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Is Legendary Marketer A Scam? – A Detailed Review

laptop manIs Legendary Marketer a scam or an educational program as it is claimed on the homepage? Or is it a way to make money online and an affiliate program as many affiliates claim on the social media and YouTube?

I think it can be anything of the above. It depends on how to use the program and the information inside. To answer the question of this post, it is not a scam, but I am not sure you will get what you expect.

On this review, you can read what is Legendary Marketer all about and how exactly it works.

What Is Legendary Marketer?

I think it should be easier to figure out what you are going to learn from an online business program or get an idea of what is inside before buying it. However, it would not help the sales strategy of many programs like this one.

Despite the claim on the homepage, Legendary Marketer is not an online marketing education program. If that was the case, you could use the information inside the program for any online business you want.Is Legendary Marketer A Scam? - A Detailed Review

But you can use it to promote only this program, Legendary Marketer. A common strategy on pyramid schemes where you must promote the “business opportunity”.

Legendary Marketer is not a pyramid scheme but the structure is similar to many MLMs. I think the main difference from other MLM companies is that you cannot earn 2nd trier commissions.

Also, we cannot say it’s an affiliate program because the affiliate programs are offered for free and you do not have to pay to get higher commissions.

Anyway, the owner of the program has created a system that makes you invest more and more money to be able to get the commissions for your referrals. Does it work?

In my opinion, it can work but is it honest?

Do you know before investing any money that you are going to buy upsells up to $30,000 if you want to earn all the potential commissions from your referrals? I bet many people would avoid Legendary Marketer if they knew before getting started that they need the expensive upsells to earn higher commissions.

How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

On Legendary Marketer, you learn to promote the program itself. That means you are going to use the training and the resources inside the members’ area to sell what you have just bought!

In the beginning, you set up the system in a few steps and get your links. Also, you must connect your account with an email provider. The system has pre-written email series for your subscribers.

Then, you can get your links, ads, landing pages and any other resources you can see in the members’ area. You are going to use them to get your own referrals.

The sponsor and the coaches on the webinars will definitely recommend you to buy the higher upsells. The fact is that if you want to earn real money with this program, you have to buy the expensive upsells. For example, Legendary Builder Masterclass costs $2500.

If you do not buy these upsells and your referrals upgrade to them, you will not earn the commissions. So, the system is created to push you higher and higher.

About The Training

In my opinion, the training is good. It is in video format, and there are many hours of training about different types of internet marketing.

The focus is on Facebook marketing, and you should learn to create and run Facebook ads. This is how the most members of the system get referrals but there is additional training as well.

With the basic membership, you can watch weekly webinars and it is recommended to be in contact with your sponsor who is going to help you with everything to get started.

The only problems are that you cannot find training in free organic traffic (SEO, YouTube) and the webinars, many times will try to sell you the next levels of membership.

Who Is Legendary Marketer For?

Some marketers are interested in buying programs like this one. It saves time for setting up everything by yourself.

You get the resources and run your campaigns. Most of these marketers already know how to promote a product fast. They have promoted many similar products and they may run multiple campaigns at the same on different systems or programs.

However, if you are a beginner, you have to compete with them. I do not say that you cannot earn money. But the beginners have a clear disadvantage because they do not know the right way to use their resources yet.

Soon, it will not be profitable to run campaigns for the specific program because of the increasing competition (I am not sure if it’s profitable today) and these guys will move on to the next program.

The owner of Legendary Marketer, David Sharpe, was a co-founder of Empower Network, an online MLM which is now dead. Many people who invested in the expensive upsells just to promote the MLM, they lost their money.

If Legendary Marketer stops working, he will create a new system again.

You can be one of the marketers who join these systems and try to recruit other people. But make sure you join before the “system” is too competitive.

The other alternative is to learn some marketing skills that you can use in any niche and any product. By joining on MLMs and programs like Legendary Marketer, you need their resources to keep going. You do not have any control over your business. It can disappear overnight like Empower Network and other MLMs in the last years.

Instead of that, you can learn how to create landing pages, create ads, run campaigns, get free traffic, copywriting, and any other skill you want.

