Is Money Rewards A Scam Or $4 Per Click?

is money rewards a scam or legit? - review

In this review, you will read if Money Rewards is a scam or a legit site.

Lately, I have reviewed many similar sites that were scams and it seems that this is what we can expect here as well.

You will read below about the huge rewards, how it really works and if there are any chances to get paid from this website.

What Is Money Rewards?

Money Rewards is not an influencer network and I am not sure that anyone can give an exact description of an influencer network.

Also, this is not a site about social media. You will not learn anything and there is no way to connect with other people in the members’ area.

It’s just a money-making scheme that tries to make people complete the tasks on the members’ area that will charge you some money. So, Money Rewards is not a free website even if you can create a free account.

There are many sites that look the similar to Money Rewards. You can find some changes on the homepage, the claims and the stats but the rewards and the process on the members’ area are the same.

For a few examples of these sites, you can check Kids Earn Cash, Viral Pay, and Viral Dollars. All of them promise huge rewards for simple tasks but the truth is that they do not pay.

Many people complain about them while you can find many negative reviews on the internet.

Money Rewards is a new website and has not enough traffic yet. For this reason, we cannot find what other people say about it. However, it’s a copy of the other scams above so I expect the same process.

Next, they include some stats on the homepage that mentions thousands of members that have made millions of dollars. These stats are not real. Money Rewards is a very new website. It’s not possible to get so many members in a short period of time.

The fact that we cannot find enough comments (positive or negative) about that site means that not many people know about it yet.

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How Does It Work?

If you create an account and go to the members’ area, you will see $25 into your account. It’s a sign up bonus.

members area

The website will keep adding money to your Money Rewards account as you keep doing the tasks. You can make money in three ways:

1. Paid Offers: The offers on the legit sites pay $0.50-$1 on average. The $30 rewards sound too good to be true.

On these offers, you will download an app or participate on draws. However, you have to fill in your phone number and according to the small letter at the end of these pages, they will charge you for some SMS.

The tasks must be completed on third-party websites and we do not know if these companies are legit or not. But they will use your phone number as much as they can.

2. Referrals: The will add to your account $4 per click and $10 for every new referral. These numbers are too high and you will not find any legit program that pays $4 per click.

Your friends and followers clicks are not worth so much money. Also, earning $10 for a referral that may not take any action does not make any sense.

On the legit programs, you make commissions when your referral buys something or take specific actions.

3. YouTube Submission: If you create a positive video about Money Rewards and upload it to YouTube, they will add $50 to your account. Even a simple short video is enough to get the money.

Can You Get Paid?

If you try to send your earnings to your PayPal account, you will read that there is a $150 minimum cash out. They say that you can get paid with multiple ways.

From my experience, the big payout limits just try to keep the members on the website without paying them. You may quit before reaching that amount and even if you reach that, you will have already worked for them.

There are two reasons why I believe they will not pay you:

  1. It’s a copy of other scams: I mentioned a few sites above that are the same with Money Rewards and do not pay their members. When the members ask for a cash out, they wait a few weeks and then disapprove their requests because of fraud clicks and referrals. If you ask for an explanation, they may close your accounts.
  2. No proof: The easiest way to figure out if a website pays the members is to check previous payments. Some people show their payments on social media or forums. There is no proof for Money Rewards so we assume that does not pay.

When a site is new and there are not enough comments or reviews on the internet, it’s possible to trick many people because of the lack of information. For this reason, we see these sites to change domain names so often. They want to avoid any negative reviews.

No Owner and Testimonials

You may notice that there is no information about the owner or the company behind that website. The creators of Money Rewards just want to hide every detail about them and this can’t be a good thing.

We can’t find only an email but I do not think it’s a valid one. You can give it a try but I would not expect a reply. Also, you will not get help or support with the referrals, tasks, or payments.

Next, we can see a testimonial page. But it has not any testimonials. There are only a few random money numbers. This page is not proof of payments.

My Final Verdict – Is Money Rewards A Scam?

Yes, Money Rewards is a scam and we cannot find any proof of payment anywhere on the internet. It’s a copy of other scams and almost everything we can see on the homepage and members’ area is misleading.

There is no way to make $4 per click for free traffic from social media or $10 for free referrals. It can’t be profitable for owners of the site and afford that money in the long term.

The website makes money when members complete any of the offers. The third-party websites earn money when they send you SMS and give a commission to Money Rewards.

I have not put my phone number on these sites but I think they will spam you.

The referral rewards and the YouTube submission is a trick from the owners of the site to make you work for them.

There are many similar websites these days. It’s easy for them to create a website like this one to get your money and contact details.

The only thing you can do is to stay away from Money Rewards and any similar site. It does not mean that there is no way to make money online but there are some places that we should avoid.

Here Is A Legit Way To Make Money Online

The real rewards come to you when you do the work and this is the message I want to send through this website.

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Affiliate marketing is a simple process in which you promote other people’s products or send traffic to their sales pages, and earn commissions per sale.

Even a kid can use a few affiliate links and create some content to promote them on a website or social media.

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Thanks for reading my review on Money Rewards. It was not a legit program and you will not get paid. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.

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