Is Money Looper A Scam Or You Can Make Millions Automatically?

Is Money Looper A ScamMoney Looper is a new product that promises instant profits. While it sounds like another scam, the spokesperson claims that you can get a real system that works on autopilot. On this review, you can read what you can expect from this site and my opinion about the claims of the owner.

What Is Money Looper?

Most people learn about this program through promotional emails. The program is under the domain It looks weird, but it’s a part of another website.

Also, the payments of the program are made through Clickbank which is an affiliate network with many low-quality products. However, you cannot find Money Looper on the listings of Clickbank. I do not know if they cannot get approved or if there is another reason for this issue but it’s not a good sign.

The program looks like another online scam. The sales page and the video presentation make a lot of claims about making thousands or millions of dollars with a system that does not take any real effort.

The spokesperson mentions that you need a computer or a mobile phone and a few clicks to make this system work. Everything is supposed to work automatically so no one needs to work or put any type of looper claims

The truth about making money online is that it takes work. There are many people who promise secret systems but they just want to sell their products. This is the case on Money Looper as well. There are no legit ways to earn money without effort. Even the side income methods need some effort.

Lastly, the spokesperson uses the name, Mike Dee. However, on the disclaimer of the site, it mentions that this is just a pen name.

Many low-quality products and scams use fake names so it was not a surprise. You can be sure that the legit programs have owners who are proud of their work. They have no problem to share their names, show their faces and tell what exactly you will get from their products. On this one, even if you watch all the video presentation, you cannot understand what you will get on the members’ area.

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How Is It Supposed To Work?

Money Looper shows a few Clickbank screenshots. I mentioned above that it’s an affiliate network. The good news is that it’s a legit network. However, many scammy programs promise Clickbank systems.

Affiliate marketing is a simple online business model. You do not own a product, but you promote other people’s products. For this reason, many beginners are interested to get started with affiliate marketing.

However, it takes work like any other legit business. You will not earn money in 5 minutes.

Most successful affiliate marketers create content for their audience, publish it on a platform (blog, emails, video, social media), and they recommend products to their audience.

On my guide on affiliate, you can read how I make money as an affiliate.

However, Money Looper does not teach you how to create content and get traffic. They sell a software that gives you pre-made websites with thin content and a few videos to use this software.

The problem with the pre-made websites is that they are not unique. Without unique content, you cannot get traffic from search engines or social media, and there is no way to attract visitors on your site without spamming around.

So, the product on the members’ area will not help you to earn thousands of dollars no matter what they claim on the sales page.

Many similar low-quality products give a software that it’s supposed to work on autopilot. For example, you can read about AZ Sniper, Fast Profits, Explode My Payday, Wealth Project and more. You can see on all of them unrealistic claims, screenshots, pen names, and fake scarcity.

Pricing and Scarcity

The real value of the program is close to zero. In my opinion, the software and the videos on the members’ area cannot help you to earn money. You can be sure that you will not start making thousands of dollars five minutes after buying it.

However, the owner sells it at $37. There are not any downsells but the upsells are standard on programs like this one. Also, the owner will promote you other scammy products with affiliate links. If you decide to trust the process and buy anything that is promoted here, it can cost hundreds of dollars.

Next, the spokesperson mentions that the product will be taken down soon and there are limited spots. It’s not true. Many people promote Money Looper. It’s available for anyone who is willing to pay the price, and they will not take it down for a long time.

The worst thing is that you cannot contact a real person from the program. On the members’ area, you are alone to figure out anything. On the sales page, there is a contact form but good luck with it.

My Final Verdict – Is Money Looper A Scam?

Can you make millions automatically with this program as they claim?

I bet you already know the answer. Even if there is a product on the members’ area, you will not get a system to support these claims. The legit ways to make money take real effort. The owner of the program makes money by selling digital programs like this one to people like you. For this reason, I recommend you to stay away.

The online marketers who help beginners to get started online do not use pen names or screenshots with earnings. They can show you a part of their work and share what they do in their daily work. When you get information from the wrong people, you can learn the wrong things. So, make sure you learn from legit programs and experienced marketers.

Here Is What I Do To Make Money Online

Affiliate marketing does not have to be complicated. So, here is the process in a few steps:

1. Decide to create a site on a specific niche (about a hobby, passion, sport, or anything else you want).
2. Find what people search on the internet.
3. Create helpful content about the topics that people search on the internet.
4. Recommend helpful products and earn a commission per sale.

To help you with these steps, I have created a guide here!

On this guide, I use some tools from Wealthy Affiliate but you can use your own tools as well.

Thanks for reading my review on Money Looper. For any questions about the program, leave your comment below.

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