Is MySurvey Legit Or Just Another Survey Scam? – An Unbiased Review

Is MySurvey Legit Or Just Another Survey Scam? - An Unbiased ReviewWelcome to MySurvey review. I have mentioned that company before as it was recommended by another program. And on this post, you will learn if this is a legit survey site or a scam.

MySurvey is a simple survey in which you fill in questions and you earn points that you can exchange later for gift cards and cash. It’s a standard process for many survey sites, and you will not find something special here.

On the positives, it is a company with users from many different countries, and it has paid millions of dollars in total to its users. However, in the last few years do not work at the same level, and there are many negative reviews.

Can you still trust the company and fill in surveys for them? Well, I am going to answer that questions, but you also need to be aware of the problems. So, let’s start with the first step:

How Does MySurvey Work?

First of all, you can join for free. You just need an email and fill in some personal details. When you create your account, you will complete a mini-survey about your interests and preferences.

After that step, you can get started with the paid surveys. As I mentioned above you do not earn money but points and sweep entries for future contests.

When you choose a survey, you can see how much time it takes and the reward if you complete it. In my opinion, the rewards are a little lower than other competitive sites but it’s not a big issue because you can choose the ones you want to complete.

On the site, they claim that you can earn up to $5 per survey. Well, it is true but rarely you are going to see a $5 dollar survey. Most of the surveys on this site pay lower than $0.5 or 50 points.

When you earn enough points, you can exchange them for gift cards or cash out with PayPal. Usually, for a $10 gift card, you must earn about 1000 points.

How Much You Can Earn

When you complete online surveys, you cannot expect to finish every survey you start. Most of the times, you will be rejected and you can’t do anything about it.

There are many complaints that it takes weeks or months to reach the lowest cash out limits and earn these gift cards.

The average surveys take 20-30 minutes to be completed. Also, many times you will learn that you do not fit the target audience after 5-10 minutes completing a survey.

So, if you log in 1-2 hours per day, it makes sense that it will take a lot of weeks to reach the 10 dollars and get a gift card.

Also, it’s a website available to many countries so it really depends on your demographics. I think that users who live in the USA have more chances to find good surveys in the members’ area.

On the positive, the sweep entries and the money you can earn from contests if you are lucky but you cannot control these contests.


It had a good reputation: A few years earlier, MySurvey was one of the top websites in the world. However, you can hear more and more complaints these days. They must change something rapidly to turn this situation around.

Sweep Entries: When they run contests and give free money is always a good thing. There are not many survey sites that do the same.


Low rewards even for surveys: You can see some good rewards on surveys but there are too many of them with really low ones. I have seen many times 20 cent rewards for 30-minute surveys. Simply, it is not good enough.

As a user, you can always choose not to complete them and wait for better opportunities.

Too many bad reviews: A big percentage of the user reviews has a really low rank. You can read many of them on Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

They do not credit some of the earnings: Well, this is the worst thing that can happen on a survey site. You take the time to complete their surveys and they do not credit your points. There are many complaints about this issue that seems to exist because of technical problems on the platform.

Banned accounts: Many members of the site have made complaints about closing their accounts from the company before or after the first cash out.

It’s a waste of time: Because of the low rewards and the problems that are mentioned about this site, you can see that you waste your time for a few cents. Also, you cannot be sure that you will receive your money.

My Final Opinion – Is MySurvey Legit Or A Scam?

I do not think that it’s a complete scam but something goes terribly wrong on this site. They used to be a legit company with happy members. However, lately there are a lot of problems and I cannot recommend MySurvey to people who want to make money online.

The best case scenario is to earn $10 after a few weeks. The worst case scenario is to get frustrated and waste a lot of hours with no reward at all.

There are better ways to get started online and earn some money so you do not have to worry about this website. For an alternative for surveys, you can check Swagbucks, CashCrate or ClixSense. For a full-time income, check below what I recommend.

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Thanks for reading my review on MySurvey. Feel free to share your opinion about this site or ask any questions below.

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