Is Mommy Jobs Online A Scam Or $90 Per Hour Working At Home?

is mommy jobs online a scam? - review

Welcome to my Mommy Jobs Online review. You will learn if this company is legit in which you can find jobs or another online scam.

On the homepage, we can see many claims but they do not give you access to these jobs without paying the price. So, let’s see how it works.

What Is Mommy Jobs Online?

Mommy Jobs Online is a website that asks for money to find you online jobs. It’s not the first time we see a site like this one. For a few other examples, you can read about Writing Jobs Online, Gaming Jobs Online, and Tutor Jobs Online.

You can see by yourself the similar names of these sites and there are more of them. However, I have not reviewed any site that require payments for a job that was legit.

While I do not know if these sites are created from the same people or no, the concept is quite similar.

There are many claims about high paying jobs and fake success stories on the homepage but they do not really give you any job. You will only get a few listings of other sites that include available jobs.

So, many of the things you can read on Mommy Jobs Online homepage are not true. They do not really help you to find a job but they show you some places to search for them.

Also, we do not know much about the owners or the company. They don’t reveal the name of the owner or any person who you could contant. There is only a phone number and no more available details.

The website is a little chaotic as well. Too many information without helping the user, there is an affiliate program and you can post a job on this site for some money as well.

Both users who look for a job and companies who want to hire people have to pay to use this site which is a little ridiculous. I do not find a reason why someone should pay to find a job and the site does not explain it.

The bottom line is that the owners try to sell you their product based only on their claims without showing proof of jobs or earnings.

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How Does It Work?

The standard way to find a job on the internet is to go to a freelance platform or a website where companies post that they hire. You can find many sites with online jobs with a simple Google search.

When you find a few jobs that you like, you can apply and wait for a response.

Mommy Jobs Online shows you some lists of sites to join and start applying for these jobs. So, you don’t have to search on Google by yourself.

They just include websites that you could find with a simple research. You don’t get any advantage by joining this site, the jobs are not unlimited as they claim and you will not get hired anywher only by buying the product.

You can do a Google search by yourself, find a few websites and save a lot of money.

There are claims about high paying jobs. For example, earn up to $60 or $90 per hour. These claims do not make sense. Sure, when you get a list of websites and start looking for jobs there will be some good ones. However, the most of them will be normal jobs with the standard rates.

Also, even if you apply for a job that it can give $90 per hour, you need to have the required skills. For example, if you are looking for a writing job that pays that money, you should be a writer that deserves to earn $90 per hour.

You will not get a high paying job because it is listed on a website. It does not mean you can’t do it. I just mention that the site does not help you in any way to achieve that. If you find high paying jobs or no, it’s based on your skills and not to the program.

How Much Does It Cost?

Mommy Jobs Online includes different lists of jobs and they have set a different price on each one of them. Depending on the category, you may give from $85 to $210. On every category, it mentions what type of jobs you will find inside.

mommy jobs online pricing

This price is very expensive for a site that promises a few jobs. With less money you can find good programs that can teach you some skills in different ways to make money online.

According to the website, when you pay the membership fee, you will receive a confirmation email and then, you must submit the resume.When you have already paid so much money, you probably expect to give you a job and not to ask for a resume. But this is how it works.

Lastly, I would not expect a refund or any real support. When you give your money, there is no turning back and you will be alone.

Mommy Jobs Online Complaints

There are are some comments and reviews on the internet from real people who have tried the program. Also, you can find a few mentions and reviews on other sites or blogs.

Some of these sites say a few positive words but most of them are negative. I guess the affiliate program helps with the positive reviews.

When it comes to users, it’s a little more straightforward. Many people say that you just pay for a list of sites.

Below you can see a few comments from Glassdoor:

user review
mommy jobs online complaint

My Final Verdict – Is Mommy Jobs Online A Scam?

I can’t think anything positive about Mommy Jobs Online.

The owners have created a product that includes a list of sites at a very expensive price and try to trick the visitors of the site to buy it. For this reason, this program is a scam.

Even if you buy the product and get this list, you will probably have a hard time to find any jobs even if you apply to all suggested websites.

Next, we cannot find a real person behind this website which is another indication that something goes wrong.

So, the best thing you can do is to avoid this site and save your money for better opportunities.

Most people who search for jobs on the internet avoid programs like this one. There is a good reason for that. When someone asks for money to show you a job, it’s almost always a scam.

I am not against of online programs. I am an active member of a top program for affiliate marketers.

However, giving some money for training, information, or tools that can help you is a completely different thing than giving money to find a job.

Most of the times, you will waste your money to get something worthless or even worse, they will keep asking more and more payments with upsells. It’s a standard strategy on many scammy products.

When it comes to finding an online job, there are some places to search for free. For example, you may take a look at Fiverr, Upwork, or even on Craiglist.

On these sites, you will work as a freelancers on small projects but there are a few long term opportunities as well.

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It’s a hot business these days and the potential is really unlimited. There are billions of people who search for things online and buy products. Also, there are a millions of products to promote.

I am sure that if you can work on online jobs, you have what it takes to do that business as well. You need to do only simple tasks but if you put them together, you create something great.

Many beginners who have started from zero have achieved great results after a while. Of course, it takes some effort. It’s not about another get-rich-quick scheme.

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Thanks for reading my review on Mommy Jobs Online. It was not a good place earn some extra money. You can leave any comments or questions below.

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