PrizeRebel review - legit or scam?

Is PrizeRebel Legit Or Scam? (Honest Review)

In this review, you will read if PrizeRebel is legit. It’s a popular website for people who want to make some extra money online. However, there are mixed opinions about the site. I did my research and here is what you can expect.

What Is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel is one of the oldest GPT (get paid to) site. According to the stats of the site, it has over 8 million members and the platform is online since 2007. These numbers are quite impressive comparing the average sites on this category.

PrizeRebel works through third-party providers. When you create a new account, you can choose a number of available offers and tasks. You can choose an offer by clicking on it and then, it will redirect to another page to complete the offer. Most of the times, the new page is on another site.

When you complete the offer, the reward will be credited to your PrizeRebel account and you will get paid from the site when you reach the minimum cash out limit.

The rules and the requirements to complete an offer or a survey is on the responsibility of the third-party sites. For example, if you answer questions on a survey and you learn later that you are ineligible to complete which is a common issue, PrizeRebel is not responsible for this survey.

So, your results with the site depend on many factors. The offers are not unique and you can find them on other GPT sites as well. This is how these sites work.

The good news about PrizeRebel is that it’s available worldwide and it has fast payments. You will receive your earning in 24 hours and even faster if you are a gold level or higher. You move up on levels by earning points.

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How To Make Money With PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel has not a sign up bonus but there is a daily challenge. If you earn 140 points in one day, you will get 7 extra points.

1 point = $0.01

It’s not a big bonus but it increases the motivation to complete offers every day. So, let’s how you can earn these points:

Offer Walls: They are third-party providers you can find almost in every GPT site. There is a list of options that you can choose and each one of them include different offers.

The offers include tasks like paid surveys, play games, watch videos, click ads, download app, cashback offers and more. Every provider has different rewards and gives different instructions. It would be a good idea to be a little selective and go for the best offers based on the rewards and the time it takes to be completed.

prizerebels - offerwalls

Tasks: They are micro jobs that are provided by another third party company. You must create a new account to get started.

At the first level, you have a few available jobs. Usually, you earn a few points for each job and you can complete it fast. The goal is to complete as more as possible in your available time because there are too many available jobs.

When you go up on the levels, you can find even more available jobs and some of them have better rewards. The only way to go up on the levels is by doing good work consistently.

prizerebel tasks

Win: It includes two different draws. You spend points and hope to get lucky to earn gift cards and points.

Contests: There are contests for tasks, offers, surveys and referrals. The members who get the best results in these categories, they earn extra points.

Submit a testimonial: When you receive your first payment, you can post a payment proof with image or video and get paid.

Referrals: If you invite a few people to join the site, you will earn 20% from their earnings.

How To Get Paid

PrizeRebel gives the members many options to use their points. The minimum cash out limit is at $2 with Amazon gift cards or $5 with PayPal. Also, you can get a prepaid Visa or Mastercard and gift cards for other online retailers and game platforms.

PrizeRebels rewards

You can visit the testimonial website and see payment proof from other PrizeRebel members who have already got paid. A few of them share their experience with a small description.

testimonials - prizerebel

If you send your testimonial video or image, you will see your payment proof on this page and you will earn 50 points for an image testimonial or 200 points for a video testimonial.

PrizeRebel Reviews from users

It’s an active GPT site for many years and it has millions of members. So, there are many members who have shared their opinions on the internet all these years.

There are positive and negatives comments on forums, blogs, and social media. You can easily understand what people think about the site by the image from SiteJabber below.

prizerebel reviews from users

The reviews are mixed. The good news is that most problems are from issues with the third-party provides which is not a fault of PrizeRebel. However, they are a part of the offers you must complete to earn rewards.

There are a few complaints about the support but at the same time, other members are very happy with the support. This was a little weird. Overall, it’s a good site (this is my opinion) and the complaints are about specific issues.

Pros and Cons


  1. You will get paid: If you reach the minimum cash out limit, you can get a reward and they will send your gift cards or money as expected.
  2. Fast payments: It takes less than 24 hours to receive your rewards. It is much faster than the average GPT sites.
  3. Available worldwide: You can create a new account from every country in the world. The available surveys and offers will be different in some countries but still, you can send referrals and look for available opportunities.
  4. User-Friendly Website: Overall, it’s super easy to create an account and start completing offers. There are two straightforward options. The first one is to begin with offer walls and the second one with tasks. The design is nice as well and you can find anything you want.


  1. Too many disqualifications: This is the main reason for the complaints about this site. When you start completing a survey, there is no guarantee you will finish it. It’s common to answer many questions and then, you learn that you are not eligible to finish. If we assume that you can earn $0.50 on average per survey and you complete 30% of the surveys you start, you can see that it can be a huge waste of time. However, the surveys are provided from third-party sites and you can face the same problem on other sites as well.
  2. No bonus: Most GPT sites have a sign up bonus. PrizeRebel replaces it with contests and daily challenges.
  3. Potential earnings: You will not become rich with PrizeRebels. It’s a good GPT site but the good offers and surveys are not unlimited. Even if you start completing tasks, the rewards are too small. So, you will never earn a full-time income on this site with offers and tasks.

My Final Verdict – Is PrizeRebels Legit Or Scam?

PrizeRebels is a legit site and in my opinion, it’s above the average when you compare with other GPT and side income sites.

You will not find any special features. The only exception are the draws. However, it’s an easy to use website, you will find anything you want fast and when it comes to the rewards, you will get paid in 24 hours.

The disqualifications and some possible issues with the third party sites can happen. If you find it too difficult to complete surveys, you can look for other tasks or offers. For most people who look for opportunities to earn some rewards in their free time, they will be happy with this site.

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