If you want to get started with paid advertising like Facebook Ads or YouTube Ads, I would recommend Super Affiliate System by John Crestani.

To learn how to get free organic traffic, check Wealthy Affiliate which is my top recommendation for beginner online marketers. They are not free but you are not going to see any upsells. For other skills just use the internet to find useful resources.

Pricing and Products

As I have already mentioned, there are upsells up to $30,000, and the total cost can go over $50,000.

Here are the products and the prices:

  • Legendary Marketer Club: $30/month or $179/year
  • Traffic Rolodex: $47 one time
  • Invisible Influencer: $997 one time
  • Legendary Builder Masterclass: $2,500 one time
  • Legendary Leader Masterclass: $5,000 one time
  • Legendary Marketer Mastermind: $8,000 one time
  • Legendary Entrepreneur: $12,000 one time
  • Legendary Lifestyle Experience: $30,000 one time

When you buy one upsell, you get qualified to promote the same upsells as an affiliate marketer and earn a 40% commission.

When your referral upgrades higher than your membership level, you do not earn anything. Only for membership, you have already paid.

Many people use as an excuse the high commissions to promote systems like this one.

I want to let you know that you can promote high ticket programs even for free and get huge commissions. Search for high ticket programs on places like Clickbank or check for new launches on JVNotifyPro. At least once per month, you can find a new high ticker product to promote for free.

My Final Opinion – Is Legendary Marketer A Scam?

After reading this review, you can see the issues on this program. It’s not a scam because you get resources and training for your money. This is what they sell.

However, is it worth all that money?

Sorry, but I would not pay for all the upsells just to promote something. The cost is too high, and you get just a license to sell a product. The Legendary Builder Masterclass upsell which enables the $1000 commissions costs $2500. You do not need that.

Save the money and use it to learn a skill that you can use for life. If you have already a business, invest that money in your business.

Thanks for reading my review on Legendary Marketer. I do not recommend it to beginners because of the upsells and structure of the business.

If you have some experience in the online marketing, it depends on your strategy and your skills. For any questions or feedback, you can leave your comment below.


8 thoughts on “Is Legendary Marketer A Scam? – A Detailed Review”

  1. This is a fantastic review! Thank you very much it’s appreciated especially by someone that is very new to all of this. I have gotten many emails from this program and I’m thankful I did not sign up. I have not seen a lot reviews as thoroughly explained as yours either which makes me very happy to have found this article. As someone just trying to start an online business without funds like this I would have been mortified with this end result and prices. I really hate programs that make you think they’re so helpful and will benefit you, but really give you little information and in the end throw huge upsells at you in order to actually get anywhere. Thank you for saving me so much time and disappointment.

    1. I am happy to help you Kris. Many similar products have many expensive upsells. That’s true. However, you can avoid these programs. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to make money!

  2. Wow, very interesting article. I know the Wealthy Affiliate is a good one but had no idea about Legendary Marketer. Good to know about them. Formerly I have seen a lot of reviews about different platforms to make money online but sometimes, we get stuck, ugh. I’m really happy to know about this I’m glad I read your post! thanks

    1. I am happy you liked this post and thanks for reading my reviews Bibian. 

      When I get stuck, I ask for help and work harder. It happens to everyone. For this reason, you need support when you build an online business. Feel free to ask any questions. 

  3. Ugh, this is seriously the kind of program I can’t stand. It doesn’t feel authentic to me. I mean, yes, you can learn some things in their training that maybe you can take elsewhere. But why even start there?

    Instead, I’d much prefer a type of program that will teach me the ropes – no matter what I am promoting. What if I want to promote cat toys or the best wines? What would I do then?

    This sounds like a get rich quick scheme, and I think I’ll stay away.

    1. This is the problem with many online programs. They give you a few funnels and some training to promote them. However, they do not show you how to start your own online business. 

      You do not have control of your business when you cannot build your own funnels and promote the products you want. 

  4. I would not be interested in this particular marketing program. And I agree, with the writer, It is a highly expensive, even though it could save time, it could cost the customers thousands, definitely not for beginners. and there are better free marketing programs. There are far better programs, that offers free training and support.

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