Is Neobux A Scam

Is Neobux A Scam? – 2 Things That Do Not Work And You Should Avoid

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Is Neobux A ScamIf you are looking for online opportunities to earn extra money, you are aware of the possible scams out there so you make a smart decision to research about Neobux before you take action.

So, is Neobux a scam?

Well, I cannot say that it is a scam but as you can see in the headline, there are two things, you should avoid but there are some legit ways to earn money also.

I write this article after being active a few months on Neobux and hopefully, you can learn something from my experience.

On this post, I will make a quick introduction to the program and I will mention the good and the bad of the Neobux.

Neobux Overview – What Is Neobux About?

For those who have not used the platform yet, Neobux is a popular PTC site, the biggest on the internet and you can use it to make money with many different ways.

It is free to create an account and you can start earning money from the first minutes. Here are the ways you can make money:

  • Click ads
  • Play games
  • Complete offers
  • Mini Jobs
  • Rented referrals
  • Direct referrals

If your plan is to make a few extra dollars, you can focus on ads, offers, and mini-jobs but it is not easy to earn a part-time or a full-time income if you have not referrals. Below you can see the ways that you can use to make money:

4 Ways To Make Money On Neobux

1.  Click Ads

The main feature of any PTC site is the available ads and the money you can make by clicking on them. You earn $0.001 per ad and 1 bonus pack. With the bonus packs, you see more ads without earning money but you earn rewards if you are lucky.

If you click all the ads daily, you will earn on average a few dollars per month for 5-10 minutes work per day.NeoBux - View Advertisements

2. Play Games

You can play games to earn $0.0005 per game. Obviously, it is not worth your time.

3. Complete Offers

You earn coins when you complete offers. You can exchange later these coins for money. The offers can be anything like online shopping, play games, download apps and more.

4. Mini Jobs

Simple and easy tasks that take a few seconds or minutes to be completed. You will usually be paid a few cents per task, but if you can work 1-2 hours per day, you can make a few dollars daily.NeoBux - Mini Jobs offers

Put It Together

If you are active daily, click ads, make mini jobs and complete offers, you can easily make $50-$100 dollars per month or even more if you do many mini jobs per day.

2 Things That Do Not Work And You Should Avoid

1. Rented Referrals

Some weeks ago, I had written an article about a strategy for Neobux rented referrals. The good news is that the strategy is a good one. If you follow my tips and you get active referrals you can make money in this way or at least you can be break even.

The problem is the big number of inactive members that Neobux sends when you pay for rented referrals. I followed the strategy for a few months and I had a small profit. I could not earn much because almost every time I got some new ones, one of five referrals were inactive.

So, you need to spend even more money to recycle the inactive referrals. Also, most of the times you have to renew your referrals for 150 or 240 days if you want to be profitable.

Let me explain:

My average clicks per referral were 1.2 per day. If you get 100 rented referrals, renew them for 240 days (it is the most profitable option) and all of your referrals are active (it is unlikely), you need almost 3-4 months to be break even.

I do not add on the calculations the recycling fees that makes it even harder to get a profit. Here are the numbers:

Buy 100 rented referrals = $20

Renew them for 240 days = $112

With an average 1,2 click per month and no inactive referrals, you need 110 days to be break even. If you have bought rented referrals before, you know that there is no way to be all your referrals active and 1.2 clicks per day is a realistic number.NeoBux - Rented Referrals

If you feel that is worth to invest 100-200 dollars to rent referrals, then you can get them. But here is my opinion:

The rented referrals will not help you to make money but it is a way that Neobux uses to earn money from you!

You can search all over the internet if you want but there are not any strategies that work for rented referrals. Many say that their strategy works but if you try it, you will not earn money consistently.


2. Direct Referrals

When you have a direct referral, you make a commission for any penny he earns for life. So, if you have direct referrals, you make money passively.

The problem is on the way you get the referrals. How do you send traffic to your links?

