Is Instant Email Empire A Scam Or $125 A Day?

Instant email empire review - scam or legit

Instant Email Empire is a new product that promises huge earnings without effort. The spokesperson claims that he will pay you to use that system. On this review, you will learn if this is a legit program and the claims are real or another online scam.

What Is Instant Email Empire?

You can find Instant Email Empire on the listings of Clickbank. It looks like a new product. However, it’s only a new version of another old scam. The owners have made a few changes to another product to get approved by Clickbank and created a new name.

The previous product has the name, Copy My Email System. You can check by yourself that they are the same sites. I guess we will find it again in the future with many different names.

There are many reasons why they change names and affiliate networks. Two common reasons are the following:

First of all, they try to avoid the bad reviews that expose them and secondly, they expand their audience and find more affiliates to promote their products.

The claims are about earning $125 per day sending simple emails. Later, on the video presentation, the spokesperson mentions how easily you can use email marketing to make money.

All the information about email marketing on the sales page is completely misleading. Email marketing is a business model that takes hard work. Yes, you can automate a part of it and you can outsource the tasks but as a beginner, you must do the work. Don’t expect to copy and paste the system of another person and get results. This is not how it works.

The spokesperson is not the owner of the program and he uses a pen name. If you read the disclaimers at the end of the page, you can discover it by yourself. He is a paid actor from Fiverr who reads a script. The specific person has not created or tried the program.

fake testimonial fiverr

Any of the information, the names and the scarcity are not real. It’s only a presentation to make the visitors give some personal details and move on the next page.

How Does It Work?

While the spokesperson says that it’s a free program and he is willing to pay you to get started, soon you will discover that there are only ways to spend your money.

On the next page, you must pay $34 to get 5,000 subscribers. There is a second video presentation to promote the offer. Again, you will hear many unrealistic claims and misleading information.

I do not know if these subscribers are real or no. However, you can be sure that you will not get your money back. Later, they will ask even more money for more subscribers and other features.

There are some affiliate links to use other tools and services as well. You must spend even more money on them to get access. Also, there is not training in email marketing or any other business. You can find only promotional videos and upsells.

Soon, you will figure out that they will not give you $100 to use their system. The program works when you spend money but it works only for the owners of Instant Email Empire.

I am not sure if you can get your money back. Clickbank has a 60-day money back guarantee for most products. However, this one has a very weird structure and pricing.

So, we can be sure that it’s not a program about email marketing or any other type of business. Also, you will not get a system to make money. I am surprised that we can find the product on a popular affiliate network. It is supposed to be criteria for the accepted products on Clickbank.

My Final Verdict – Is Instant Email Empire A Scam?

In my opinion, it’s unlikely for anyone to make money with this program. It is created to make you give your money. The claims are ridiculous and the spokesperson is a paid actor.

It’s one of the worst products that I have ever visited. Also, the fact that it’s a copy of another scam, it makes your decision much easier.

It’s not a legit product and I do not recommend it. I think it would be a bad idea even to fill in your email on the sales page because they send tons of spam to their subscribers. So, this site will not help you in any way. Stay away from Instant Email Empire and all the copies or the similar programs.

When people promise earnings with no effort, duplicated systems, secrets and anything that means something easy and fast, you can assume that something goes wrong. The legit programs can teach you new skills and techniques but you must take action, apply what you learn and put the required effort.

I have not seen any online or offline marketer who became successful overnight. Even the top businesses took time to build an audience. If we could buy a few subscribers, get a poor landing page and start earning money, everyone would be rich.

I do not say that you cannot build a profitable online business but it does not work like that. When something sounds too good to be true, usually it’s not true.

Here Is A Legit Way To Make Money

When you start from zero, you need something simple. Simple does not mean easy. But it’s something you can do. Then, it’s on you to put the effort to make it work.

What is the simplest way to build an online business?

In my opinion, affiliate marketing is the business model you are looking for. You will not need a big budget and you don’t have to own a product. The focus is on your marketing efforts while you earn money by recommending other people’s products.

The most successful affiliate marketers create and publish content for a specific group of people (a niche). For example, people who want to make money or people who are interested in a hobby or an interest. It can be anything you want.

When you choose your niche, you can find what these people search on the internet and then, create helpful content for them. The more content you create, the more visitors you will get and the more money you will make. For more information you can read a guide on how to do all these steps on the link below:

Thanks for reading my review on Instant Email Empire. It was not a good product but there are many alternatives to get started online. You can leave your comments and questions below.

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