is nicecash legit? - review

Is NiceCash Legit? (Honest Review)

is nicecash legit? - review

In this review, you will learn if NiceCash is a legit website to make $500 today with referrals and tasks as they claim on the homepage. You already know that it sounds too good to be true. However, you can read how exactly it works and what to expect as a member of the site.

What Is NiceCash?

NiceCash is not a unique website. I have seen and reviewed many sites with the same homepage and members’ areas like Tap 2 Earn, FineCash, and InfluencerCash.

All these sites claim that they are influencer networks that you can use to make $500 today. The only differences are the domain names and the design or the colors of their starting page. The term “influencer network” is not a real term. They made it up and used it on the homepage.

The legit websites do not need copies, unrealistic claims, and all that hype. Earning $500 today is not possible with a few shares on social media, even if you promote the best product in the world unless you are already a celebrity.

Also, there is no training on social media marketing, networking, or anything that could explain how to earn money.

NiceCash Review

NiceCash is part of an online scam that creates copies of the same website under different domain names, and they do not pay the members.

The website is quite misleading, and we can understand from the claims and the fake stats that something goes wrong. While it’s a new website, it says that it has thousands of members and paid millions of dollars.

Also, it is confusing because it looks like a free website. It’s not obvious for the users how the website makes money, so they give it a try.

NiceCash collects the personal details of the members and sells them for a profit. You can be sure that this is how they make money, and this is why they show the referral link first, and then the tasks. The problem is that many scam companies will be willing to buy their data.

Once you create an account, they get your email address and login details. Then, they ask you to invite your friends and share the referral link to get even more email addresses. If you stick with the website, you will complete some tasks sooner or later. In these tasks, you can lose money directly, as you will read below.

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How Does It Work?

You may have seen many people promote this website. So, you may think that it can’t be a scam. Is it possible for all these people to have fallen for the scam?

The answer is yes, it’s possible to get promotions for members who don’t know yet that they will not receive their earnings or you can get promotions from the owners.

However, websites like this one can become popular because they give the impression that they work because the members make some progress inside. They add money to your account like a legit website.

If you create an account that is not recommended, you will see a $25 sign up bonus. Then, you must collect more money before requesting for your earnings. They give you some option to do that, and you can see your NiceCash’s account growing.

Referrals: They are supposed to pay $2 per click and $10 per referral. These rewards can’t be real. There are no legit websites that pay so much money for simple clicks from social media. 

In any legit referral program, you will get paid per action. It can be a sale or tasks that are completed from your referrals. If they actually pay $2 per click, they will lose money.

$30 TaskWall: In many GPT sites, you can see a taskwall with surveys and apps. However, they pay a few cents for each task and not $30.

Even from the rewards, we can figure out that this is a scam. If you choose any of these tasks, you will visit a third-party website that requests your phone number. Then, they will send you text messages and charge your number.

Social Media Submissions: In the last part of the website, they ask you to post your referral link on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you follow their instructions, they add $10-$50 to your account.

No Payment Proof

The easiest way to figure out if this website pays the members or not is to check the proof page. On this page, they have some screenshots that they write a number and the name of the website.

They are not payment proofs. These numbers do not mean anything. If you receive money to your PayPal account, the screenshot should mention the name and logo of PayPal.

I have researched on social media, forums, and YouTube for this site. There is no payment proof anywhere. The guys who promote it just say good words and pretend that they have made money. However, they can’t show us anything but just screenshots of NiceCash.

The testimonials on the homepage are not real members. The person who created this website found these images on another site and added it here.

Lastly, the calculator does not make any sense. You add the number of followers, and it is supposed to calculate your earnings. It does not work like that.

If you want to make an estimation, you need a lot of information like the platform, the content, your niche, their country, etc. Simply, the calculator and all the other details on the homepage are misleading.

Is NiceCash Legit Or A Scam?

NiceCash is a scam. They include fake information, do not pay the members, and you can lose money with the tasks. If you have not created an account, just stay away from it.

If you have created an account, try to unsubscribe your phone number from any scammy companies, and then stay away from this website. It’s possible to lose a lot of money with these tasks.

The problem is that they put some requirements before allowing the members to request a payout, and the tasks are on these requirements. Most members can see that they should not complete them, but they do it with the hope of getting their money. But they get the opposite results.

There is no real person who had got paid from NiceCash. The purpose of the website is to get many members and sell their data. They will not pay anyone.

If you take a closer look at the contact details of the site, you will see that they do not mention any name. We have no idea about the owner or the company behind NiceCash. So, it’s an unknown website, with no payment proofs.

Lastly, you will not find any support. In the contact page, you can find an email address that does not work. No one will receive your emails, or they do not reply back. The social media icons do not include a link as well.

While it’s possible to make money online, you will not achieve that with NiceCash. You can’t make hundreds of dollars overnight when you start from scratch, and spamming a few links is not a good strategy. Below, you can find some better ideas.

How To Make Money Online

The first thing you must consider is what you want to achieve and how much time you can put into achieving it. It’s all about expectations, and your effort is relevant to the results.

If you want to earn extra money in your free time, you can try some legit GPT sites. My top options are Swagbucks and ySense. They include paid surveys, offers, and micro-jobs. Also, they have millions of members and many success stories.

For those who have no problem to put the work and go for a full-time income opportunity, affiliate marketing is my top suggestion.

Affiliate marketing is a simple online business model that you can start without your own product, experience, and technical knowledge. It still takes work, but I am quite sure that everyone can become an affiliate marketer.

As an affiliate marketer, your job is to promote other people’s products. Most big companies have created affiliate programs. For example, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Clickbank, etc. You can join for free and start making money.

The top affiliates help other people on the internet and recommend quality products. There is a strategy behind that process. Creating content is a part of this strategy, and this is what I do on my websites.

For a top training program to learn how to become an affiliate marketer, you can read about Wealthy Affiliate. It has over one million members, a free membership to get started, and helpful tools.

Thanks for reading my review on NiceCash. It was not a legit website, and I do not recommend it. Feel free to share this article if someone needs to read it. Below, you can leave your comments and questions.