Most people advertise their links to other PTC sites, traffic exchange sites, and popular sites where they can add their banners. If you have tried this way, usually, you spend too much money to get a few referrals who will be inactive most of the times.

It happens for a reason, too many Neobux members put the same ads and the same banners on the same sites. When you visit another site and you see people to promote Neobux, run away.

How to promote Neobux?

In my opinion, be creative to find places on the internet with no competition. You can also try some free ways like SEO, Youtube, social media marketing etc.

My Final Opinion – Is Neobux A Scam?

Neobux is not a scam but you should avoid getting rented referrals and putting your Neobux ads in places with too much competition.

You focus should be on using Neobux to earn money and not spending money on things that do not work. Click ads, make some mini jobs daily and you will make some extra dollars per month.

How You Can Earn A Full-Time Income Online

NeoBux is a legit PTC site but there are low limits like any other similar site. If you want to make more money and build a real online business, you need to learn more about affiliate marketing.

This is what I do to earn money!

I do not earn a few cents from referrals but real monthly commissions. I have made commissions up to $1000 and my average sale is about 20-30 dollars per month!

If you are interested in learning more, click the following link:

–>Get a free training on how to start a profitable affiliate marketing business!

Thanks for reading my post, if you have any questions or anything to add, you can leave your comment below.



32 thoughts on “Is Neobux A Scam? – 2 Things That Do Not Work And You Should Avoid”

  1. Sir, I face a problem with my NeoBux account. I could not continue my work proper daily in last few days now cannot open my account with my username and password so please solve my problem.

    1. Hi there and sorry for the previous comment. Something went wrong with publishing my reply.

      I do not work for NeoBux. I just write my opinion about that site. So, there is no way to help with your issue on the specific site. Try to ask for a new password or a new username. If it’s not possible they may have banned your account.

      I do not think you can do anything when your account is banned. For another alternative with the same tasks and more opportunities to make money, try ClixSense.

  2. Please I need your help to be able to make money in affiliate marketing.
    Possibly a video training course.
    I don’t have any experience currently.

    Thanks in anticipation.
    Patrick Akobi.

  3. Hi,

    I want to use the mini jobs.

    The mini jobs screen opens to me and displays 3 items for me
    But when I click on them and enter another site, it displays the phrase:
    You don’t have permission to work on this job
    Try going back to the Job Listing Page to find a new job to work on.
    I entered the second site with Facebook, according to what I asked for the first time
    Thank you for helping me

    1. Hi Amir, I think the specific jobs are not available because of your demographics (country, age, and other factors). It has happened to many other members as well. Also, if you have done some jobs for them unsuccessfully, they will not allow you to keep doing them.

      You can wait for other jobs to be listed and try to complete them.
      CrowdFlower (the platform that is responsible for the micro-jobs) has three levels of members. You can move up on the levels by completing some jobs. When you go to the level 1 and above, you will see many available jobs per day. For now, you can only wait for new jobs.

  4. Yes, also I don’t think most people know this but I set up a skrill account so I could deposit and withdraw, but come to find out that I can only deposit and not withdraw.

    So, it is my primary payment method. I’m just stuck with leaving my money in there.

    It’s just a pyramid scam that hasn’t collapsed yet because they get enough money from things like this.

    I’ve never in my life seen a company set a payment processor that you can only pay but not cash out.

    I’m going report this to the BBB.

  5. Hi Ilias,

    I read this well researched article that includes your personal experiences.

    I had to do a bit of research for the term PTC. Thank goodness for the search engines. 🙂

    You might consider adding a paragraph or two explaining it.

    I now understand the concept of an PTC site. However fail to see how I can make money from it.

    If I click on ads that I am not really interested in, then how does the advertiser make their money? Why would the PTC site than give me a small amount of money for looking at that ad?

    Surely the advertiser is spending money on advertising to people who are not really interested in their products and services. Surely as the person clicking on these ads to make some money, I would be exposed to loads of ads and maybe buy some of those products and services. However I am doing this clicking to make money… not spend money.

