is panel bucks a scam?

Is Panel Bucks A Scam Or $150 Per Hour?

You will discover if Panel Bucks is a scam or a real website to make the promised money. The big claims are a scam alert, and it’s a wise decision to do your research before joining this website. The truth is that online surveys don’t pay so much money, so here are more details about the site.

What Is Panel Bucks?

Panel Bucks is a one-page website with a registration form and some claims. It is supposed to be a survey site. At least, this is what they claim on their page. But there are no surveys or online jobs inside. The site wants to get your contact details. I don’t know how they will use them, but I would expect a lot of spam in the future. It is possible to sell your contact details to other similar sites.

Their first big claim is that you can find work at home opportunities that pay $150 per hour. It does not explain anything about the types of opportunities or the companies that are supposed to pay you.

There is no way to earn $150 as a beginner online or offline. While there are people with big hourly rates, they have developed a real skill like writing, web design, editing, etc. Even if they offer work at home jobs, these claims will not make sense.

Next, it promises surveys that pay from $3 to 75$. Legit online surveys pay less than one dollar on average. You can find $3 surveys, but they are rare. Finding $75 is unlikely and sounds like another fake claim.

They mention a free membership for a limited time only. It is a fake scarcity because there is no membership at all. They get your contact details, but there is no login page or dashboard page. In my opinion, Panel Bucks pretend to be a survey site, but there are too many scam alerts.

How Does It Work?

If you fill in your contact details, you move on to the next page. It includes an advertisement about earning over $1,000 per week from home. You have the option to click the advertisement or click the “no thanks” option. If you click the advertisement, it sends you to a casino page. It looks like another spam site.

If you click the “no thanks” option, you will see another advertisement with the same two options. You can repeat the process a few times before it will redirect you to a different site.

So, there are no surveys or work from opportunities. You can see only ads for spam websites. If you join any of these sites, they will create more problems for you than those you try to solve.

The owner of Panel Bucks earns commissions from these third-party websites. He probably advertises the site on different free places around the internet and sends traffic to the landing page. When you leave your email address, he can send you different offers.

Instead of promoting websites with legit ways, the site pretends to be a survey site before sending you to other spam websites. It’s a typical online scam. The only way to figure out if a website like this one is real or fake is by reading reviews.

Can You Earn Money From Panel Bucks?

The answer is no. Panel Bucks has not any surveys or other ways to earn money, and there are no payment forms or members’ areas. It is a site that spams the users who visit it.

They promote some websites that you should avoid as well. These websites offer jackpots, bonuses, make big claims, and offer other fake ways to earn money like Panel Bucks. These sites want to get your money and contact details. In my opinion, there is no benefit for you on Panel Bucks or any similar alternative.

No Owner

Many fake sites that promise everything do not include any contact details or names. Lack of an owner or a company is a strong sign that something goes wrong. Legit sites try to give as much information as possible to the visitors and explain how they work.

The lack of support is another thing to consider. The homepage does not have a page to answer questions or an email that we could use to contact them. Of course, they don’t have social media accounts or anything else that would allow us to find the owner.

Panel Bucks Reviews On The Internet

The reviews of Panel Bucks are limited because it is not popular. However, the few existing reviews agree that this is not a good website to complete surveys and earn money.

However, we must be careful with the sites that are based on user reviews. When you see a positive ranking, you can check the number of reviewers. When this number is low, you should consider that some of these reviews are not honest. In every case, Panel Bucks has more negative reviews than positives, which is enough for me.


Panel Bucks is a fake website. It does not have surveys or work from home opportunities as they advertise, so there is no reason for joining it. If you have already joined it, you can easily avoid these third party sites that it suggests. It would be a good idea to unsubscribe for any weird emails that you receive as well.

If you want to find legit survey sites, you can read about Swagbucks and ySense. They have many extra income opportunities and payment proofs from members. For additional websites to websites that pay, you can read the list with my top suggestions.

Completing surveys is only one of the available methods to begin on the internet. You can read a complete list of legit ways to make money online. There are opportunities with much better potential. Online surveys work only for people who want some extra dollars per month and don’t have full-time income potential.

Thanks for reading this article. However, Panel Bucks is not a good site to join. For any feedback or questions, feel free to leave your comment below.