Is Gaming Jobs Online A Scam Or $49,063 A Year?

Is Gaming Jobs Online A Scam? - Review

Welcome to my Gaming Jobs Online Review. The program uses the name Video Game Tester Jobs as well so there is some confusion. However, these are two names for the same program.

On this review, you will learn if this is a scam or legit program to find video game tester jobs and earn the money it claims on the sales page.

What Is Gaming Jobs Online?

Gaming Jobs Online is a digital product that you can find on the marketplace of Clickbank, and it promises to the visitors of the site unlimited tester jobs.

On the sales page, there are mentioned different claims, there are few testimonials and some companies that are supposed to hire you if you join the program.

The truth is a little different than this presentation and here is what you can expect.

Gaming Jobs Online is a part of a series of products that promise online jobs. A few days ago, I reviewed Writing Jobs Online and there are two more similar programs with the names Tutor Jobs Online, and Photography Jobs Online.

They are almost the same sites. You can see a similar video, the same pricing, even the structure of these pages are the same. The only difference is the colors and the type of jobs you are going to find inside.

On the members’ area, there is a product that I will analyze in more details later but it’s not as promised and the claims for the jobs are completely made up.

They use random money numbers. There is no proof of these earnings or something we could use as an example. Also, earning $5-$75 for a survey is not real as well.

In my opinion, it’s not a good idea to pay to get a job. This is not how it works on the internet. There are many freelance platforms that you could visit and search for online jobs of any type so a program that you pay to find jobs sounds a little useless.

The fact that you must pay to find a job does not mean that it’s a scam by default, but it sounds very weird for anyone who has some experience in online marketing.

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How Does It Work?

When you read the sales page, they make you believe that inside that platform you will find unlimited jobs and it will be easy to start working on them.

However, the members’ area includes a few ways to make money on other sites. There is not any job on this website. Also, they will not pay you for anything. Simply, Gaming Jobs Online cannot hire or pay anyone.

You will get a list of sites that may offer side income opportunities and video tester jobs and then, you get a few guides on how to make money online.

The recommended from the program sites are not any secret goldmines but regular websites that most people search for online jobs. If you are looking for this type of jobs, you probably have heard them again.

Also, they include affiliate links to many of these sites and some resources.

For this reason, the claims on the sales page do not make sense. They do not pay anyone, so there is no way to know how much they earn. It’s only a misleading presentation to make you buy the product.

The last thing I want to mention is that there is no system or high paying jobs of any type.

It mentions that you will earn over $5 per survey or 30 dollars to review games. It’s not going to happen.

gaming jobs online system

The average surveys on any legit survey site pay almost $0.50 per survey and they take 15-20 minute. You may find better rewards but it’s rare to find over $5 surveys.

Also, if you review games as a freelancer without experience, you will not make so much per hour. You will start with the lower rates that could be $5 per hour or even lower.

So, forget all the claims on the sales page. You get only a list of sites and a few guides.

Unknown Owner and Fake Testimonials

Most low-quality Clickbank products do not mention a name or they use pen names.

On this product, we can see the name of someone Glen Anderson who is supposed to be a game tester. However, there is no way to find more information about him.

Also, he uses that name on the Writing Jobs Online which is the very similar product that I mentioned above.

It’s unlikely to find a writer or a game tester with that name on search engines and social media. So, the owner of the program may use a pen name here.

Another issue that is much easier to prove is the fake testimonials. You can read about a few guys that claim different amounts of money with the program.

They are not real persons who have tested the program. The ower has found a few free or paid images on stock photo sites and he added them on the sales page.

For example, you can check the following testimonial:

fake testimonial - gaming jobs online

With a simple search on Google on the specific image, you get the following results:

stock photo

He is the same person on different stock photo sites. It’s obvious that Gaming Jobs Online has not real testimonials. You can search on Google and check the results for any image you want. It will give you similar results.

The Calculator

I think the most misleading part of the program is the calculator. It asks how much you will make per hour ($5-$50), how much you will work and then, it gives you some super high results.


To make thousands of dollars per week as a game tester, you need experience, skills, and previous jobs to prove it.

They use this calculator to make you think that you can get unlimited jobs from the product which is not true.

Also, the freelancers who earn that money on the internet, you can be sure they have not bought this program. It takes time and some effort to earn thousands of dollars per week which is fine but I cannot see how Gaming Jobs Online can help you with that.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can join the program with the $1 7-day trial. After the first week, you must pay $27 to keep your membership.

There are no surprises on this part but some of the recommended resources have a joining fee and you will find some affiliate links.

If you remain on the page with the exit popup, the program will offer you a $60 sign up bonus. This bonus is not real. Gaming Jobs Online cannot pay you for anything or keep track of your activity on the recommended websites.

The 60-day back guarantee is real and if you want to ask for a refund, you must contact Clickbank which is the platform that handles payments and refunds.

My Final Verdict – Is Gaming Jobs Online A Scam?

This is a low-quality product that is promoted with unrealistic claims and misleading information.

In my opinion, Gaming Jobs Online is a scam. It’s not so easy to make so much money in a short period of time as a video game tester. Also, those who can get these results do not need the program.

If you decide to join the program, you probably feel confused and frustrated because you will not get what you expect.

I do not say that you cannot make money by using the recommended sites and ways but you don’t need them. You can get the same information for free in other places on the internet. So, it’s not worth the price or the time to figure out how it works.

As I mentioned above, if you have made some research about video game tester jobs, you probably know all the recommended sites and ways to make money.

We know that the creators of the program are not honest. You can confirm that with the fake testimonials and the claims about earning $75 from a survey.

While I am not a fan of online surveys and the side income jobs on the internet, the best way to find job opportunities is on free platforms and websites.

If you pay $27 on this program to find a job, you must put hours of work to get your investment back and you will not get any help from the program. They will just show you a few links.

I think it’s better to find other alternatives and below you can read what I do to make money online.

Here Is A Legit Way To Make Money Online

If you are willing to become a video tester, I am sure you can do the following as well:

My recommendation for any beginner is to start an affiliate marketing business. Affiliate marketing a simple online business model because you don’t need a budget or your own product but you make money by promoting other people’s products.

The top affiliate marketers have a website to publish their content. It can be about anything you want. For example, you can test games and write reviews about them on your website.

I am sure that many people would be interested in reading your articles. There are already some websites that make game reviews. Then, you can recommend a few relevant products and earn commissions.

The good news is that it’s not restricted on the specific niche (gaming niche) but you can get into any industry you want.

For example, I write articles and reviews on online business programs and ways to make money online. The options and the available markets are unlimited.

For more information on this strategy, you can read my guide on the link below:

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On the guide above, I use some tools from Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a top training platform for affiliate marketers, and you can start even for free.

Thanks for reading my review on Gaming Jobs Online. You can leave below any comments with questions or opinions about this program.

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