Is K Money Mastery a scam?

Is K Money Mastery A Scam? – A Detailed Review (2018 Update)

K Money Mastery is a program that helps you to make money by publishing Kindle e-books on Amazon. The creator of the program is Stephan Pylarinos. He has created other programs as well in relevant niches. The good news is that he has made money with the ways he teaches on this program.

In my opinion, the program is not a scam. K Money Mastery is legit, and a Kindle book can be a great source of passive income as Stephan says on the sales page.

What I did not like:

While it’s a legit program with helpful information, I did not like the claims about 10k-50k per month. Yes, it’s possible to make this amount of money by publishing an e-book but it will not happen on autopilot or fast without any effort from your side. You need to be ready to invest some time and effort to make it work for you.

Also, some of the techniques he uses do not add so much value to a project. While you can see more details below about the lessons, some outsourcing techniques do not sound so good.

Next, there is an upsell with a monthly membership and Stephan recommends some of his other programs on the resources page of the program. It would be good to get them but the price goes up.

Anyway, the most important parts are the basic membership and an upsell. If you get them and apply everything you learn, you can make the money that is promised. Of course, it will not happen overnight and there is a learning curve if you are a beginner.


  • Low cost to try the program (7$)
  • The owner is a real person who makes money in this way
  • Step by step lessons


  • There is an important upsell
  • I did not like the outsourcing idea (quality outsourcing needs a lot of money)
  • Poor support

Who Is K Money Mastery For?

Publishing ebooks can be a great source of passive income. Later, you can create more ebooks and multiply your earnings by duplicating the same method.

Similarly, website owners do the same thing when they build many websites or bloggers who write more blogs. When you find something that works, you repeat the process again and again.

Also, many people think that they will earn money only when they sell an ebook. No, you can send your readers to some affiliate offers for programs they need, a landing page to build your email list or you can use that traffic to sell your own products. You can multiply your earnings if you use that traffic properly.

By considering these, I can say that K Money Mastery can help people who want to earn passive income and those who want to start a business.

About the level of experience:

If you are a complete beginner, you may find this process challenging. It’s a new business model and there are a lot of new things to learn. But it’s fine to spend some time learning something completely new.

For those who have made again money online and they look for a new system, it will be much easier than a beginner. You already know how to learn something new and make a system work for you.

What’s Included In The Training

I mentioned above that you might find some information challenging if you are a beginner. Inside the program, there are 21 different lessons, and each lesson many times have more than one video.

It’s unlikely to know all these lessons. If you know them, you probably already earn tons of money. Some of the lessons:

  • Niche research
  • Keyword research
  • Create captivating titles
  • Create a nice cover
  • The creation of the ebook
  • Publish your Kindle book
  • Get reviews
  • and morek money mastery lessons

All these lessons are important to make this business work for you. You may have heard again about niche research or keyword research but you will not find general articles or videos like the ones you can see on blogs and YouTube.

These lessons are created specifically for this system so you can find them elsewhere.

However, I am not sure about the outsourcing part. Stephan recommends outsourcing for those who do not feel comfortable writing for any reason. You can outsource other parts of your business as well.

Sure, you can find a freelancer anytime you want for any task but if you want to get a quality book that has chances to make sales, you need to find a great freelancer. The good ones ask a lot of money for a complete book.

If you look for a cheaper option, you will not fire a good writer and the results will not be poor. I have tried before to get content for a few dollars and many times, the articles did not make sense.

I do not say that it’s not possible to outsource the writing tasks but it will cost some money you may do not expect.

About The Support

The lessons are step by step and you will not need to make many questions. However, when you want to ask something, you complete a form and wait for the support to answer you.

If you decide to buy the upsell, the K Money Master Full Disclosure, you will get access to a private Facebook group. The support on marketing issues is one of the reasons you need to buy the upsell later.

In my opinion, support is an important factor in the success of a beginner. You will not be ready to earn tons of money just by watching a video. So, I would like to see some improvement in this part of the program.

How Much Does It Cost?

The program costs $97 and you can try it for $7. When you visit the sales page, you will see a pop-up after a few seconds that offer the trial. Last year, it was offering the trial with an exit pop-up so if it may change again in the future.

The Full Disclosure upsells costs $47 per month and unfortunately, there are two more upsells. In my opinion, you can make money with the basic program but you will not get the maximum. Sooner or later, you will get at least, the Full Disclosure upsell.

The good news is that you can get your money back in 30 days if you do not like what see inside.

My Final Verdict – Is K Money Mastery A Scam?

Well, it’s not a scam for sure but you do not have all the information to decide if that’s program is for you only by visiting the sales page.

However, the system can work for you and it has worked for other people as well. Before buying, you need to consider if you will be willing to invest more money as you apply what you learn in the program. You may need to outsource some of the tasks (you will learn how you can do it) and buy at least one upsell.

By considering the above, I would suggest that it would be better to start with the $7 trial and decide later if it’s worth your money and your time.button top recommendation