Is Referral Pay Legit Or Another Scam?

is referral pay legit? - review

In this review, you will learn if Referral Pay is a legit website to make money or a scam that you should avoid.

The big claims sound too good to be true for a free website that is supposed to be an influencer network. And they are not true. Below you will discover the reasons.

What Is Referral Pay?

Referral Pay is supposed to be an influencer network. But there is no such thing as influencer network. This term lacks of a specific definition so they use it to describe this site that has nothing to do with influencers or social media.

A more accurate description could be that Referral Pay is a website to complete tasks because this is the only thing you can do inside.

However, this does not answer the question if it’s legit or not. Most people would agree that if they pay the members, it would be a legit site. But it does not pay.

Referral Pay is a copy of other online scams. You can find the exact same structure, members’ area, tasks, and rewards on Viral Bucks and Clout Bucks. These websites do not pay their members as well.

You can find these scams under different domain names with a few changes on the colors of the site and some details on the homepage. All the important things are the same.

On the homepage of Referral Pay, you can see the claims about earning up to $500 per day by sharing your link. This is far away from an influencer network or influencer marketing.

While it sounds like a type of affiliate marketing, it’s still very weird because of the big rewards for free referrals and the lack of an actual product which is key in affiliate marketing.

Then, the stats about the members and the money that the site has paid are not real. It’s a new website and you can’t find many people to talk about that on the internet. Also, there is no payment proof on the internet from real users.

It’s not possible to have 225k members and I doubt that anyone have got paid from Referral Pay.

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How Does It Work?

When you create a free account, you get a $25 dollar bonus that is very big for a free website. The members’ area is the same as the sites that are mentioned above and you can take a look below.

members area referral pay

There are three ways that you can use to make money on Referral Pay:

1. Referrals: The referral link is one of the first things you can see in the members’ area. The strategy for getting referrals is spamming your link on social media and forums. There is no training or anything that you could use.

If someone clicks your link, you make $2 and on the homepages mentions that you can make up to $5 per click. For every referral, you can earn $10.

Your referrals do not have to take some action. If they just create an free account and never come back, you get $10. The same applies to the clicks. If someone clicks your link and just leave the website after that, you still make money.

Simply, these rewards are not realistic. If the site pays that money to each member, they will lose a lot of money in the long-term.

2. $30 Task Wall: The tasks page include some offers from third-party companies. These offers are about downloading apps, participating in draws and getting coupons.

tasks referral pay

When you click one of these offers, you will be redirected on a third-party website. They will ask to fill in your phone number to complete the offer. If you fill in your phone number, you agree to get charged for any SMS that they will send.

I do not know if these sites are legit because I will not give them my phone number. But it does not sound like a good idea.

3. YouTube Submission: If you create a video with instruction from Referral Pay and upload it to YouTube, they will add $50 to your account.

You Will Not Get Paid

Referral Pay is a copy of other scams that do not pay. You can’t expect anything different here.

First of all, there are some requirements before requesting a cash out. You must get 20 clicks, 5 referrals, and 4 tasks. It’s not very easy to achieve that. The most difficult part will be to get the five referrals.

If you meet the requirements and ask for a payment, you will wait for a few weeks before rejecting it. They do not even mention how much it will take to receive your money. They will use excuses like fraud clicks or referrals.

Another thing to consider is that they do not show any proof. There is a page with screenshots from payments. But if you take a closer look, you will see that there is no other platform involved (like PayPal). It just writes Referral Pay.

I have not found any real payment proof from this website on other places as well.

No Owner Or Testimonials

A typical issue on this type of sites is the lack of information about the owner. You will not find a name on Referral Pay. They just write a city and country but no address.

It’s obvious that all the information on the website is not real. The stats are fake, it’s not online from 2015 and the contact page does not include a real email. If you try to send them your questions or ask for any help, no one will reply.

There are some messages that are supposed to be written from testimonials. But we can assume they are not real as well. They mention thousands of dollars with no proof.

The calculator does not make sense. With 1000 followers, you are supposed to make $230 per day. Again, they do not explain how they calculate these numbers.


My Final Verdict – Is Referral Pay Legit Or A Scam?

Referral Pay is a scam. The person who has created it has used many tricks to make the users get into the members’ area. He uses unrealistic claims, misleading information, and many things on the homepage are not real.

It does not make sense to make so much money from tasks that are worth a few cents. The referral program gives too big rewards too. The legit referrals program pay for the activity of referrals like buying a product and not for joining on free websites.

Referral Pay makes some money when you complete these tasks. However, it will not give anything back.

The price of being a member of the website will be a waste of your time and money if you complete any of the tasks.

Even if you try to contact a person about the tasks or the payments, you will not be able to find anyone. For this reason, it’s better to look for other ways to make money.

There are legit opportunities out there. Simply, avoid anyone who promises fast earnings with no work like this site. It’s not possible to share a link and just sit back to get your money.

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Thanks for reading my review on Referral Pay. I don’t recommend that website because it will not pay the members. For any questions, you can leave your comments below.

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