Is PaidLeaf A Legit Site To Make $500 A Day? (Review)

is paidleaf a legit site? - review

In this review, you will discover if PaidLeaf is a legit site to make $500 per day or another online scam.

We can see a homepage with many claims about fast and big earnings. While it sounds like an online scheme, there is no joining fee.

So, it can confuse many visitors who will create a free account to give it a try. But the problem is that PaidLead does not pay as you will read below.

What Is PaidLeaf?

PaidLeaf is an online scam that we can find on many websites in the last year. The owners of these sites create new copies with the exact same members’ area and a few changes on the homepage.

Some times the homepage is exactly the same as well. For a few examples, I have exposed the following versions of the scam before:

These websites are completely the same, make the same claims and include the same ways and tasks to make money.

They use misleading information to get your email and log in details. The screenshots, the testimonials and the stats are fake.

PaidLeaf and the other similar sites collect data from their members. They let you inside for free because the only thing they want is your email address and the login details. 

Any action from your part, it will be a waste of time for you and even more earnings for the owners.

They promote PaidLeaf on places that people look for free websites to make money like Facebook groups, forums, YouTube and different social media platforms.

Then, they offer a free website that may look legit for someone with no much experience. Through the referral program, they make the members send even more traffic.

After collecting a lot of emails and any other data that they can get, they sell them on other marketers and companies.

I have seen the same process over and over again from other copies of this scam. They are not going to pay you no matter what they promise on social media.

There is no legit website that promises $500 per day with simple tasks and referrals in a short period of time. The huge unrealistic claims is a common scam alert.

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How Does It Work?

When you create an account, PaidLeaf adds $25 to your account as a sign up bonus.

The next step is to keep adding money for any other actions you take. This process can mislead even experienced users and make them believe that it’s a legit site.

So, the members have the following ways to add money to their PaidLeaf’s account:

Referrals: The website gives a referral link to the members that they use to spam on social media, forums and blogs. They add $2 per click and $10 per referral.

Of course, a click from social media is not worth $2. A free referral without taking any action is not worth $10 too. These rewards are scam alerts because they are too good to be true.

$30 Task Wall: Can you really make $30 for simple tasks like completing surveys or downloading apps? The answer is no. These tasks are worth a few cents each and this is how much you can earn in a legit website.

Also, they are not real tasks. This is a trick to get your phone number and charge you in the future. When you choose one task, you will be redirected on third-party websites.

These websites ask for your phone number but they do not include basic information on how they will use your number and why they need it.

Social Media Submissions: You can also add money to your account by making a few submissions on social media. There are some instructions that you must follow for these submissions.

First, you can earn $50 by creating a video and uploading it on YouTube. Next, there are $50 more for those who add their referral link to their Instagram profile. Lastly, they promise $10 for each post on Facebook and each tweet that promotes PaidLeaf.

They Do Not Pay

When you go to the cashout page, you can see a $200 minimum payout limit and some requirements that you must complete.

As you can understand, there is no legit website with such a big payout limit. Also, the requirements are not specific or easy to reach them. PaidLeaf just tries to prevent your cashout request

However, if you have the patience to reach these limits and ask for a cashout, they will hold you on a waiting status for a few weeks but they will not approve it.

They have never paid any real members and there is no payment proof on social media or forums. The screenshots of payment on the homepage are fake.

We can see that they are fake because they do not mention the name of the processor (PayPal, Bitcoin or Cash App that are mentioned in the settings).

No Owner Or Support

The next obvious problem is the lack of information about the owner or a company. PaidLead is an unknown website.

Instead of any contact details, they use some fake stats. We know that they are fake because it’s a very new website (a few months old when this review is written).

It was not created in 2015, and it has not 300k members.

Also, there is no way to contact any person about the website. There is a skype account that is mentioned on the members’ area and an email on the homepage. However, no one will reply back to you.

For a website that claims to be an influencer network and invite the members to work through social media, it’s funny to notice that they do not have any social media accounts at all.

The about page includes generic information that does not make sense and the about page does not help too.

Fake Testimonials

There are two types of testimonials on PaidLeaf. The ones that you can see on the homepage and those on the testimonial page.

Starting with the testimonials on the homepage, they are not real users who have tested the website. These are just images that the owners found on other sites and added them here. Then, he wrote a few words next to them.

For example, you can check the next image from PaidLeaf:

fake testimonial paidleaf

Here are the results of the image on Google:

fake testimonial photo

It’s obvious that the image is not unique and that person is not a member but a random model.

The video testimonials are spokespersons that create similar videos for a few dollars. The owner of the website hired them on Fiverr.

Here is a woman testimonial:

fake testimonial video paidleaf

On the next screenshot, you can see her Fiverr gig:

fake testimonial woman

So, no real member can show us payment proof from PaidLeaf.

Is PaidLeaf A Legit Site Or A Scam?

PaidLeaf is not a legit site. It tries to mislead the visitors with fake testimonials and fake screenshots to get their contact details.

Then, they try to make you work for the website with the referral link. Many people put real effort to get clicks, referrals and complete tasks just to learn that they will not get paid.

If you complete these tasks, you will lose money. They will start sending you text messages after adding your phone number on their form. For every message, they charge you a few dollars.

The only good option is to stay away from PaidLead. You cannot get your money back or claim your earnings. It’s an unknown website with no contact details.

Sites like PaidLeaf close after a few weeks or months and new copies of the scam are created with different names.

If you visit a website with similar claims and homepage, just stay away as well.

How To Make Money Online

If you are looking for free websites with tasks, you can join Swagbucks and ySense. These are popular websites with millions of member.

However, your expectations must be realistic. When you do something easy like completing a task or a survey, you will not earn a lot of money. These sites are great for people who want to earn some extra dollars in their free time.

For a full-time income opportunity, I highly suggest learning about affiliate marketing. It’s a simple business model that you can use to earn commissions by promoting other people’s products.

While it’s simple, you must help other people and add value to them. You can achieve that through a website.

There is nothing complicated on that process. This is what I do to make money and I started from zero a few years ago with no experience or technical knowledge.

If you want to learn how I did it, you can get my personal strategy here!

It includes a few easy steps and some tools from a top training program for affiliate marketers.

Thanks for reading my review on PaidLeaf. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.

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