Is Paying Years A Scam Or $3,000 Per Month?

is paying years a scam or legit?

Paying Years looks like a site that you can use to earn money from home. But can you really earn up to $3,000 per month or Paying Years is a scam?

When you visit the homepage, it may trick you but on the member’s area, it’s obvious that this is a scam for the reasons you will read below.

What Is Paying Years?

Paying Years is not a site for data entry jobs. I know they promise that you will get paid $1 per line and advertise the site as a place to find these jobs but there are no jobs inside.

The website is a trick to get the contact details from people who want to make money from home, and that’s all.

On the homepage, the only weird thing is the stats that claim thousands of members and millions of dollars on payments. However, there is no payment proof on the internet when this review is written. It’s obvious that Paying Years is a new website and only a few people have heard about it yet.

The purpose of this review is to help people to avoid Paying Years because you can’t make money inside and they will use your details if you create an account.

This information may sound weird but Paying Years is a copy of another scam with the name My Income Web. I think there are many copies of these scams out there that we will discover some of them in the future.

If you take a look at the about page, you can read about their claims that do not make any sense. They promise $1 per line data entry and up to $500 per day or $3,000 per month.

If you have some experience with other data entry job websites, you can understand that these rewards are not legit. Usually, you can’t make over a few dollars month in this way.

Earning a full-time income on the internet takes a lot of work no matter what this website claims. When someone promises quick earnings, almost always you will find another scam.

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How Does It Work?

On the members’ area, you will not find any data entry jobs. This is how it looks:

members area paying years

Can you see any jobs? You can be sure there is nothing clickable but only the logout and withdraw buttons. Also, it’s exactly the same as the members’ area of My Income Web.

It has not a second page or anything else that you could use to earn money.

The website asks from you to copy the referral link and share it on social media. They mention Google Plus as a good social network to share your link but Google Plus does not exist anymore. It seems that the owner does not even care to update his website.

Their next recommendation is to share your referral link through SMS and private messages on Messenger.

The strategy to earn money is to spam other people on the internet and if you get lucky, you will get a few referrals.

The earnings from each referral are supposed to be at 50% of whatever they earn. It may sound good but that commission creates another bigger problem than the lack of jobs.

Can You Really Make Money With Paying Years?

The only way to earn money is through referrals. Also, there is a $100 minimum payout limit which is ridiculous for a website like this one.

However, you earn money when your referrals earn money. But there is no way for your referrals to earn money. You can invite as many people as you want on that site. No one will earn a single penny because they will not find the promised jobs.

The payment methods, the minimum payout limit, and the 50% commission are only a few tricks to keep you on the website and make you share the referral link.

I guess they have not created a complete referral system that tracks the links. It’s just a scheme for the members.

No Owner and Fake Testimonials

As expected, it’s not possible to find the owner of Paying Years from the available information. Simply, it does not give us any information.

When you see websites with no contact details and any real persons on the sales page or on the members’ area, you can assume that this is a scam.

Also, there is no support and other important pages like a privacy policy page. It means that the people behind the website does not want to be found. So, you will be alone inside and no one will help you or take responsibility for anything.

Next, you can see two testimonials on the homepage. They are not real members. These photos are from stock image websites. The person who created this page added the images and a few words next to them.

Is Paying Years A Scam?

Yes, you can be sure that Paying Years is a scam. The fact that it’s a copy of another site and the lack of important information confirms that.

All the stats and the claims do not make sense. If the site was so popular and could pay the members, then we could find people to talk about it. However, it seems like a new website that tries to get data from people who look for online jobs.

I do not know how exactly they will use your data but they will not help you to find a job for sure.

The best thing you can do is to stay away from Paying Years and do not create an account. If you have already used an account, just don’t share their link.

From my experience, when you see claims and rewards that do not make sense or are too high, something goes wrong.

The legit ways to make money take real work and time. You can’t make thousands of dollars in a month when you start from scratch. There is a natural process on everything.

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Thanks for reading my review on Paying Years. It’s a website that you should avoid. You can’t make money on the members’ area. If you have any questions, leave your comments below.

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