To Make Money?

is start weekly job a scam or legit? - review

Welcome to my Start Weekly Job review. This program looks like a scam because of the lack of information and the promised rewards that are unreasonable for a free site.

In this review, you will read in details how it works, what you can expect, why it’s a good idea to avoid it.

What Is Start Weekly Job?

Start Weekly Job is supposed to be a site that will help you to make extra money. According to the homepage, this should be the fastest way to make money.

However, the truth is very different. This is not a site about online jobs and you will not find any gigs inside.

Start Weekly Job is a scam with a few basic pages that try to get the details of the visitors. Also, the creators of the program try to make you work for them.

First of all, Start Weekly Job is a copy of a few other online scams. For a few examples, you can read about My Work For Life and Do Part Time Job. These sites are exactly the same and promise the same things.

I think you may find a few differences in the claims but everything else is the same. Even the images and the design have no difference.

It may sound weird but there are many other similar sites and I will review some of them in the future. They pop up all around the internet under different domain names.

They claim that you can make money fast. When you hear the word fast is by default a scam alert but then, they promise jobs that do not deliver.

On the members’ area, they say that you can make $100 per and thousands of dollars per month which is not true as well because they will not pay you.

Also, there is no product, training, or tools inside. There is only a referral link that you must use to send more traffic to the website but again, they do not pay.

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How Does It Work?

If you create a new account, you can log in on the members’ area. You will see that there are $10 to your account as a sign up bonus.

start weekly job members area

The only thing you can find inside is a referral link and they ask for you to use it. If you get referrals, they will add $10 for each referral to your account.

However, this site can’t earn money. At least, we can’t see how they can make money with their referrals. They don’t have a product or anything else.

So, they promise $10 for every free referral. It does not make sense because it looks like giving free money for each one of these referrals. And you can be sure that no one will give you free money on the internet.

Next, there are not any tips on how you can use their referral links. They say to post your link or social media, forums, chat rooms, blogs, etc.

With a few words, they expect from you to spam around the internet. Of course, this is not a way to get referrals consistently. They just hope to make your friends on social media to join this website.

This is the only thing you can do on the members’ area of Start Weekly Job. You can’t find a job or any other alternative strategy.

Can You Get Paid?

They claim that you can get paid through a check, PayPal and a few other ways. But they will not pay you in any of these ways.

They have set a huge minimum payout limit of $300. So, you must get 30 referrals. This is not an easy task and will take a lot of time to achieve it if you are a beginner.

The reason why they have a big limit is that they want to keep you around for free.

The legit sites have not so big payout limits. You can cash out with 10-20 dollars. Also, the legit sites do not pay $10 for free referrals from social media.

The bottom line is that Start Weekly Job is a scam and will not pay you. The site is created to get your contact information but they will give something back.

Owner and Support

Almost every online scam does not include information about the owner. The same applies here and all the similar sites to Start Weekly Job.

There is no page with details about the creator of the site or a company behind it. There is a FAQ page but they only say that you can work little and get paid.

There is no support as well. While they include a support page and an email, no one will receive your emails. Also, you will not get help on the members’ area.

Some members will try to contact the support when they can’t receive their money. I would not expect any reply as well.

Lastly, the site does not include basic pages like a privacy policy page, terms, and conditions, about page, etc. It’s a very basic website with outdated design and lack of important information.

My Final Verdict – Is Start Weekly Job A Scam?

There is nothing real on this website. Start Weekly Job is a scam.

The owner of this website tries to trick the visitors, make them fill in the sign up form, and send them to the members’ area. Then, the only thing they can do is to get referrals. But they will not get paid for their work.

I am not sure about how the the owner will make money for you. He may spam you and promote other scams, or try to use your log in details.

But I know this is not a legit site. You can’t win something here and it’s only a waste of time. Also, it’s a good idea to stay away from every similar site. Many scams or schemes that do not pay promise huge rewards.

We can figure out if a program or site is legit when it pays the members. When we cannot find any payment proof on the internet, almost always is a scam or a very new website.

There is no proof of payment for Start Weekly Job and any other copy of the program.

Another thing to consider is that the website promises very fast earnings. I know there are many who make claims like this one. But most of the times, they do not deliver. The legit ways to make money take time and effort.

Here Is A Legit Way To Make Money

You can promote other people’s products or services with a referral link and make money. This process is called affiliate marketing.

This is one of the simplest online business models and for this reason, it’s very hot these days. But you must make sure that you promote legit programs. The good news is that there are plenty of legit programs.

Many beginners start new affiliate marketing businesses every single day. Of course, your earnings will depend on your work. There is no such this as something for nothing. So, you must take action and do the work.

If someone promises money with no work, it’s a scam.

However, you must follow the right strategy if you want to make sales consistently and build a business that will be profitable in the long term. Spamming on social media and forums is not a good strategy for obvious reasons.

I will show you how I make money as an affiliate marketer. On the link below, you can get my free guide. In this guide, you can follow a few simple steps and use some tools from a top training program that you can join for free.

Thanks for reading my review on Start Weekly Job. The website does not pay the members but you can check my alternative way to make money. For any questions, you can leave your comments below.

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