Is iSurveyWorld A Scam Or A Legit Survey Site?

Is iSurveyWorld A Scam Or A Legit Survey Site?

iSurveyWorld looks like a legit survey site when you create an account. However, you will be disappointed by what you will see inside.

They will never pay you, and they do not send you surveys to reach the minimum cash-out limit. In my opinion, it’s another survey scam. In this review, you will read how iSurveyWorld works and why it’s a good idea to avoid it.

What Is iSurveyWorld?

iSurveyWorld is a middleman for other survey sites. The owners of the site ask for your personal information on the homepage, and inside you will see some other legit survey companies.

They have added their affiliate links, so if you join the recommended programs, they will earn a commission.

However, on the homepage, they make you believe that iSurveyWorld is a site to complete surveys and get paid.

This is not going to happen. They promise a $5 bonus which is credited to your account, but you are unable to complete any surveys.

The process is standard for most survey sites. But iSurveyWorld will not send you any surveys. The only option is to join on the other websites.

The worst part is that they are going to send you tons of spam into your email account. Keep in mind that they ask for your phone and your address. I would be surprised if they do not use them for spammy promotions.

How Does iSurveyWorld Is Supposed To Work?

The process on most survey sites is to create a free account and complete some surveys about your profile. Usually, there are questions about your habits, products you use, financial status, health issues, etc.

Anything that can help the market research company to find relevant surveys for you. Also, some survey sites have a bonus like iSurveyWord.

When you create an account on iSurveyWorld, the first thing you see is a spammy promotion. It is not relevant to your account or the site. It does not make sense.

Anyway, you just avoid the promotional offers, and you are inside. The $5 has been credited to your account, and you are ready to get started.isurveyworld bonus

Surveys: The next step is to get started with the surveys. I expect to see the profile questions or some quick surveys with small rewards. However, there is nothing here but a blank page. isurveyworld - survey page

On the right sidebar, you can see a few survey sites and below the profiles at 0%. However, there is no way to improve that score (they should ask some relevant questions). Also, there are no surveys at all.

There are eight surveys. If you click on them, you can see some affiliate links. It proves that iSurveyWorld is just a middleman for these sites and asks your personal information only to promote additional offers as well.

At least the recommended sites are legit. You can read my reviews on two of them, Swagbucks and Ipsos i-Say.

Freebies: There is a “Freebies” page. I have no idea what it should do, but you can see some third-party websites as well. Again, there are affiliate links to visit these sites.iSurveyWorld - Freebies

Is iSurveyWorld A Scam?

There are some obvious problems with this site. First of all, is the story they try to sell you on the homepage.

They give a $5 bonus, and they say to join their community. It’s just ridiculous. There is no community while you will never get a bonus because there are no surveys to complete. On the image above, you can see the minimum cash out limit is at $25 and a PayPal icon to send you the money.

They just sell a story to make you share your information and click their links. After that, be prepared for a lot of spam. The surprising fact is that too many bloggers and users have believed that it’s a legit site, and they write positive reviews without waiting to see results.

It is not the only survey site that works as a middleman. You can read about Survey Spotter, SurveySay, and Survey Money Machines.

All of the work in a similar way. They have a misleading homepage to get your email address, promote a few legit survey sites, and send tons of spam to sell worthless products.

The best option here is to stay away from iSurveyWorld or any similar website. They are not going to help you make money. The only way to figure out which site is a legit one or a scam to avoid is by reading some reviews.

My Final Thoughts

It is obvious that I do not recommend iSurveyWorld. However, it does not mean there are no legit survey sites or legit ways to make money online.

When it comes to online surveys, I would recommend you to create an email only for the survey sites. They tend to spend a lot of spam.

Then, avoid giving additional information like your phone. There are too many spammers out there that have no problem calling you to promote a quick rich scheme.

Lastly, start with a few legit websites. You can see some popular GPT (get paid to) sites below. The GPT sites include surveys, but you can find other tasks to earn money too.

In my opinion, these sites are enough to get started with online surveys and earn some extra money per month.

Of course, you need the right expectations. Online surveys are great to earn a few extra dollars per month. However, if you are looking for more money or a full-time income online, you must look for something else.

You can read about my top strategy to make money online.

I am an affiliate marketing, and on the link above, you can learn how I work online. It’s a simple online business model. Many beginners have created from scratch a profitable business. You can give it a try as well.

Thanks for reading my review on iSurveyWorld. Feel free to share your opinion about this site or ask any questions below.