Is Neobux A Scam

Is Neobux A Scam? – 2 Things That Do Not Work And You Should Avoid

Is Neobux A ScamIf you are looking for online opportunities to earn extra money, you are aware of the possible scams out there so you make a smart decision to research about Neobux before you take action.

So, is Neobux a scam?

Well, I cannot say that it is a scam but as you can see in the headline, there are two things, you should avoid but there are some legit ways to earn money also.

I write this article after being active a few months on Neobux and hopefully, you can learn something from my experience.

On this post, I will make a quick introduction to the program and I will mention the good and the bad of the Neobux.

Neobux Overview – What Is Neobux About?

For those who have not used the platform yet, Neobux is a popular PTC site, the biggest on the internet and you can use it to make money with many different ways.

It is free to create an account and you can start earning money from the first minutes. Here are the ways you can make money:

  • Click ads
  • Play games
  • Complete offers
  • Mini Jobs
  • Rented referrals
  • Direct referrals

If your plan is to make a few extra dollars, you can focus on ads, offers, and mini-jobs but it is not easy to earn a part-time or a full-time income if you have not referrals. Below you can see the ways that you can use to make money:

4 Ways To Make Money On Neobux

1.  Click Ads

The main feature of any PTC site is the available ads and the money you can make by clicking on them. You earn $0.001 per ad and 1 bonus pack. With the bonus packs, you see more ads without earning money but you earn rewards if you are lucky.

If you click all the ads daily, you will earn on average a few dollars per month for 5-10 minutes work per day.NeoBux - View Advertisements

2. Play Games

You can play games to earn $0.0005 per game. Obviously, it is not worth your time.

3. Complete Offers

You earn coins when you complete offers. You can exchange later these coins for money. The offers can be anything like online shopping, play games, download apps and more.

4. Mini Jobs

Simple and easy tasks that take a few seconds or minutes to be completed. You will usually be paid a few cents per task, but if you can work 1-2 hours per day, you can make a few dollars daily.NeoBux - Mini Jobs offers

Put It Together

If you are active daily, click ads, make mini jobs and complete offers, you can easily make $50-$100 dollars per month or even more if you do many mini jobs per day.

2 Things That Do Not Work And You Should Avoid

1. Rented Referrals

Some weeks ago, I had written an article about a strategy for Neobux rented referrals. The good news is that the strategy is a good one. If you follow my tips and you get active referrals you can make money in this way or at least you can be break even.

The problem is the big number of inactive members that Neobux sends when you pay for rented referrals. I followed the strategy for a few months and I had a small profit. I could not earn much because almost every time I got some new ones, one of five referrals were inactive.

So, you need to spend even more money to recycle the inactive referrals. Also, most of the times you have to renew your referrals for 150 or 240 days if you want to be profitable.

Let me explain:

My average clicks per referral were 1.2 per day. If you get 100 rented referrals, renew them for 240 days (it is the most profitable option) and all of your referrals are active (it is unlikely), you need almost 3-4 months to be break even.

I do not add on the calculations the recycling fees that makes it even harder to get a profit. Here are the numbers:

Buy 100 rented referrals = $20

Renew them for 240 days = $112

With an average 1,2 click per month and no inactive referrals, you need 110 days to be break even. If you have bought rented referrals before, you know that there is no way to be all your referrals active and 1.2 clicks per day is a realistic number.NeoBux - Rented Referrals

If you feel that is worth to invest 100-200 dollars to rent referrals, then you can get them. But here is my opinion:

The rented referrals will not help you to make money but it is a way that Neobux uses to earn money from you!

You can search all over the internet if you want but there are not any strategies that work for rented referrals. Many say that their strategy works but if you try it, you will not earn money consistently.


2. Direct Referrals

When you have a direct referral, you make a commission for any penny he earns for life. So, if you have direct referrals, you make money passively.

The problem is on the way you get the referrals. How do you send traffic to your links?

Most people advertise their links to other PTC sites, traffic exchange sites, and popular sites where they can add their banners. If you have tried this way, usually, you spend too much money to get a few referrals who will be inactive most of the times.

It happens for a reason, too many Neobux members put the same ads and the same banners on the same sites. When you visit another site and you see people to promote Neobux, run away.

How to promote Neobux?

In my opinion, be creative to find places on the internet with no competition. You can also try some free ways like SEO, Youtube, social media marketing etc.

My Final Opinion – Is Neobux A Scam?

Neobux is not a scam but you should avoid getting rented referrals and putting your Neobux ads in places with too much competition.

You focus should be on using Neobux to earn money and not spending money on things that do not work. Click ads, make some mini jobs daily and you will make some extra dollars per month.

How You Can Earn A Full-Time Income Online

NeoBux is a legit PTC site but there are low limits like any other similar site. If you want to make more money and build a real online business, you need to learn more about affiliate marketing.

This is what I do to earn money!

I do not earn a few cents from referrals but real monthly commissions. I have made commissions up to $1000 and my average sale is about 20-30 dollars per month!

If you are interested in learning more, click the following link:

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Thanks for reading my post, if you have any questions or anything to add, you can leave your comment below.