is kids earn cash a scam?

Is Kids Earn Cash A Scam Or $500 Today?

is kids earn cash a scam?

In this review of Kids Earn Cash, you can read if this is a scam or a legit program to earn $500 today and $30 per survey.

For those who have any experience for surveys or any similar tasks, it’s easy to figure out that it’s another scam.

Simply, you will not find these rewards on a legit site. Below you can read about the other claims of the program too.

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What Is Kids Earn Cash?

Kids Earn Cash is one of these sites with unrealistic claims and the nonsense on the homepage.

As you visit the site, you believe that it’s a program about social media or something like that. It says that you can become an influencer and get paid on social media.

However, it has nothing to do with social media but only they ask for you to share the links of the site on your social media accounts. You will not learn something about social media or get paid to use them.

From the claims, we can think that something goes wrong. Earning $500 in the first day cannot be real. Simply, if you start from zero, you can’t make that money no matter what website you have joined.

Those who make 500$ in one day on the internet, they probably have a type of online business and they have put work and time on it. Earning overnight that amount of money by sharing a link to your friends is not possible.

On the same page, we can see a guy with the name Tanner Fawks to claim that he has earned 11 million dollars and 1.8 million dollars in the last few months.

Well, I don’t believe these numbers for many reasons. First of all, if you want to show proof of earnings, you show your payment like a PayPal payment. Next, this guy is supposed to have made 11 million dollars over a period of time but he has not added a payment method.

Last but not least, this program is a copy of other online scams. For example, a quite similar program is Viral Pay that I reviewed a few weeks ago, and it does not pay the users. If you check the rewards, the homepage, and the members’ area, you see the same rewards and claims.

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How Does It Work?

Kids Earn Cash include three different ways to get paid. They are not about being an influencer or making money on social media. When you create a new account, you get a $25 bonus and then, you can do the following tasks.

kids earn cash members area

The first one is to get referrals and send traffic to the website. The obvious ways to achieve that is by sharing your links on social media. When you have a referral, you earn $10 and when you get a click, you make $2.

First of all, the referrals do not need to take any action on the platform to earn these $10 dollars and second, it’s ridiculous the idea of getting $2 per click.

Simply, the referrals will not buy anything because it’s a free website. There is no way to be a profitable strategy for the platform.

The next tasks are the $30 surveys. There is a list of site that you must take some actions like giving your details (email, phone number) and download something or play games. Again, these rewards for this type of tasks is ridicoulously high. On most legit programs, you will get paid less than one dollar for the same tasks.

Lastly, you can earn $50 by creating a YouTube video about the website and uploading it. Again, this is too high but it’s a one-time task.

So, Kids Earn Cash is a combination of affiliate marketing (get paid for your referrals) and doing simple tasks like GPT sites.

However, I do not know if these third-party websites are legit or how they will use your information but I would not expect positive results. They are sites about draws, lotteries, apps, etc. I am not sure that they would respect your privacy.

Can You Get Paid?

While you send traffic or do these tasks, the rewards for your actions are added to the account of the website. However, when you want to cash out, you understand that something goes wrong.

Simply, most people will never get their money with different excuses. Usually, they say that your clicks and referrals are fake.

Many similar sites promise huge rewards but they have the same problem. They don’t pay their members.

It’s not possible to have a profit when you give $2 per click or $30 to download an app. These numbers are not realistic and they do not make sense.

They try to keep you around with the big payout limit. You must reach $150 and when you ask for your first payment, you will wait for a while until they disapprove it.

payment denied

This company has changed a few names in the last few years. But we can see on BBB many comments on a previous version of the website with the name Kids Earn Money. It has a negative F ranking and many negative comments by frustrated users.

kids earn cash complaints

Another problem is that you can’t find any real contact information or details about the company. There is only an email in which you can’t get an answer soon and an address.

So, the website looks ok and professional but if you try to ask for your money or contact the owners, you see that it does not work as they say.

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My Final Verdict – Is Kids Earn Cash A Scam?

Everything seems to work ok until asking for your earnings. Then, it’s obvious that Kids Earn Cash is a scam.

The only way to figure out that something goes wrong is the big rewards for simple tasks but if you have no experience on similar sites, it will not be easy to stay away from it.

This company seems to win from you in two ways. First of all, they earn a commission when you do any of the available tasks on these third-party sites.

Next, they use your email to spam you with promotions about opportunities to make money. Some people on the internet say that they try to get your password and hope to get lucky if you use it on other websites. However, there is no way to confirm that.

But it is not the first time we see a website that does not pay what it promises. The only way to learn more about these places is by reading reviews and confirming that everything works fine before joining. Most reviews about Kids Earn Cash are negative and say to avoid it.

And this is what you must do with Kids Earn Cash. Stay away from this program because you will not get paid and you have no benefit by using it. For a better alternative, you can read below.

How To Make Money Online

There are many ways to earn money but I will show you what I do.

I highly recommend to any beginner to learn more about affiliate marketing. This is a simple way to start even for free or a very small budget and you don’t need any experience or knowledge.

You can learn everything you need from zero if you are willing to learn and do something new.

As an affiliate marketer, you want to promote other people’s products to earn a commission per sale. Many big companies have affiliate programs like Amazon and eBay.

So, it’s a 100% legit business model and many people earn money in this way. Of course, it will not work overnight but you must take action and work on it.

Many beginners get into affiliate marketing every single day and many of them achieve to get great results. It really depends on you to make it work.

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Thanks for reading my review on Kids Earn Cash. If you want to share your experience with the site or ask any questions, you can leave your comment below.