is lifepoints legit - review

Is LifePoints Legit? (2019 Review)

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is lifepoints legit - review

LifePoints is a legit website with a lot of members that complete surveys. In this review, you will learn if it’s worth your time and how it really works.

You can find both positive and negative opinions for this website on the internet. Most of them are right because there are pros and cons as you read below.

What Is LifePoints?

LifePoints is a website that was created by Lightspeed that is a real market research business. It works with other companies for many years.

LifePoints started as an application that you could download to your smartphone. In 2019, you can find it on the website

According to the website, it has over 5 million members, and it looks like a standard survey website.

You can read some information about online surveys and how they work on the homepage. There are no weird claims or anything suspicious. So, the only question is if you can really earn some extra money.

LifePoints Review

Most survey sites have some pros and cons, and you can expect the same with LifePoints. While LifePoints is a legit website, and you can find some surveys, there are many complains about its rules and some technical problems.

When this review is written, there are a lot of members who have lost their accounts. Many of these members leave reviews on the internet and report the website as a scam.

However, when everything works as expected, you can complete surveys and get paid.

Based on the fact that they pay, we can say that LifePoint is a legit survey site. When it comes to technical problems, I don’t know if they can fix them and when it will happen.

It’s a site that accepts members worldwide and offers its services in 26 languages. It’s not a low-quality website that someone created to earn some extra money like other alternatives. Lifepoints is a part of a real business.

Compared to other options I think that it’s better than the average survey sites, but I would prefer the big GPT sites like ySense and Swagbucks.

The number of surveys on LifePoints is limited, and you don’t have any extra want to earn money. Usually, you wait for new opportunities.

How Does It Work?

You can easily create a free account on the homepage. You only need an email to get started. Once you create you an account, you get 10 points as a signup bonus that is almost ten cents.

Next, you answer some profile questions. The website needs to know your demographics before it starts sending you surveys. After that small process, you can check for available surveys or wait for an email from the website.

You can expect the standard pros and cons of online surveys. The rewards depend on the surveys. The average earnings will be $0.50 per survey or less, and they take 15-20 minutes.

There are no guarantees that you will get enough surveys to reach the minimum cash out limit. It heavily depends on your demographics. People who live in the USA have more chances to get enough surveys.

Many times you will not finish surveys that you have started because of your demographics. It’s a part of the game. Also, many members report technical problems when they complete them.

How Can You Get Paid?

When you complete surveys, you earn points that you will convert later in rewards. You have many options, and you can get paid through PayPal and get Amazon gift cards.

The minimum payout limit is at 1200 points for Paypal that is $10. For Amazon gift cards, you need a little over than 1000 points to get $10.

According to LifePoints, you will receive your earnings within ten business days.

Lately, many people who have already earned points cannot cash them out or access their accounts. It does not happen to everyone, but I need to mention it.

Pros and Cons


1. Popular survey site: On the homepage, they mention that they have over 5 million members. It’s not easy to confirm the numbers. However, I took a look at their Facebook page. It has over one million likes and is active with a lot of engagement.

They also have a Twitter and Instagram page with fewer followers, but they keep them active.

2. Many ways to get paid: You have plenty of options to receive your earnings. You can use PayPal that is a popular choice or get gift cards. 

3. $10 payout limit: Many websites have higher payout limits. Earning $10 is achievable for most members. How fast you will reach it depends on your demographics and your activity.

4. Available worldwide: It’s available in most countries of the world. Just make sure that you have access to a PayPal account and get started. 


1. Many complaints: While you can’t find many negative reviews on blogs and videos, there are a lot of complaints from users. Many of them believe that this is a scam. They have lost their earnings or lost access to their accounts. I do not know if this happens because of strict policy or other issues.

2. Technical problems: Many users report they put the time to complete surveys that they did not finish because of technical problems. It can be an extremely frustrating and time-wasting issue.

3. Low earning potential: Online surveys cannot help you to replace your job. It’s only an easy way to earn some extra dollars in your free time. 

Most people who join survey sites already know about it. In my opinion, the earnings from LifePoints can be even lower than the top survey sites. It will not be the same for every member and every country. You need to test that part by yourself.

Is LifePoints Legit? – My Final Verdict

LifePoints started as an application that you could use to complete surveys. After a while, it became a survey website. It had good reviews for years. Lately, there are many complaints, and some members call it a scam.

In my opinion, LifePoints is not a scam, but I cannot overlook all these problems. You need to be aware of the problems and make your decisions.

It can be a waste of time to complete surveys that you cannot finish or get paid for them. However, it’s free for those who want to give it a try. For the support, the opinions are mixed as well. However, they have a support team that tries to fix any issues.

After all these issues, I will not recommend LifePoints. Many things can go wrong. You can move on to better options.

Alternative Ways To Make Money Online

For other alternative ways to earn some extra money, you can check some GPT websites. I have created a list of my best choices, and I mentioned ySense and Swagbucks.

I prefer them from the standard survey sites because they give you more opportunities for extra money. While the rewards are not great, you can find surveys and offers consistently.

Many regular members of big GPT sites earn $100-$200 per month. It depends on the demographics and the time you spend on these platforms. However, there are more chances to make money than standard survey sites.

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It’s a top training program for affiliate marketers. On my guide above, you can get learn how to build your own website with some tools and help from Wealthy Affiliate.

You do not need your own product, experience, or technical knowledge to get started. You just to help on the internet and get paid for it.

P.S. Thanks for reading my review on LifePoints. It’s was a legit website, but it has some problems today. You can leave your comments or questions about the site below.

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