Is Money Miracle A Scam? (Honest Review)

Is Money Miracle a scam? - review

On this review of Money Miracle, you will read if this is a scam or you can clone an e-commerce giant to earn money.

If you have visited the sales page of the program, you have seen the claims about huge earnings fast. So, it sounds like another online scam and this is what you can expect.

What Is Money Miracle?

There are many types of money making schemes on the internet this is just another one. The truth is that Money Miracle is not a program or a system. Also, you can be sure that the information on the sales page is completely misleading. You will not find any legit business to work as described in this video.

There are some stories of people who have built profitable online businesses from their home but this is not one of them. I would not expect to find a 14-year-old who has cloned an e-commerce giant. You can’t just clone a website or a business. It does not work like that.

Money Miracle is a middleman of another site. If you try to buy the product, it will redirect you to another program. Of course, I do not know if the other program is aware that someone promotes it through Money Miracle.

The story of the video presentation is a way to make you interested in clicking the “Buy Now” button. However, the creator of this page is not honest and his methods are not ethical.

As a visitor of the site, there is no way to figure out that you will buy a third-party program.

Next, the claims are unrealistic. Online marketing does not like that. You will not earn thousands of dollars in a few days because you will clone a website.

It’s not the first time I review a middleman site that sounds like a real program. Another example is Discover The Plan. If you take a look, you will see a similar sales page, random money claims and it’s a middleman as well.

An easy way to avoid all these scammy sites is to stay away from people who promise huge earnings in a short time.

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How Is It Supposed To Work?

The e-commerce giant that you are supposed to clone is Amazon. These days the e-commerce business models are really hot after the successes of many online stores.

You don’t have to own your products if you follow a drop shipping model or build a Shopify store.

However, they do not work overnight and you will not become reach in one-two months. The legit businesses take time and you must be willing to put some effort.

Money Miracle says that you can clone Amazon or a part of it and somehow get the same results.

While many people earn money with online stores I do not think that they have cloned another site.

Anyway, if you decide to pay the price to see the next level, you will get redirected to a site that suggests starting a Shopify store.

There is one simple action you can take to save money and time. You can join Shopify directly.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform for online business owners and beginners. You will find enough resources and guides to build a store on their platform. It’s better to use the information on th platform than buying a third-party website through a middleman to learn how to use Shopify.

Drop shipping is not a new business model. There are no secrets hidden behind these programs. It can work if you work to build your store and get traffic. But you need to be realistic. You need to learn and test things in the beginning.

Fake Testimonials

The fake testimonials are a confirmation that everything you see on Money Miracle is not real.

Many owners of low-quality products and scams hire actors to pretend results. When a program is legit, it makes senses it will show you real people who have tested it.

All the persons you can see on this video are fake testimonials. For example, you can check the man on the image below:

fake testimonial - money miracle

Below, you can see his Fiverr gig:

Fiverr testimonials Insiders Cash Club

This man says that he makes $10,000 per month with this program and another testimonial mentions that he has made $20,000 in two months.

Of course, they have never used this product or any other product you may see them in the future. The man on the photo above is a fake testimonial on Insiders Cash Club as well. It’s another online scam.

As you can see, websites like Money Miracle are good for many people but no for the visitors who lose their time and the buyers who lose their money. They are good for those who promote and sell these products and for people who sell services to them.

How Much Does It Cost?

Money Miracle is the middleman of another online program with the name, My Ecom Club. So, we can only talk about the pricing of My Ecom Club.

The starting price is at $97 and there are many upsells on the members’ area. The more expensive upsell costs $1997.

Once you decide to buy the front end product, you will get promotions to upgrade your membership to get full access to the system.

From the terms of service of Money Miracle, we can see there are three products or levels of membership and it offers a 30-day money back guarantee for the front end product.

My Final Verdict – Is Money Miracle A Scam?

Money Miracle is not a program or a system to make money online. So, I cannot say it’s a scam but only a middleman of My Ecom Club.

The techniques you can see on the sales page are not ethical and honest. The creators of the site use fake testimonials and unrealistic claims to make you buy it.

I do not know if My Ecom Club is aware of Money Miracle. Also, it uses the name of the owner of My Ecom Club.

My Ecom Club has mixed reviews. Some marketers promote it but others think it’s not so good. In my opinion, the worst thing is the high ticket upsell.

The best thing you can do when you visit a middleman and a program with expensive upsells is better to stay away.

You must pay $97 to get started and get some information. Then, they will ask for more money to give you more information. This is not what most people expect when they join a program.

The internet has many opportunities for everyone so you do not have to put too much risk on weird programs.

For those who are willing to put some effort and have no problem to learn some new things, the right program or the right business will appear.

However, if you want a shortcut, you will keep finding in your way sites like Money Miracle that claim overnight riches, businesses on autopilot, and secret systems.

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Here Is Something That Really Works

You can’t build a profitable online business if you do not have traffic. It does not matter if it’s an e-commerce business or affiliate marketing which is what I do.

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If you check the first page of a few keywords, you will see results from websites and blogs. You may see a few YouTube videos as well.

So, you need a website. The best online marketers have a website and post content regularly. It would be a good idea to follow their way.

My strategy to get traffic has two main steps. The first one is to find what people search on the internet. I use a keyword tool (by Wealthy Affiliate) for that. It takes a few minutes. The second step is to create helpful content.

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Thanks for reading my review on Money Miracle. You can leave your questions and your comments below.

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