Is FB Dollars Legit Or A Scam?

Is FB Dollars legit or scam? - review

In this review of FB Dollars, you will read if this is a legit way to make money online or an online scam that you must avoid.

We can agree that there are not many people out there that promises $500 by doing nothing. However, this is the first sign that something goes wrong here.

What Is FB Dollars?

FB Dollars is a website that claims you can earn $500 by just giving them access to your Facebook account. They say that they will “rent” your account to put their ads because they need more accounts to promote their products.

However, we have no information about this company or any person related to them. They do not let you know who will pay you and if there is any company behind that site.

Starting from the first statement, you can be sure that if you have a Facebook Business account, you can advertise any amount you want. There are no restrictions on anything that prevents you from putting your ads on Facebook.

Next, online marketers who work with Facebook Ads have multiple accounts. It’s true that Facebook has many restrictions these days. But they are no restrictions on money but on the type of ads and the people who put these ads. With a few words, Facebook like the big players.

Also, you can be sure that these guys can create as many accounts they want and put their ads. You can create a new account right now and start advertising.

Next, the issues with unknown companies are too common on the internet. It’s a typical scam alert. There is no way to find a person or any information about them. It seems that they promote this site through social media with ads or fake accounts.

So, it looks like a one-page site with a form to fill in your details and probably an extension. But that’s all. There is no company behind it and I would not expect from someone to contact me.

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How Is It Supposed To Work?

The claims of the program are that you must meet some qualifications. They are very simple like having 100 friends or more on Facebook, have a one-year-old account, older than 21 years old, etc.

Some of these qualifications do not make sense when it comes on Facebook Ads. Next, you must fill in your information and install the Chrome Extension.

According to the site, they will start running their Facebook Ads without affecting your profile and your personal use and you will receive your first payment in 24 hours.

However, it does not work as simple as it sounds.

First of all, there are many similar sites that are supposed to rent Facebook accounts and give in exchange cash or gifts. But as you may have guessed, renting Facebook accounts is a scam.

Next, it can turn bad for you in many ways. Even if a real marketer wants to use your Facebook account instead of his Facebook accounts, then he probably wants to promote something against the rules of Facebook.

However, I think that the most common scenario here is to get access to your personal details like email and phone number. The owners of FB Dollars, they can sell data of users or spam you with different offers.

Lastly, the Chrome extension is the most dangerous thing on the site. They may use it to get personal information, get access to your contacts, or it can do anything on your PC that they do not tell you.

When someone promises to give you money without any action from your part (like a job), it means that almost always something goes wrong and this is the case here.

Can you make money with FB Dollars?

The only way to figure it out is to download this Chrome extension and see what it will happen. However, I will not put my laptop on risk just to learn something that I already know.

On similar websites, people pay the users or send even laptops with installed software to enable them to use their Facebook accounts. So, they may pay you!

But the risk is much higher than any possible earnings. Some guys may use your name to buy ads. However, they will do more things than just using your Facebook account.

My Final Verdict – Is FB Dollars A Scam?

Yes, FB Dollars is a scam and it’s quite similar to many other websites out there that do the exact same work.

So, if you see one of these schemes out there, you can be sure that they violate the rules of Facebook, they\ advertisers may promote illegal products and they will get access to your data and information with these extensions and software.

Also, in many cases, websites that rent Facebook accounts sell your data or access to your account to other marketers who want to use it.

If someone uses your Facebook account against the rules, Facebook will ban your account sooner or later.

In my opinion, the best thing you can do is to stay away from FB Dollars and any similar scheme.

The easiest way to figure out that something goes wrong in any site is when they claim big amounts of money like $500 for something so simple like access to your account. If these guys were honest, they would create multiple accounts under their names.

It does not mean that it’s not possible to make money online. However, the legit ways to make money do not work like that. For a legit way, you must learn something new or put some effort into something like finding an online job or starting an online business.

Below, you can read what I do to make money on the internet and hopefully, you will like it.

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Affiliate marketing is the process in which you can earn money by promoting other people’s products.

The good news is that there many companies on the internet that will pay you if you send them visitors who buy their products. Big online businesses like Amazon and eBay have created affiliate programs and anyone can join.

Of course, there is a strategy that you must follow. However, it’s a 100% legit business model.

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Thanks for reading my review on FB Dollars. It was not a good website but there are better alternatives out there. Below, you can leave any comments or questions.

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