    Surely it is a time waster.


    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi David, thanks for the great question.

      We need a new article to analyze if this type of advertising can be profitable. 

      When you click ads on Neobux and other PTC sites, you usually see offers of other making money sites or PTC sites.

      So, there is some relevancy with your interests. From my experience, there are better ways to advertise your products but it is not a total waste of money to get traffic from Neobux.

      For example, if you create an ad for another PTC site that most people on Neobux do not know yet, you have many chances to get several referrals.

      It is about the offer and the landing page.

  6. Hi! I have tried some similar websites in the past, mostly also online surveys and mini-jobs. I earned some dollars with it, but after all I think the time you spend is not worth the money at the end. However, if you have the time, it can bring you some additional money at the end of the month.

  7. Hello Ilias
    I really enjoyed reading your review on Neobux.As someone who`s tried PTC sites in the past I`m convinced it`s not the right way to make money online.
    Ok maybe some people will think otherwise or will argue that with rented referrals one can make money with Neobux, up to now, I still feel the rented referrals are bots anyway.
    Maybe one can earn $3,4,5 a day with direct referrals clicking ads, but Neobux has been around so long that in my opinion, it`s almost impossible to get referrals to the program.
    In my opinion, the best way to make money with Neobux and the likes, is to join, click ads then promote some similar website, this way, one can count the referrals gained from Neobux as profit(as they will be making you money in the program you promoted if they are active).
    That`s how I will do it if I were to join PTC.
    Having said all that, I will not consider Neobux a scam people invest what they can not afford to lose then scream scam when they do not get expected ROI but the program has been around for ages and still paying.
    Enjoyed your review,thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Roamy,

      In my opinion, Neobux should stop the rented referrals option as Clixsense. It does not work.

      About the direct referrals, you can be profitable by promoting Neobux only if you have a free source of traffic like a blog, a Youtube channel, social media etc.

  8. Having tried this one myself, I can say that it is possible to earn money from this without spending money. I have done it before, made some money, but eventually left for personal reasons. (One reason is, my Internet service provider has blocked me from earning with Neobux)

    I’d like to caution interested parties that, in order to make significant income with Neobux, you really have to dedicate time with the site. This is very important because, there’s this feature that you can’t earn income from referrals if you are not able to click at least 5 ads at given server time.

    I saw you’re recommending Wealthy Affiliate. How long have you been with the company? If I am to join your team, what do you advise me to ensure I’ll make money with that company?

    1. I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate the 15 months. I can help you to learn all the important skills you need to start your own online business.

      You will start by finding your niche and building your site. Then, you will learn how to get traffic and monetize the traffic.

      I will help you all the way and you will be able to contact any other member of WA you want.

  9. Neobux was the first site I landed on when I searched for ways to make money online for the first time. And it took away a lot of my time, because I didn’t know that it’s practically impossible to make money with those rented refferals. But at least I’ve learnt from my mistake and never looked back at it!

  10. Thanks for this great review. I trust what you are saying since you used the service and found out yourself. With the income so low, I can see why you would recommend that someone do their own site instead. It seems like a lot of hassle for not a lot of extra income per month. The amount paid to click a game was so low I was somewhat shocked. I guess people choose that option if they like games and would be playing them anyways.

    1. I have tried once to play a game just to see how it. It was a waste of time. It took almost 5 minutes and there were two breaks until is over.

      In my opinion, the mini-jobs are the best way to earn a few extra dollars on Neobux.

  11. Thank you for the review regarding Neobux. To be honest, I had never heard of this until I read your review. Interesting and informative details regarding this platform.

    One question that I do have in reading your review has to do with possible income. Do you have any information or knowledge of anyone actually making a full time online income using Neobux?

    Seems like the pay for doing various tasks are minimal at best. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Luke,

      You can find on the forum many success stories. Yes, there are a few people who make a full-time income with rented or direct referrals.

