Is Points2Shop A Scam Or A Legit GPT Site? (Review 2018)

Is Points2Shop A Scam Or A Legit GPT Site? (Review 2018)On this post, you will read an honest Points2Shop review. There are many different opinions about this site so I will tell you right now, Points2Shop is a legit website but there some complaints as well.

You will learn what these complaints are, how the site works and how much you can expect to earn.

What Is Points2Shop?

Points2Shop is GPT (get paid to) website. You can earn rewards by doing simple tasks. These tasks do not take a lot of time and of course, the reward is low. In the same category of websites, you can find Swagbucks and CashCrate which are two top GPT sites.

There are six different ways to earn rewards. The rewards can be in cash or points that you can use to get gift cards. Here is how you can start earning:

1. Surveys: The focus of the site seems to be on the paid surveys. When you join, you will find many available surveys (it depends on your country). Usually, they take 20-30 minutes and you will earn $0.5-$1 per survey but sometimes, you can find better opportunities.

2. Offers: On the offers, you get paid to watch videos, play games and you can get a cashback from shopping offers. The videos and the games are the most common offers on Points2Shop.

By completing offers, you will get paid in points and the rewards depend on the type of the offer.

3. Download apps: You just download an app and you earn a few cents per app.

4. Games: They are not the same games you can find on the offers section. You earn a few points by playing.

5. Referrals: For people, you have invited to join on the platform, you earn 15% from their survey earnings and a 3$ dollar bonus when they reach the $3 in earnings from surveys.

While it is not a bad referral program, I do not understand why they pay you only for the surveys of your referrals and not the other tasks of the site.

6. Contests: You can earn a reward by being super productive. There are contests for completing surveys, offers and refer other people on the platform. Lastly, there is a weekly lottery and depending on the jackpot the winners can earn over $100.How To Make Money With Points2Shop

How Much You Can Earn With Points2Shop

Most GPT sites work with other third-party sites in which you complete offers and surveys. Many times, you will see the same offers and surveys on two different GPT websites.

So, your potential earnings and your experience on these sites depend on their rules and their platforms.

On Points2Shop, you can expect to earn the most money if you do surveys and offers daily.

By doing surveys, you can earn on average $1 per hour because you will not finish every survey you start. You can also check any possible cashback offers.

I do not think that the videos and the games are worth your time at all. Usually, you earn cents for these tasks so if you do not really enjoy them, I do not a reason to keep doing them.

Most of the surveys and offers will pay you in points. The points are not converted on cash. You must exchange them on gift cards. It would be a good idea before getting started to check the available options.

The referral system is a good one comparing to other GPT sites. If you have a source of targeted traffic, you can earn more money than you can earn by doing the tasks above.

Is Points2Shop Legit?

When you visit the homepage, you can read some success stories from the forum. If you visit the forum, you can find more of these stories.

There are many payment proofs from members and it’s safe to say that you will get paid when you earn money.

However, there are some complaints from users we cannot ignore.

First of all, many people complain about getting banned too easily. Some people have left the site only because they wanted to be sure they will not lose their earnings if they get banned (source Reddit).

Next, the rank on BBB is at B- the time this review is written and they are some similar complaints as well.

Points2Shop was really popular GPT website a few years ago but these days does not enjoy the same success.

As you can see inside the platform, the chat has mostly announcements from a bot and the forum is not so active.Points2shop chat

My Final Opinion

Points2Shop is a legit website but it is obvious there are some issues to be fixed. When you see so many people complain about the issues are mentioned above something does not work well.

As a user who wants to earn extra money, you can give it a try. You can simply join and wait to find any good surveys or cashback opportunities.

To be honest, if you are serious about making money online Points2Shop is not what you are looking for. This site is for those who are looking to earn a few extra dollars in their free time.

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Thanks for reading my review on Points2Shop. Please, share your experience with the site to help other readers to take a decision or leave your questions below!

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