is gramfree legit

Is GramFree Legit? – 5 Warning Signs

Is GramFree legit or you will waste your time?

It’s a website that appeared out of nowhere a few months ago and claimed that you could make money. It is not the first time that websites like this one promise everything for nothing. Usually, they do not work as expected, but here are some more details.

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What Is GramFree?

GramFree is a one-page website. The design is super simple with minimum information and does not look professional. Of course, this is not a reason to reject a website, but it would not convince any experienced user.

Most people find this site through promotions on forums, social media, and YouTube. These promotions do not include enough information and just repeat the story that you can earn money. When other people tell that something is wrong, spam accounts repeat that they will get paid but don’t show any payment proof.

The concept of the site is that you can remain anonymous. It sounds appealing to many people that don’t feel comfortable sharing their details on the internet. So, people can create an account with a Facebook and Google account. But they still give access to the site to get information from their accounts.

If you get inside, you can get referrals, and there is a type of lottery that gives you grams. Then, you are supposed to exchange these grams for money. But if you read this post, you have not got paid yet. This is the only problem. It does not pay. There are many warning signs on GramFree, as you will read below. In my opinion, the wise option is to avoid it.

5 Warning Signs

1. No Payment Proof

Legit sites have payment proofs. Even if they don’t publish them on their website or the homepage, other people can show their payments on forums, blogs, and social media. This is not the case with GramFree. Some people say that they will get paid to confuse other users who have not heard about the GramFree before. If we assume that these people really earn money, we will make a big mistake.

Payment proof is not when someone claims that he has made money, but when he can show proof of earnings. It’s a common problem with websites that are not legit. If other people do not get paid, we will not get paid as well.

Some sites also pretend to have payment proofs. There is a video on the members’ area of GramFree that is supposed to be a proof. However, it does not show the processor of the transaction or anything that could help us. It is not a PayPal payment or any other known processor.

These guys will try everything to confuse us. But if you keep looking for proof and read reviews, you will avoid all the bad places of the internet most of the time.

2. No Contact Details

We can’t see any names, emails, social media profiles, or any contact details that could help us to communicate with the owners of GramFree. A contact page would not guarantee anything, but simple members could use it to get more information and ask questions.

Almost every legit website has at least one page that you can get more information about the site and find ways to contact them. Lack of these pages means that something is wrong. It is a site that promises you to make money and not a post with information or a sales funnel, so it should be let us know about the people behind the website.

Another problem is the lack of legal pages. There are no terms or a privacy policy page. There are no specific rules on how to use this site, and what you are allowed to do on the members’ area.

3. Low-Quality Videos

The homepage includes three videos, and there are two extra on the members’ area. They also give you grams to watch them because the site uses them to make false claims.

The quality of the videos is very low. It is obvious for every user that these guys can’t help you. I don’t say about the quality of the camera or the sound but the fact that they don’t tell anything helpful. They just repeat that you can create an account and make money.

They do not prove anything. They probably read a script or have learned a few words. Fake testimonials are common on low-quality websites. If they don’t have social proof, they try to create it. There are marketplaces that you can hire testimonials even for a few dollars.

My point is that videos that do not show anything are not credible. However, these videos work for them because the repetition confuses the viewers and makes them doubt the instincts that keep them away.

4. Other People’s Reviews

Many websites and videos mention that GramFree is not a legit site. But some people do not want to listen to them. Experienced marketers can spot these warning signs because they have seen them over and over again on different websites and programs.

In some forums and social media posts, there are comments from users as well. Most of them say that they have not got paid and leave negative reviews. Usually, something goes wrong in the end. Some users can’t access the site after a while or get their account suspended.

Lastly, there are fake reviews, videos, and comments. I guess it is not easy to spot them. However, if something does not make sense or is too good to be true, you should avoid it. Earning money for nothing and people that claim to earn big in a few days can’t be true.

5. Different Domain Names

Online scams tend to disappear after a while and change names before they pop up again in different places. GramFree has a different strategy. It uses different extensions of the same domain name.

If you don’t know what an extension is, you just need to understand that it has more than one domain name. Legit sites don’t use multiple domain names. It’s another sign that GramFree is prepared to close and disappear soon. It can take weeks or months. It depends on the new users and the negative feedback that they receive.


GramFree is not legit. It’s an unknown website that promises money. But it does not have any payment proof, contact details, and information about owners. The best option would be to search for better alternatives. For two legit alternatives, you can read about Swagbucks and ySense.

If you want to ask any questions or share your opinion about GramFree, you can leave your comment below.