opinion city review - scam or legit?

Is Opinion City Legit? (Honest Review)

opinion city review - scam or legit?

In this review, you will learn if Opinion City is a legit site or a scam, and how exactly it works.

While it advertises that you can make money through online surveys, it is not the standard survey site. It’s a different type of site that does not work as expected.

What Is Opinion City?

Opinion City is a website with three pages. On these pages, you can’t find paid surveys but links for other third-party websites.

If you click on them, you will visit survey sites through the referral link of the owner. He tries to promote his links in different ways.

He makes claims below each survey site that are not real and uses some scarcity. On the homepage, we can see only a fake image and a few words next to it. So, we don’t know his or her real name.

But, we can be sure that this is not a real survey site. It works as a misleading middleman. I have seen this concept again and exposed similar scam websites like Survey Spotter, Survey Compare, and AOJ Work From Home Jobs.

Opinion City Review

Opinion City is not a legit website, and we can understand it from two major problems.

First, I have already mentioned the misleading information. The website is presented as a survey site, even if it does not include surveys.

Then, it makes unrealistic claims to promote the links. If you create an account and proceed to the next pages, they claim that you can earn $75 by joining a simple survey site.

The problem is that most survey sites will not pay over a few dollars per month. You can expect $0.50-$1 per survey on average for 30 minutes answering questions. However, the amount of surveys is limited and you cannot finish every survey because of your demographics.

It can take weeks or months to earn $10-$20. While earning $75 can be possible, it can take a lot of time, and this is what they don’t tell you.

Second, they share personal information. I highly suggest reading the privacy policy page. The give a few details on how they will use your email.

Many scam websites have no problem to sell personal details of their visitors for a profit. The good news here is that they can use only your email address.

However, you can avoid that. You can find survey sites from other sources. Here is a list of legit GPT sites. They include both surveys and offers.

How Does It Work?

As I mentioned, the creator of Opinion City wants you to join a few survey sites through their referral link and to get your emails.

It is ok to use other people’s referral links or join on email lists. The problem here is that they are not honest. So, here are the survey sites you see on the homepage:

Most of these sites are real and include surveys. But I would not recommend most of them because they have many problems. On the links above, you can read my reviews on them.

Next, there are two more pages. If you want to see the next sites, you need to give your email address. The second page has a few extra survey sites, and the third one paid websites.

They mention limited spots that are not real and claims that do not make sense as well. Lastly, there are some broken links inside. This is not a good thing and does not look professional. 

Fake Owner

There is an image of a woman on the homepage. She uses the name, Alyssa. According to the description, she is a consumer trend investigator.

The bad news is that there is no such thing as a consumer trend investigator. Also, this is not a real name but a pen name.

The creator of the page has found this image on a website with stock images and added it here. Then, he wrote a few words next to the image.

I can easily prove that. Below, you can see the image of Alyssa:

fake testimonial - opinion city

Here are some results of a Google search on that image:

testimonial google search

We can find the same image on many websites with different names.

Can You Make Money With Opinion City?

Some of the websites can give some results. They are typical survey sites, and you can join them directly.

So, you don’t actually make money with Opinion City. You make money with these sites.

Even if you join them, you will not earn a lot of money. I have reviewed some of them and have discovered many complaints. So, it’s possible to use them, but my expectations are very low.

Opinion City does not add any value to the visitors. You can make a simple search on the internet and tons of survey sites with no weird ads, limited spots, and nonsense. There is no benefit to using the website.

Is Opinion City A Scam?

You have probably joined Opinion City through some ads or links that were advertising a survey site. However, this is not a survey site. It’s a middleman that spams the internet to get traffic.

It does not add value or help the visitors in any way. If you fill in your email, you will start getting emails about $25 surveys. But these are not real surveys as well.

They promote the same websites that you can find on their pages with unrealistic claims. For this reason, Opinion City is a scam.

You can definitely find sites that say the truth and give you real surveys and offers. For two top alternatives, you can read about Swagbucks and ySense.

They have a lot of real members that earn money on these sites, and a good reputation for years.

Keep in mind that online surveys and offers are great for extra money in your free time. It’s ok to join multiple sites to check all your alternatives too.

However, you will not go full-time with these sites. The only exception is for those who can get a lot of referrals.

How To Make A Full-Time Income On The Internet

If you are tired of exchanging your time for cents, you can go to the next level. My top suggestion is to learn more about affiliate marketing.

It’s an online business model in which you can make commissions by promoting other people’s products.

Many huge companies like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart have affiliate programs that you can join for free. So, this process is completely legit, and there is a big variation of quality products to promote.

You can start without a budget, experience, or technical knowledge. However, you will need a strategy, and if you are a beginner, you must learn how it works.

A top training program that will show you how to get results without misleading claims and nonsense is Wealthy Affiliate. It has over 1 million members, premium tools, and an experienced community to help you.

When you have the right strategy, you can apply it and make it work for you.

Thanks for reading my review on Opinion City. It was not a legit website, but there are better options. For any questions, leave your comment below.