Is MVP Bucks Legit Or A Scam? (Review)

mvp bucks review - scam or legit?

Welcome to my MVP Bucks review. This is not a legit site as you will read on this article. You can find it under the domain and there are some major problems are mentioned on other websites as well.

With a few words, it’s a scam and you will not make any money.

What Is MVP Bucks?

MVP Bucks is a copy of some other scams that you can find around the internet.

You may have heard about Clout Bucks, Clout Pay and Viral Market that are the same websites.

There are some differences on the homepage to confuse the users who have joined the sites above. On the FAQ page, it is mentioned the name Clout Pay as well. The just copied pasted this page.

It is not easy to figure out the scam if you have not visited any of the similar sites. However, there are some issues that are common scam alerts.

The first one is the big claims. There are no $30 surveys on the internet. The legit sites pay for a few cents per survey and you would be lucky if you find surveys that pay over $2.

Next, the stats and the testimonials are fake. It’s a new site and has not 100k members or paid $500k. I will prove all the above on this review.

But let me explain the scam first:

As you can see, MVPBucks is a free site. At least, you don’t have to pay to create a new account. You may spend some money with the tasks inside but many members will avoid it.

When you create a new account, the scammers have achieved their goal. They collect data from their members.

Just by creating an account, you give them your email and log in details that you may use in other sites as well. On the members’ area, they ask for your payment details. Simply, they use them in their benefit.

They may sell them on other companies or marketers that I think it’s the most possible scenario but there are other ways to get a profit from your email as well.

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How Does It Work?

When you create a new account, your experience with MVP Bucks has just started. If they could get your data and let you go away, it could not so much bad.

The problem is that they want to keep your around, get some money from you and make you work for them a little bit.

When you create an account, they add to your account $25 as you can see below:

members area mvp bucks

But you cannot request your earnings yet. There are some requirements that are no specific. If you complete them, you can ask for your money.

Here is how they add money to your account:

1. Referrals: This is what they advertise on the homepage. You can earn $10 per referral. On the members’ area, you see only a referral link in the beginning.

The suggestion from the website is to start sharing this link on the social media. From every click on your link, you earn $2 and $10 per referral.

I think you can see that $2 dollar per click for a website that you can join for free is too much. They can’t pay that money.

2. $30 Task Wall: These are not surveys as they promise on the homepage but tasks about dowloading apps and participating on contests.

task wall

You earn $10-$30 per task but there is a catch. You must fill in your phone number on third party websites that do not look legit. Then, they will charge you for each SMS that they will send.

3. YouTuBe Submission: You just create a video about MVP Bucks and upload it on YouTube. They add $50 per video to your account.

It Does Not Pay

If you start getting clicks and referrals, you will meet the requirements after a while and you will be ready to ask for a payout.

Then, you will just wait for your money. But they will not send you anything. After a few weeks, MVP Bucks will disapprove your payment because of fraud clicks and referrals. Or they will let the payment on pending.

Most people discover this problem after spending time and money on the site.

Simply, there is no real payment proof from MVP Bucks on the internet. The screenshots on the website are not from real payments too.

You can check the following screenshot:

fake payment proof mvp bucks

This is not a PayPal payment! It’s fake. There is no information about the processor or any system that I know.

No Owner and Fake Testimonials

Most scams on the internet have no contact details or information about the owner. As expected, you will not find a real person on MVP Bucks.

There is no email and inside they show you some accounts from their social media. You can try to get a response but it’s unlikely to happen.

The testimonials are not real users. Similar scams hire actors and this is a possible scenario for this site too. Also, they do not show you any proof but just say a few words in a quick video.

My Final Verdict – Is MVP Bucks Legit Or A Scam?

You already know the answer:

MVP Bucks is a scam and you will not receive your earnigns.

When the site adds money to your account, it’s easy to believe that you have finally found the shortcut of online marketing.

But keep in mind that there are no shortcuts. It takes hard work to make money and when something sounds too easy, it’s probably another scam.

Hopefully, most people will not lose money on these tasks but I know some members will give them a try.

The best thing you can do is to find a way to unsubscribe and get away from the website.

You will not find anyone to take responsibility or someone to claim your money. But you can help some people to learn about the scam by leaving a comment below about your experience or just by sharing this review.

From reviews on the internet, many people get informed about simiar sites and programs.

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Thanks for reading my review on MVP Bucks. The site is a scam so there is no reason to create an account. For any questions, just leave a comment below.

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