Is Operation 10k A Scam? – Let’s Talk About Matthew Neer’s Product

Is Operation 10k a ScamOperation 10k Review

Name: Operation 10k
BCB System Price: $19 + upsells
Owner: Matthew Neer & Desmond Ong
Make Money Bay Rank:  75 out of 100

What Is Operation 10k?

Matthew Neer and Desmond Ong are online marketers who have created many digital money-making products like Operation 10k.

However, is Operation 10k a scam?

In my opinion, it is a legit program and you can use the techniques that are described in the program to build a profitable online business but it has some weaknesses also which I describe below in this post.

Most people when they buy a program like that one look for a step by step strategy. It makes sense, this is what the sales page promises to their visitors.

The problem is that the training can show you the way until a point, then you must figure out by yourself the next moves or you just buy the upsells.

I have reviewed another Matthew Neer’s product the Speed Wealth System. He uses the same techniques to promote the product and after buying the system there are upsells also.

While Speed Wealthy System is for affiliate marketers, the Operation 10k is for those who want to learn how to create their own products. If you want to start from scratch, I believe you can learn a lot of new information.

But does it worth the money and the time to build the recommended system?

This is one of the questions, I will answer in this post. Some people will say “what a great program” because it worked for them, others will say “what a scam” because the did not have any success.

I listen carefully their opinions but I recommend a product only when I feel that I can get a greater value than the price I pay. Sometimes the training is great but many people fail because they do something wrong.

The opposite applies in some cases also, people have success with a bad training program because they have the right mindset and the determination to grab the opportunity no matter what.

Pros and Cons of Operation 10k


  • Legit way to make money online that works for many online marketers
  • Low priced product
  • Step by step training
  • The creators use the same method to make money


  • Many upsells
  • Product creation is not an easy way to get started if you are a beginner
  • Poor support
  • It is not so easy to make money in this way as described on the sales page

Who Is Operation 10k For?

I mentioned above that it is not an easy program for beginners. Do not get this wrong, Matthew Neer and Desmond Ong have created a step by step training even for people without experience.

But creating a digital product and promoting it later on the biggest online marketplaces is not an easy job. It has a learning curve for sure but you can create a money making system that it will work for years if you start making sales.

So, if you are ready to work and build that system, start right now and I am sure you will enjoy the process.

If you are not a beginner and you have some experience with online marketing, you should join only if you want to learn how to create digital products.

When I say experience, I mean if you have created a way before that made you money. In any other case, it is better to rank yourself as a beginner that still has a lot to learn.

Training and Bonuses

The program has 10 training modules and 4 traffic bonus:

Module 1: Planting the seed for income domination

A business model can work for you only if you have the right mindset. The first video is about creating the right thoughts and attitude to be successful with online marketing.

Module 2: Understanding the system

The first step will be to understand the system before start building your online business. The process is really simple, it has three main steps:

  1. You create a low priced product ($5-$10) and a simple sales page
  2. You sent traffic to the sales page
  3. Last, you can make additional affiliate offer to your buyers or you can offer them coaching

It may sound complicated but it is not too difficult to create a product and a sales page. The creators of the program has made a good work to make that process as easy as possible for you.

Module 3: The covert money blueprint

It is about engaging your buyers and make them additional offers (affiliate marketing) after buying your product.

Module 4: Identifying your cash machine

Here you will choose your niche. You are encouraged to follow your passion and create an online business about something you like. The product that you will create later will be relevant to your niche.

Module 5: Value creation

You will learn how to make research before you start creating your own product. You will check what other marketers do on online marketplaces like ClickBank, Udemy, and Amazon.

Module 6: Funnel templates

You will get 4 different types of funnel templates to use on your new online business.

Module 7: Cash cow creation

Here is where you will decide what type of product you will create. It is recommended to start with one of the following types of products:

  1. Ebook (low value)
  2. Video (good value)
  3. Software (best value)

Additional methods:

  • Interview expert
  • Find Youtube Channel
  • Hire outsource

It is not always standard what is the value of the product that you will create. It depends on your niche but you can be profitable with any of these recommendations.

Module 8: Money magnet asset generation

You will learn the standard way that most online marketers create digital products. You send your visitors from the sales page to the registration page and last, to the members’ area.

Module 9: Trying everything together

I cannot analyze anything here, you will make the modules work for you to create your own making money system.

Module 10: Leveraging top marketers

Last part of the training but also important, you will find the top affiliate marketers in your niche and you will ask for them to promote your product.


There are four bonuses that will reveal traffic methods you can use to promote your product.

  1. The leech method: Guest blogging on relevant to your niche blogs.
  2. Trojan method: Again, you visit high traffic blogs in your niche but you left comments.
  3. Spike Method: You visit the Warrior forum and you are an active member.
  4. Timeline method: Using methods that work on Facebook.

How Much Does It Cost?

It costs $19, a relatively low cost product. The information you get inside are definitely worth it. Selling digital products is a legit way to make money online and the training cover many important parts of this business model.

However, there are some upsells you can buy later. Below is the funnel for the affiliate marketers.Operation 10K - The funnel

As you can see the product can cost over $100 in total if you reach to the end and there is a $17 monthly fee. However, you can learn how to create and market products without the upsells.

My Final Verdict – Is Operation 10k A Scam?

No, it is not a scam but it does not mean that you will join the program and you will get massive ammounts of money in a few hours. This program is for people who want to learn how this business model work and make it work for them.

I rank with 75 out of 100 because the upsells and the poor support of the program are two negatives that I cannot ignore.

On the other hand, the value is much higher than the price of the program and you can use the step by step training to start right now!


Name: Operation 10k
BCB System Price: $19 + upsells
Owner: Matthew Neer & Desmond Ong
Make Money Bay Rank:  75 out of 100

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Have you ever tried the Operation 10k? Share your experience with us or leave your questions below!

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