      However, I am sure that they have not used the techniques you can find all over the internet and most of them are some years old.

      For this reason, I do not recommend any of these ways. I do not have any proof that they still work and the well-known places to advertise Neobux are more expensive these days because of the competition.

  12. Thanks for the article. It’s amazing to note the sheer number of websites through which one could earn money. But I think one has to weigh the pros and cons of earning money through platforms like Neobux because one will be doing nothing creative but only clicking ads. To each their own but I think there’ll more creative ways than just clicking ads.

    1. Hi Sukumar,

      Sure, there are more creative and profitable ways to make money. Sites like Neobux are so popular because it is really easy to get started.

  13. I am always wary whenever I hear anything is a scam. Neobux seems like a legit site that offers some fun and easy ways to earn extra cash.

    I think the real reason why people have sour tastes about these sites is their expectations that they’re going to make a ton of money but then get let down when they realize it’s never going to give them all they want.

    Of course, if you go into these sites with realistic expectations than you get what you want out of them, but for many, they just want the quick money.

    I’ve never tried Neobux but I’d be interested in checking it out.


    1. Hi Michael,

      If you are looking for a way to earn a few extra dollars per month or even a part-time income, it could be a good idea to try it.

      As you said, if you have realistic expectations, you can get what you are looking for.

  14. Hi, Ilias! About a decade or so ago, having briefly tried Clixsense as a way to make money for myself, all I can say is that with Neobux it would amount to the same thing:

    A lot of time and effort would be wasted even trying to earn as much as several dollars per day through all of the various ventures that are part of Neobux – as apparently still is the case with Clixsense since it still is operational.

    Creating real success in an online business would only take place through the recommendation of joining Wealthy Affiliate which you mentioned in your article.

    I know of a person who, a few years ago tried to get me interested in re-joining Clixsense – (as I never actually quit I assume that the company still believes that I am a member). This individual mentioned how extra $ could be earned by getting referrals, similar to what Neobux has to offer.

    However, reading through what this person mentioned as far as training would go regarding Clixsense and getting referrals to join under you, I just thought the entire thing to be absolutely silly. It would involve time lost in one’s life that could never be made up and in reality, putting in such an effort at Clixsense something that would be non-productive.

    For example: Promoting some no-name online music store that offers the ability to download current hits through a membership – and getting a referral based on people joining is almost nonsensical. How many thousands of small-time online music stores exist today, all dwarfed by the big boys? Yet that was a recommended method at Clixsense in trying to get people to be direct referrals.

    Yes, sites like this might have good intentions, and should not be considered scams. However ONLY if the company, such as Neobux makes it crystal clear that it should not be thought of as a full-time, online money-making job!


    1. Hi Jeff,

      Neobux and Clixsense were similar sites until Clixsense’s update but still, most people promote them with the same ways. 

      I have spent time and money to promote Neobux. I can confirm that you cannot easily find cheap places to promote the platform and the majority of the people who will join through your links will be inactive.

      I agree with you, Jeff. It is not worth to promote these sites. For those who are looking for a full time or a passive income, they should look elsewhere.

    1. It depends on the time you can work. In my opinion, ClixSense is the best option for micro tasks and jobs. You can join here.

      But I would recommend starting your own online business. It takes some months to see results but it is worth it. Check my top recommendation for more info.

      1. I would disagree my friend Ilias. Clixsense pays less than neobux for the same tasks and neobux also offers great bonuses for every $1 someone earns. Last but not least, when you request a payment in neobux you will get it instantly, but this is not the case with clixsense,

        1. Hi Michalis and thanks for your comment.

          ClixSense has the same tasks from CrowdFlowder but different bonus process which is based on the number of tasks, surveys, and offers. The main difference between the two sites are the surveys and the advertisements. ClixSense is not a PTC site anymore and has replaced the ads with surveys. For the best results, you can be active on both sites.

          Sorry for disapproving your other comment but it was a little aggressive towards a group of people who live in another country.

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