Is Sponsored Tweets A Scam? – A Comprehensive Review

Is Sponsored Tweets A Scam? – A Comprehensive ReviewSponsored Tweets Review:

Name: Sponsored Tweets
Price: Free, $1/mo, and  $5/mo
Make Money Bay Rank: 62 out of 100

What Is Sponsored Tweets?

Sponsored Tweets is one of the most popular ways to earn money with your Twitter account.

When you read on articles about getting paid to tweet, usually, you can find it on the recommendations.

If you have an audience on Twitter, you can create an account on this site and hopefully, you will find people who will pay you to share their links, images, videos etc.

Some years ago, most people were looking for opportunities to make money on this site and there were more people to pay you for a tweet.

While Sponsored Tweets is still the biggest site that offers these services, there are many alternatives to put some ads on Twitter. Also, the same people can put some ads on other social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat.

For all these reasons, it’s not so easy to earn money to share sponsored tweets as it was a few years ago.

The opportunities these days is for those who have a large and active audience.

While I cannot estimate the potential earnings of an influencer because you negotiate directly with the marketers, most people will not be able to earn more than a few extra dollars per month with Sponsored Tweets.

I had personally tried it when I reached the 10k followers on Twitter and the results were not good enough to continue. I could not find sponsored opportunities and I was only earned money with pay per click tweets.

Later, I used the same account to send traffic to my site and some affiliate marketing offers. The results were much better.

Lastly, there is a negative thing when you use this service. You must enclose the sponsored ads and many of your followers will not like to see you get paid to tweet the specific content. So, you may lose some visitors.

There are many things to consider if it is worth using Sponsored Tweets or not.

Who Is It For?

You need to analyze your followers to figure out if that program is for you.

However, I can tell you who should not use it.

Sponsored Tweets is not for beginners who want to find a way to get started online.

You need thousands of followers to earn a few dollars per month and it is definitely not worth to create an account and grow it only for this program.

I mean there are better ways to put your effort. In a previous article, I had mentioned a few ways to earn over $100 a day online.

Next, it is not for those who have created a targeted audience. If you have an account about fitness, weight loss, marketing or any specific niche, there are better ways to monetize your Twitter account.

You can try some affiliate programs, create a Shopify store, start a niche site, etc. All these ways have a better potential and work well with a targeted audience.

So, this site is for people who have already created an audience (over 15k followers) and they have not a targeted audience.

For example, if you tweet quotes or funny stories and images, some sponsored tweets could work for you.

There are some stories of celebrities who were earning thousands of dollars per tweet. You cannot expect so much money if you are not a celebrity but a few dollars per tweet, if your audience is active, can be realistic.

How Does It Work?

You can create an account for free and check the platform. There are two paid plans which cost $1 and $5 per month. With the free membership, you can bid up to five sponsored jobs, and you have a $100 minimum cashout.

If you upgrade, you will able to do unlimited bids and the minimum cashout is at $50 or $25. It depends on your membership plan.Sponsored Tweets Plans

In my opinion, you must upgrade if you are serious about making money with this site. The five available bids are not enough and the marketers can see that you are a free member. It makes sense that they prefer to work with premium members.

Lastly, the marketers get many bids from creators and they see first the ones from the premium members.

The next step is to complete your profile and connect your Twitter accounts. Keep in mind that the marketers can see this information.

When you are ready, you can start finding opportunities on The Sponsorship Marketplace.

There are some available open bids when you create a new account and you can start applying to them.

When you apply, you can set your price and write a few words on why they should choose you. Many other creators apply to the same bids so you must convince the marketers to choose your bid.

Also, you can try the Contentamp. Here you tweet and get paid a few cents per click.

Again, there is an approval process but it’s easy to get approved because your earnings depend on the activity of your account. On the first option, you agree with the marketer on your payment before tweeting.

In the beginning, it may take weeks or months to get a sponsored tweet. However, after your first jobs, you can expect to get approved more often.

My advice is to bid and work professionally to have more chances to make money with sponsored tweets.


  • You can start for free
  • Easy to bid for sponsored tweets


  • You need an established audience
  • Low potential earnings
  • A lot of competition
  • There are better alternatives to monetize your Twitter account
  • Many Twitter users do not like the sponsored tweets

My Final Verdict – Is Sponsored Tweets A Scam?

Making money with Sponsored Tweets is possible. I have tried it and earned a few dollars but it was not the best option for me and explained the reasons above.

Is it going to work for you?

It depends on your audience, your niche, and if you can bid for sponsored tweets successfully.

It’s safe to say that is a legit website and many people have made money with sponsored tweets before. However, it is not a great opportunity and I would not recommend you to create an audience only for the specific site.

If you are looking for other alternatives, you check my top recommended program for beginners. You will learn step by step how to create your own online business and the potential earnings are much higher than getting paid to tweet.


Name: Sponsored Tweets
Price: Free, $1/mo, and  $5/mo
Make Money Bay Rank: 62 out of 100

Thanks for reading my review of Sponsored Tweets! If you have tried the site, you can share your experience below. Also, feel free to ask any questions!Start a business banner

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