is paidviewpoint legit? - review

Is PaidViewPoint Legit? (Honest Review)

is paidviewpoint legit? - review

Welcome to my PaidViewPoint review. This is a legit survey site with some interesting features you.

You will find many things that are not common on similar sites and for this reason, many people prefer PaidViewPoint than other alternatives. In this review, you will read how you can make money on the members’ area, and all the pros and cons of the site.

What Is PaidViewPoint?

PaidViewPoint is a survey with a focus heavily on user experience. Many survey sites these days have a lot of complaints about various reasons. The result is that many people look for other alternative ways to make money on the internet.

However, PaidViewPoint tries to change all the negative issues of paid surveys and make the process as fun as possible. They achieve that by giving you rewards for every action you take on their platform. And the rewards are extra money.

A common issue on many competitors is too many disqualifications. Many times you will start a survey that you will not be able to finish it on every survey site. So, you just waste your time and get frustrated.

PaidViewPoint has no disqualifications at all. You get paid from every single question even for the profile and demographic questions in the beginning. This is a huge advantage on PaidViewPoint than other competitors.

Another important advantage is that you don’t have to give your real name or your real address. Many other survey sites can ban you for giving wrong information on that part.

All the other parts of the site look normal. But there is not any big disadvantage. Overall, everything seems to work fine.

The website is available worldwide but the available offers are not the same in every country. There are some complaints that some people could not reach the payout limit at $15 but I do not know if this happens because of their demographics or they did something wrong from their part.

On PaidViewPoint, you want to build trust with the website. To achieve that you must be honest with your questions. I think they check for the consistency of your answers but I am not sure about that. If you build trust, you can get more surveys and earn more money in the long term.

How To Make Money With PaidViewPoint

When you create a new account, the website adds $1 to your account and you earn some money by answering a few simple questions about yourself. Next, there are three ways to make money:

Surveys: The site tries to improve the user experience with paid surveys. To achieve that, it decreases the time it takes to complete a survey and eliminate the disqualifications.

So, for every survey, you will get paid and they take 2-5 minutes. However, the rewards are relevant to your time so you only earn almost 10 cents per survey or a little more.

Rarely, you will find surveys with higher rewards but they will take more time as well.

While the rewards sound low, you can earn more money than most survey sites because you can complete them fast.

Also, on most survey sites, you may spend hours answering questions without getting paid because of the disqualifications. So, you may spend hours just to complete one survey that pays $0.50-$1 on average.

Trait Score: This is how the company checks your honesty and consistency with your answers. You want to increase the trait score to receive more surveys and better rewards. But you earn a few cents each time you complete the trait score questions.

Referrals: You can invite your friends to join the website or send some traffic if you are want to promote it. For every referral, you earn 20% of his earnings.

The website mentions you can earn up to $25 per referral but I am not sure if this is a limit of earnings or an estimation for the maximum earnings. Anyway, 20% is a standard commission for survey sites. Many times you will find worse commissions than this one.

How To Get Paid

The process is very simple when you ask for your earnings. You need a PayPal account and they will send you the money in 72 hours. The minimum cash out limit is at $15.

The only restriction is that you must have only one account. They may ban your account if create more than one.

There are not many complaints on that part so we assume that if you earn $15, you will receive your money.

Comparing to other alternatives, PaidViewPoint offers fast payments but it will take some time to reach the payout limit.

Pros and Cons


1. No Disqualifications: I do not think you can find another survey site with no qualifications at all. It would be great if more sites follow this example.

2. You will get paid: If you reach the minimum payout limit and you have followed the rules, you will get paid all the times. And you will get paid fast through your PayPal account.

3. User Friendly: It’s super easy to use the website. There is a meny with 4-5 options with no distractions or ads.

Also, the questions are very simple to understand, the answers straightforward, and you can complete most of the surveys very fast. Most people will never get frustrated with the members’ area.

4. Available worldwide: You can join from every country in the world. Just make sure you can create a PayPal account because this is the only way to get paid.


1. It takes time to cash out: The $15 is a huge one for a survey site. So, it can take weeks or months to reach that limit. Of course, it depends on your demographics but many survey sites have a lower limit.

2. Not many surveys: There are a few complaints from users who do not complete surveys after a while on the site and they cannot reach the cash out limit.

I do not know why these guys do not get surveys but the number of the available surveys is low. In some countries, there are even fewer surveys. Also, if you do not have a good trait score or you are not honest to your answers is possible to face issues like that.

3. Side income site: If you want to find a way to earn some extra dollars per month, this site can be enough for you. However, if you want to earn more money like a full-time income, you must search for other alternatives.

My Final Verdict – Is PaidViewPoint Legit?

PaidViewPoint is a legit survey site and the unique structure of the surveys make it a very good option for people who want to complete surveys.

From the available reviews and comments on the internet, most people agree that it’s a top website.

The complaints are not much compared to the positive comments, and you can read the negatives above. In my opinion, PaidViewPoints deliver what it promises.

If you login every day and answer the trait score questions honestly, you can increase your score over time and when you reach the 9,000 points, you can earn better rewards and I think more surveys.

For any issues, you can always contact the support. It seems that they reply in time.

The money you can earn from PaidViewPoint is not standard because they depend on many factors like your country and your demographics. But I think you can earn a few dollars per month consistently from countries like the USA and Canada.

For a few other alternatives to complete surveys, you can also read about Swagbucks and ClixSense. They have many opportunities for surveys and other simple tasks.

For those who are interested in earning more than a few dollars per month, you can check my top recommendation below.

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Thanks for reading my review on PaidViewPoint. It’s an interesting and legit survey site. If you want to add anything about the site or ask any questions, leave your comments below.