is my work for life a scam - review

Is My Work For Life A Scam Or $200 Per Day?

is my work for life a scam - review

Welcome to My Work For Life review. This website is another online scam and you will read why you must avoid it even if it’s a free website.

You cannot actually make money on the members’ area as they claim and on this review, you will learn how it works and what to expect.

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What Is My Work For Life?

My Work For Life is supposed to be a website that you can use to find online jobs and earn some extra money. However, there are no jobs on the members’ area so it’s easy to figure out that doesn’t deliver what it promises.

However, they show you way to make money and this is through referrals. It does not really make any sense why they want more members when they do not sell or offer something.

I think we can agree that no one will give you something for nothing and this is what the owners of this program try to convince us.

There is no training, system, product, jobs or something that could help us understand why they pay someone to send traffic. And the truth is that they do not pay.

There are many money-making schemes that promise huge amounts of money for referrals but they do not pay their members like Viral Pay, Viral Dollars, Kids Earn Cash, etc.

All these sites follow the same system. They give a referral link to the members, ask from them to share it, and when they reach the huge minimum payout limit, they close their accounts or say an excuse for not paying them.

Also, My Work For Life is an exact copy of an older scam with the name, Do Part Time Job. I have found many copies of these sites under different domain names.

So, we have two obvious scam alerts here. First a system of sites that do not pay and second, it’s a copy of another scam.

The legit sites do not create copies but they build a brand name. The guys who create new copies of their sites want something to hide. They may want to avoid any negative comments and reviews from users or anything else that could make the new visitors stay away from it.

In both cases, we can confirm that My Work For Life is a scam from the homepage and the structure of the site.

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How Is It Supposed To Work?

When you move on the members’ area, you can see only a referral link and this is very ridiculous for a site that promises jobs and makes claims about the gig economy on the homepage.

 members area my work for life

But this is your only chance to make some money here. At least, they will add dollars to your website account for every new referral.

Of course, there is no training or system. You must figure out by yourself how to find traffic and get referrals which is not a good idea on this site.

Their tip is to start sharing your referral link on social media, forums, blogs, YouTube, etc. This process sounds like spamming and not like online marketing.

This is something that does not work. I am an affiliate marketer the last years and I know how to promote a product or a service on the internet. By spamming your link around, you can only make other people frustrated. You can get one referral or two if you get lucky but it can’t work in the long run.

Also, you do not want to send your friends and followers on social media to a site like this one.

The next thing to consider is why they pay so much money for referrals. Is it worth $10 a referral on a website like this one?

In my opinion, if the site would pay $10 for every new member, they would lose money. Many referrals will not take even one action. It would be a waste of money to give $10 even for the inactive referrals. Also, we can’t see on the members’ area how My Work For Life makes money from them.

Can You Get Paid?

We know that My Work For Life is a copy of another scam so the answer is very easy on that question. My Work For Life will not pay you for any action.

The structure of the site makes it easy to figure it out as well.

The minimum cash out limit is at $300 which is a very high limit. Many legit programs have limits as well but usually, you can get paid when you reach $50-$100.

Also, when you see a huge payout limit from a completely unknown website is another scam alert

Finding 29 referrals is another problem for most people who will create a new account. There is a $10 sign up bonus and you earn $10 per referral so you need 29 more referrals to reach the $300.

Almost all the members that will give a try on this program will be beginners. I do not think that an experienced marketer would consider creating an account.

For a beginner, it would be a lot of work to get 29 referrals by sharing some links on social media. It could take weeks or month. It should not be so hard to get paid.

Unknown Owner

When a website does not give any information about the owner and no contact details almost always is a scam.

There is only an email that is supposed to be the support of the site. But I think that no one opens these emails and it’s unlikely to get a reply.

The same applies to the members’ area. There is no real person that you contact or get any help.

Most members will not need support until reaching the payout limit and at that time, they will see that no one will help them to receive their earnings.

My Final Verdict – Is My Work For Life A Scam?

You cannot get paid from this website so we can say that My Work For Life is a scam.

There are claims about earning $200 per day or $5,000 per month with simple online jobs. But there are no online jobs at all.

Even experienced online marketers would have a hard time to earn that money when they start from zero. So, the claims are unrealistic and misleading.

The owners of this site probably want the users to fill in their email and their log in details. I am not sure what they earn from your details and how they will use them.

We can be sure they will not sell you something on the members’ area. Also, you will not find ads or affiliate links. So, they may spam your email or sell your email address.

Simply, it does not make sense to ask for traffic and then, not to use that traffic but we have seen many tricks on the internet the last few years.

The important thing is that you will not get paid from My Work For Life so the best option is to stay away from it.

It does not mean that there are no legit programs and ways to make money online but this site was not one of them.

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Thanks for reading my review on My Work For Life. It was an ugly program that does not pay. Below, you can leave any relevant comments or questions.