Is Profit Engine A Scam – An Unbiased Review On Mark Ling’s Product

Is Profit Engine A Scam? – An Unbiased Review On Mark Ling’s Product

Welcome to my Profit Engine review, a program created by Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer, and Rob Jones. In this post, you can find out if it’s a legit program or a scam.

A few words about the owners:

Mark Ling has created many online programs in different niches. He started as an affiliate marketer many years ago, and now, he is one of the top names in the industry.

Gerry Cramer is an affiliate marketer as well and one of the top Clickbank’s earners! Clickbank is a huge affiliate network for digital products.

Profit Engine is an advertising training program and a system that promises a fast start to affiliate marketing and earnings from the first days.

On the homepage of the program, you can read that there is a three-step system that you can start with no product, without risking a lot of money and earn $1000 per day.

It sounds like a quick-rich scheme, and it is unlikely to achieve this goal from day one without a budget, but yes, this business model, which is explained below in this article, can give these results after a while.

Of course, we suppose that you do everything right, and you are consistent.

The system is based on paid ads you will create and a process that will give the maximum results.

The cost is $2497. Usually, Mark Ling creates high-ticket programs because he is confident that they work.

However, almost always, he gives you a sample for free. In this program, you can get a free ebook on the sales page that explains what you are going to see inside the program and how it works.

Who Is Profit Engine For?

Profit Engine is for all affiliate marketers who want to improve their advertising skills.

But if I had to choose one type of affiliate marketer, then I would recommend it to newbies.

It is created in an easy way to understand and apply. It is not only a system and some resources, but you can also learn a lot of new things.

You will start by finding profitable niches, and you will continue by creating your first ads and launching low-budget campaigns that you will scale once you have some earnings.

There are pre-made ads and presell pages that are tested by super affiliates and are available for your campaigns. Also, you will be able to submit your ideas, campaigns, and ads for review from other affiliate marketers.

It is an eight-week program that gives you time to understand how this business model works and learn how to apply anything you have learned.

Of course, an intermediate affiliate marketer can use this program to improve his skills and learn new techniques.

How The System Works

The Profit Engine works in three steps:

1. Create The Perfect Ad

In this step, you want to get the click. So, the ads must be created to improve CTR and not to sell the product.

2. The Magic Presell Page

Instead of sending traffic directly to the sales page of the product, you want to warm up the visitors.

3. A Killer Offer

The last step is when you send them to the sales page. If you have done the previous correctly, you will convert a high percentage of your visitors into buyers.Profit Engine - 3 Step System

The training of the program is based on the three steps above. To achieve the best results, you must figure out how to make the best decision at every step.

Your goal is to get cheap clicks and promote affiliate programs that give you the maximum reward. It makes sense that if you buy low and sell high, there are tons of money to be made.

By improving the CTR and creating better presell pages, you can achieve the buy low and sell high process.

There is more training on other skills like how to scale your campaigns, overcome any limiting beliefs (many people do not even believe that they can make money online), and use the tips and the resources of the program.

Profit Engine Pricing – Is It Worth The Money?

You can get access to the program at $2497. We can agree that it is not a decision that you can take lightly, and I think this is the only major negative of the program.

Usually, experienced marketers like Mark Ling sets a high price like that for the following reasons:

  1. They believe that there is more value in the program, so they do not expect any complaints in the future.
  2. They want to work with people who are committed to starting an online business. I think that no one pays so much money just to try something or check if it works.

So, most people who will decide to buy the product are already committed to doing whatever it takes to get their investment back. If you make $2497, then we can assume that you can scale your campaigns and earn even more money.

An important question:

Do you believe you can build a profitable business by following the instructions of the program?

In my opinion, it is in your hands to reach any money goal you want, but if you do not believe in yourself and the program, it will not work.

Affiliate marketing is a legit business model, and you will learn it from two guys who have created super profitable businesses.

You can absolutely build your own business as well. By getting this program, you get access to information that most of your competitors do not know because they are not ready to pay for their education.

Here is what you get if you join the program:

  • Eight weeks of Live Coaching sessions
  • A high converting presell page template.
  • A swipe file of high converting ads that have made millions in affiliate sales
  • Participate in the Ad Challenge and watch past episodes
  • Great support & community
  • Ongoing weekly live Q&A after the eight weeks of training

On the homepage, you can get a free ebook and register on a webinar where you can get more information before deciding if this is what you are looking for.


1. The Owners Are Super Affiliates

When you hear that Mark Ling and Gerry Cramer have created a training program, you expect quality training and resources.

It is important to learn from the best, and Profit Engine offers that opportunity.

2. Step By Step Training

You can learn how to choose a profitable niche, find affiliate programs, create ads, presell pages, live coaching, and much more.

The training is created for beginners who want to get started online, and the owners make sure that you can follow all the steps.

3. Legit Business Model

Affiliate marketing with paid advertising works for many people. There is not the only way to do affiliate marketing, but it’s an effective one.

In the beginning, you will start slow in a lower budget, but when you learn how it works, you can scale it and increase your earnings.

Usually, it works faster than other online business models.


1. Price

Profit Engine costs $2497, so many people who are interested in joining cannot afford it.

It must not discourage you and give up affiliate marketing. There are other alternatives and top training programs like Wealthy Affiliate.

2. Claims

When they say that you can earn $1000 in 15 minutes, you expect something super fast and easy.

It is possible to earn that amount of money, but it will not happen overnight. Also, it is a system that works with paid ads, so if you want to earn money, you must be able to invest too.

If you read the free ebook, it is explained that this is a long-term goal and not a possible short-term goal.

My Final Verdict – Is Profit Engine A Scam?

I rank Profit Engine as a legit program despite the two negatives you can read above.

You can expect a quality program with top training and helpful resources, which is offered at a price.

The owners believe that their program offers more value than the price so you can treat it as an investment.

Good use of the information inside can change the way you run your affiliate marketing business and increase your profits.

The owners of the system are so confident about the program. They offer a double money-back guarantee.

If you get started with Profit Engine, follow the instructions, and if it does not give you results, they will double your money back. So, the risk is really low!

For any questions or if you want to share your opinion about Profit Engine, leave your comment below! Thanks for reading my review!