Is Pay Each Month A Scam Or Legit Online Jobs?

is pay each month a scam?

Pay Each Month is a scam that promises online jobs and thousands of dollars per month from a home-based job. It is not the first website with these claims but it does not deliver.

On this post, you will learn everything you need to know about the site, how exactly it works, and if there are any jobs inside.

What Is Pay Each Month?

Pay Each Month is a website with two pages (homepage and members’ area). It has an outdated design and misses basic pages that every legit website should have.

I know that Pay Each Month is a scam because it’s a copy of other online scams. Many copies of this website popup on different places on the internet under different domain names.

You can read about these copies on My Work For Life, Do Part Time Job, and Start Weekly Job. I discover new versions of this scam every few days.

The claims are common to many other online schemes. You are supposed to find legit online jobs and make money from your home.

According to the homepage, this is the fastest way to make money while you do not have to work or take any major action. If you believe them and decide to give it a try, you will not find any job inside but only a referral program.

I think it’s obvious that you will not make $200 per day or $5,000 per month as they claim. The purpose of the homepage is to just send you to the members’ area.

I expect that they will use the account details of the users to spam their promotions or for other ways to make money from their members.

I think that you do not really care how the owners of the site will make money. So, the only thing that matters is that as a user you will find any jobs or money-making opportunities.

Also, it’s not so easy as described here to make that money. If you want to make thousands of dollars per month, you must put the work on something that really works. Pay Each Month is not a legit website.

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How Does It Work?

You can create a free account in a few seconds. You do not even have to confirm your email.

On the members’ area, you can see that they have added to your account $10 as a sign up bonus. Then, you can only find a referral link.

members area - pay each month

There is nothing more on the members’ area. The members must use that referral link to get referrals. The site will add to your account $10 for each new referral.

However, the referrals do not pay anything. There is no product or service. With a few words, they pay you for free referrals. This sounds a little ridiculous because the website can’t earn anything from these people.

There are many websites that pay for free referrals like Viral Pay or Kids Earn Cash. All of them have one common thing. They do not pay their members.

The legit programs will give you rewards or commissions for referrals when they take specific actions like buying a product. When they pay you for free referrals, it sounds too good to be true.

Also, they recommend you to spam your links on forums, social media, blogs, etc. This is not a good way to work online and it’s unlikely to reach the 29 referrals you need to cash out.

In my opinion, Pay Each Month promise attractive rewards but it makes it too hard to reach the minimum payout limit and get paid.

Can You Get Paid?

The answer is no.

Even if you get the 30 referrals which is not an easy thing for a beginner, you will never get paid. They promise different payment methods like PayPal and check but the fact is that we do not have any proof that this website really pay.

The problem is that you can’t do anything about that. No one will help you to get any of your money. This type of sites close every few months and appear under different domains so it may not exist until reaching their limit.

The minimum payout limit is at $300. It’s very high limit and sounds as another scam alert. No legit program has such a big payout limit. Usually, you can receive your earnings after a few sales or commissions. It depends on the program.

However, $300 or 30 referrals payout limit does not many any sense.

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Lack Of Important Information

We cannot find on Pay Each Month any information about the people behind this website. We can assume that the creators of this scam want to hide their names. This is a very good reason to stay away from the program as well.

Next, you cannot find some basic pages and parts of any website. There is no privacy policy page, disclaimer, support, etc.

While there is a support page, the email is not real. So, no one will receive your emails and you will never get a reply for any issue. Next, there is no encryption on the domain name. This is a little technical but it makes the websites less secure.

Overall, this website has been created at a very low budget. The design is very bad and outdated while there is no real information about the owners or the company.

My Final Verdict – Is Pay Each Month A Scam?

The truth is that you will never get paid from this site. So, Pay Each Month is a scam.

If you had some experience in money-making programs and websites, it would be easy to avoid it. They don’t offer a service or a product but they just give you a referral link. There is no training or anything that could help you to get referrals.

If you share this link, you may get some referrals but most of them will be friends and followers from the social media who will try to get referrals as well.

I am not sure how the website makes money. I mean they want to get your log in details and your email but I do know how they will use it.

You can be sure that this is not a good thing. The best case scenario is to spam your email. The bad case scenarios are about sending virals or they may try to get access to other accounts with the same log in details. I am not sure so just be careful.

It would be even better if you do not create an account on this site at all.

It’s obvious that you will not make with Pay Each Month but you should avoid any other site with similar claims too.

While it’s possible to make money online, it takes work. It does not matter if you are looking for online jobs or starting an online business. You will make the money you deserve based on your work and effort.

When you hear about fast and easy ways, most of the times it’s a scam.

Here Is Something That Really Works

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Also, many beginners start new affiliate marketing businesses every single day. It gives you the opportunity to work part-time or full-time and set any goals you want.

So, there are experts who make 6-7 figures a year while others earn $1,000-$2,000 per month working part-time. You choose your goals.

The only requirement is to be willing to learn something new. It is not about spamming your links on the internet. But you must help people, add value, and recommend high-quality products.

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If you follow the steps of my guide, you can start your online business today.

Thanks for reading my article on Pay Each Month. It was an online scam and I don’t recommend it. You can leave your comments below.

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