Is Scribie Legit? A Thorough Review

In this Scribie review, you will learn what exactly you can expect from this site and if it’s a legit opportunity to make money online. Scribie is an audio and video transcription website in which you can join as a customer who wants to use its services or as a transcriber who wants to earn some extra money.

This review is for those who are interested in becoming transcribers on this platform. To earn money on Scribie, you just need to apply and get approved. When you get approved, you can go directly and pick up available jobs from the members’ area.

You can do three different tasks:

  1. Transcriptionist
  2. Transcription reviewer
  3. Proofreader

For those who are not familiar with the transcription jobs, here is how it works. You listen to an audio file and you must type accurately and fast what you have just listened to. I have written an article about the different typing jobs you can find online to learn more information.

The proofreader checks the written content for spelling and grammar mistakes. On Scribie, the process is simple and straightforward:

  • File Splitting
  • Raw Transcription
  • Review
  • Proofreading
  • Quality Check

Scribie the process

As an approved transcriber, you can log in and choose a file that is ready for raw transcription, review, proofreading, or quality check. Then, you can complete it and get paid. Your reward is from $0.5 to $2 for any 6-minute audio file you complete. The intro page of the program says that you can earn $5-$20 per hour but usually, a 6-minute audio file takes more than 6 minutes.

How To Sign Up

When you visit the homepage of Scribie, you need to scroll down the page until finding the Apply Now button to see the page for the transcribers. Next, you will see the page for the transcribers. You can read general information about the program, requirements, payments, etc.

Before even applying, you need to create and verify your PayPal address:

  • Go to the PayPal
  • Create an account
  • Add a credit card and a bank account
  • Go to summary
  • Scroll down a little and click: “See how much you can send with PayPal
  • Click “Lift Limits” and follow the instructions

Without a verified PayPal account, there is no way to create a transcriber account on Scribie. Other important requirements:

  • Computer/laptop and an internet connection
  • Headphone
  • The latest version of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari

Certification Process

There is a process here with six steps:

  1. Apply
  2. Confirm email
  3. Wait for invite
  4. Create account
  5. Submit test file
  6. Certified

The bad news is that you have to wait many hours. Also, many people fail on the test file. You can do the test up to ten times. To increase your chances to get approved for the test, take a look at the sample and the practice files.

How Much You Can Earn

Once you get approved, you can pick up any available file. I warn you here that if you are a beginner in this type of job, it can take one hour or more to complete 6-min audio. There is no limit on how many tasks you can complete per day or how much money you can earn.

Also, if you want to become a reviewer or a proofreader which means more jobs and more money than being only a transcriber, you want to make sure that you get good grades for your completed jobs.

Scribie claims that you can earn from $200 per month as a transcriber to $1000 per month if you are available for all the tasks.

In my opinion, it really depends on your experience or your skills. If you are a fast typer, it’s possible. However, if you are a beginner, you may need to work one hour to earn one dollar. The good news is that there is no minimum account and they send your money to your PayPal account in one day.

Pros and Cons


1. Available worldwide

There are only available jobs in English but you can apply from any country in the world. Of course, you need to have access to PayPal from your country.

2. No Minimum Number Of Jobs

You can do as many jobs as you want. Ok, they are not unlimited and other members want to complete the same jobs but there is no limit from the site.

3. Bonus

For every three completed hours, you earn a $5 bonus.


1. Audio Quality

Many times you get audio files with really low quality. When that happens, it takes more time to complete a task.

2. Not Good For Beginners

As I mentioned above, most beginners will find it difficult to complete a job fast. It may take 30-60 minutes to complete a task.

I do not recommend learning how to do that faster. If you want to spend the time to learn a skill, there are better options online.

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My Final Opinion

Screbie is a legit site to earn some extra money by doing transcription jobs. There are no complaints about the payments or the tasks. However, it is not the best option for everyone. Many people avoid this type of site because of the low earning potential.

It is obvious that if you need to spend one hour per day to earn 20-30 dollars at the end of the month, it is not worth it. Spend some time with your family and your friends or find another way to make money online.

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