Is InboxPounds Legit? (Honest Review)

is inboxpounds legit - review

Welcome to my InboxPounds review. This is a legit website and you can make some extra money on the members’ area.

However, there are many issues that will make your experience with this site more difficult than expected and the money you can earn are not enough to make a difference in your finances.

What Is InboxPounds?

InboxPounds is the European version of InboxDollars, a website with thousands of members in the USA. However, some of the members are not happy so you can read both negative and positive reviews on the internet about InboxDollars.

InboxPounds is a GPT website that includes different types of tasks that you can complete and earn some money. Each task has a different reward and difficulty. However, most of them are simple tasks.

For a few examples of other popular GPT sites, you can read about Swagbucks and ClixSense.

Most GPT sites work in a similar way. They include offers from third-party websites that want to promote products or make customer research. So, when you complete these offers, the third-party site will pay the GPT site and it will give you a commission.

These third-party sites may ask to create an account to them and your personal details. Many times they will use them to promote you their offers.

When you join one of the so many available GPT sites out there, you want to make this process as easier as possible for you. You don’t complicated and weird things. In this part, InboxPounds is not the best option.

There are many complaints from users. The major problems are on the surveys and the time it takes to reach the cash out limit.

Simply, the minimum cash out limit is at 20 pounds but it’s a huge one for the available offers and the difficulty to complete them. On the positives, you will get paid when you reach the cash out limit even if it will take some time to achieve that.

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How To Make Money With InboxPounds

First of all, you will get a £1 sign up bonus and next there are some small rewards by completing your survey profile when you join the platform. They are a few questions that you can complete in a few minutes. Then you must start completing tasks:

Offers: InboxPounds include many offers that you can complete to start earning money. Most of them require actions on third-party sites. Usually, you will create an account, take some actions and some of them require a credit card or a payment.

offers - inboxpounds

Surveys: Most members prefer to complete surveys. These are the tasks with the best rewards on this site. You will find the standard rewards of a survey site and they take 20-30 minutes to be completed. But they are much better than the other alternatives. However, there are some complaints here about too many disqualifications.

Easy Cash: These are more offers but you can join free websites. For example, other survey sites.

Search: You can use the search engine of the members’ area and get paid. Your searches must be real. If you search only to make money, they will not credit the searches to your account. You can earn a few cents per day.

Open Emails: You will receive up to 3 emails per day and earn one cent per email.

Referrals: This part is for those who want to invite their friends or send traffic through their referral link. You will make 10% of the verified earnings of your referrals.

How To Get Paid

You need to earn 20 pounds to request a payment. InboxPounds will send your money with a check or you can get gift cards. You cannot receive your earnings into your PayPal account.

Usually, it takes some time to reach the payout limit if you want to try with the free offers and surveys. Some people can’t reach that amount for weeks or months. This is not what we want to see on a GPT site.

It can take up to 16 days to receive your payment. The golden members (you change level when you receive your first check) receive their payments in one week. If you ask for a replacement of your check, they will charge you a £10 fee.

Pros and Cons


1. Legit site: If you reach the cash out limit, you will get paid. This is enough for some people who search for extra income opportunities.

2. User-friendly website: It’s easy to figure out how it works and find what you want on the members’ area.


1. Too many disqualifications: It’s a common issue the disqualifications on many survey sites but here we have too many of them. You may answer questions for many minutes without being able to complete the survey. Also, you do not earn anything for your time in these surveys.

2. They ban accounts: There are some complaints on that part as well. If you have created an account before or made something different than they wanted, your account will be banned. The worst part is that they will not ban your account when you make the mistake but when you ask for your payment.

3. High payout limit: In my opinion, the £20 limit is too high. When we consider this limit and the other issues of the site, it looks like they do not want to pay you. There are other websites with higher or similar limits, but they make it easier for the users to reach them.

4. Low earning potential: Most people already know that they will not become rich with InboxPounds. However, the average rewards are very low even for a side income site. The obvious reasons are the time you waste on surveys you cannot complete and the very low rewards of the other free tasks.

5. Mixed reviews: There are both good and bad reviews from blogs and users on the internet. The bad reviews are a result of the issues that are mentioned above and the good reviews are from people who are happy when they get paid.

My Final Verdict – Is InboxPounds Legit?

Yes, we can say that InboxPounds is legit but in my opinion, it is not worth your time and any money you may spend to complete any offers.

How many hours are you willing to work in from of your computer for a few cents?

Well, I would not waste my time for cents and this is what happens when you complete offers on InboxPounds.

You choose a survey, start answering questions, and after 5, 10 or even 15 you learn that you are qualified to complete the survey. It’s a very bad feeling when it happens. It will not happen every time and some offers are easy to be completed but it’s a common problem.

I can work many hours per day but only on things that I believe they are worth my time. For this reason, I do not recommend InboxPounds.

When you see the homepage, you may think that it’s a great idea to earn money by playing games or reading emails. However, you just exchange time for cents. Also, you give your details on third-party websites that have no problem to spam your email.

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Thanks for reading my review on InboxPounds. I would like to hear your opinion about that site. For any comments or questions, leave your comments below.

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