is my income web a scam or legit? - review

Is My Income Web A Scam Or Legit Data Entry Jobs?

is my income web a scam or legit? - review

My Income Web looks like another scam with the big claims on the about page. The legit data entry sites will not pay so much money for this type of jobs.

In this review, you can read how exactly it works and what to expect on the members’ area.

What Is My Income Web?

When you visit the homepage of My Income Web, it looks like a legit website. There are not claims or anything weird.

But when we scroll down the page and visit the other pages, many things do not make sense.

They say that they have over 200k members and have paid over $6 million dollars. But we can’t find reviews on the internet, payment proof of earnings, or anything that could confirm these numbers.

In my opinion, this is a very new website that tries to get attention with these fake stats and unrealistic claims.

You can see these claims on the about page. They promise $1 per line data entry, $100-$500 per day and over $3,000 per month.

I do not know if someone can believe these claims. But for legit data entry jobs, you will earn less than one cent per line. We can easily understand only from these claims, that something goes wrong here. It’s not possible to pay that money and be profitable.

The truth is that you will find any jobs in the members’ area. It has only a referral link that you can use to invite others but no jobs. So, the homepage is only a trick to send people to the members’ area.

I have reviewed many similar websites before. They promise different types of jobs but they give only that referral link.

For a few examples, you can check Viral Pay, Kids Earn Cash, Viral Dollars, and Pay Each Month.

These sites do not pay the members for their referrals and don’t deliver the promised jobs. The same you can expect from My Income Web. You will not get paid. But they want to keep you around and invite your friends to their site.

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How Does It Work?

You can easily create an account if you fill in a name and an email.

On the members’ area, you can only see a referral link. There are no jobs or any other way to earn some money. So, you must use that referral link.

The recommendation of the website is to start spamming people to join on their site. They tell you to invite friends and send the referral link to their messenger or share it on social media.

You are supposed to earn 50% from your referral earnings but they can’t make money because there are no jobs. Also, they have added $5 to your account as a sign up bonus.

The other similar sites that are mentioned above, they work in the same way. They give you only a referral link.

For a reason that I do not know yet, the owners of these sites wants to invite your friends. It’s obvious with their recommended strategy only someone that trusts you can join. You may have friends who look for opportunities on the internet or some people may join because you just asked it.

The owner of My Income Web may try to spam or sell your email. It could make sense. Or they may want to use your login details on other sites. If you use the same username and password they may get lucky.

However, you can’t make money on the members’ area and they don’t try to make money from you inside. But the site is created for a reason. You can be sure about that.

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Can You Get Paid?

You have $5 to your account and the minimum cashout limit is at $100. Also, there are no jobs or anything that you can use to make money.

With a few words, you will never reach the cashout limit.

The website claims that has paid thousands of members in the past. But this is not true. At least, we cannot find any real person on the internet who has shown any payment proof.

The few reviews about this site are negative and most people say the same thing: My Income Web is probably a scam.

About The Owner and The Testimonials.

We cannot find any information about the owner of My Income Web. This is common to many online scams and another reason why you should be careful with that program.

There is lack of basic information and pages. There is no email address and it has not a privacy policy page. The person who created this website made a very poor work.

When you visit the contact page, you can see some made up messages. This is no real support, and no one will receive or reply to your messages.

Lastly, there are some photos with comments from users who claim they have made money with My Income Web. However, these photos are from stock image websites. The owner bought or found these images for free and added here.

For example, you can check the testimonial below:

fake testimonials

And here is some results from Google for the specific image.

fake testimonial my income web

She has not used this website and probably never heard about it. Everything on the website of My Income Web is not real. The fake testimonials is proof of that.

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My Final Verdict – Is My Income Web A Scam?

My Income Web is a scam. This site is probably created to get data from users who are interested in making money online. The owners of the site will use your email for sure. They may try to use the additional information as well.

Also, they will do the same thing with your referrals. For this reason, you must avoid sharing their referral link.

There are not any data entry jobs so your referrals will not make money as well. You can’t make commissions from people who can’t use the website.

The best thing you can do right now is to stay away from My Income Web and never go back.

If you have wasted some time, you may feel frustrated but there is nothing you can do. With no contact details and names of the owners, no one can help you.

It does not mean that you can’t make money online but this is not the right place. It’s not so easy to make thousands of dollars as they say. It takes real work to achieve these results.

With data entry jobs for a few hours per day, you can’t earn a lot even on a legit website.

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Thanks for reading my review on My Income Web. It is not a legit website but you can check other alternatives. You can leave your comments or questions below.