Is EZ Bay Payday A Scam Or $2483.94 Per Day From eBay?

Is EZ Payday A Scam Or $2483.94 Per Day From eBay?When you visit the homepage that promises over $2k per day with a big headline, it’s natural to have doubts if EZ Bay Payday is another online scam or a legit program. On this review, you can read what you are going to find inside the program and if these claims are real.

What Is EZ Bay Payday?

There are many issues on EZ Bay Payday. Most people who look for online programs have seen a landing page like this one again. So, let’s start with the claims.

It’s not only the headline that makes you understand that something goes wrong here. For a system that is supposed to work with eBay, there are too many no sense promises about the money and the time it takes to start making money.

The spokesperson says that you can start right now and earn $500 in 24 days with 30 minutes of work. Of course, it works on autopilot and there is nothing you must do. Just set it up and forget it.

Many online marketers have tried to become sellers on eBay. Some of them have failed, and only a few of them have some good results. It’s not easy to earn money on eBay. It takes work, research, and selling skills.

However, we can be sure that it does not work as this program claims. A serious seller will take days to complete the product or niche research. The claims about earning some quick bucks, autopilot, and 30-minute workday are completely misleading.

The owner of the program creates false expectation just to make you buy it. There is a lot of scarcity as well. Popups with downsells, notifications about limited spots and any other trick that you can think, you will see it on their sales page.

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How Does It Work?

When a product does not sound a legit one on the sales page, usually, there are a lot of problems on the members’ area as well.

Let’s start with the business model:

If you buy the product, you will learn about dropshipping on eBay. Dropshipping is about selling others people’s products and the original seller ships the product to the buyer. So, you earn a small profit by selling products that you do not own.

EZ Bay Payday includes a few videos on the members’ area about this business. The instructions are really basic and you can be sure that there is no system. You could find the same information by yourself with some research.

Next, there a few videos about “extra money making methods”. Again, there are some basics videos about online surveys, freelancing and testing websites.

As the videos about dropshipping, there is nothing new that you can find elsewhere even for free.

The weird thing here is that you can find affiliate links to other sites. Some of them are legit ones like Super Affiliate System or other online scams like CB Cash Code. Also, there is a link to a site where you can buy a domain name and website hosting.

The two links are entirely irrelevant to eBay or dropshipping, and the other one is another landing page with misleading information and unrealistic claims like EZ Bay Payday.

Lastly, the members’ area and the training on online surveys and testing websites is similar to Easy Insta Profits and 60 Minute Profit Plan. It seems that someone changed the first part of the training and kept the rest of it.

To make a summary of all the above:

It’s similar to other scams, low-quality training, recommends other programs on the members’ area and there is not a system.

Owner and Fake Testimonials

It’s common on this type of program to see fake testimonials and no the real owners.

It is mentioned the name of someone Steve Richards. As expected, there is no information about that guy or any contact details. Usually, the owners of legit products are proud of their work, and they do not hide behind the affiliate networks that sell their products.

The fake testimonials are not something new. There is a huge category on freelancing sites with people that offer services as spokespersons. There are many familiar faces on this video. I have chosen one of the testimonials as an example. You can take a look at the next image:fake testimonial ez bay payday

Next, you can see his Fiverr gig where you can hire him for a few dollars:Fake Testimonial

The bottom line is that any of the people you see on this program is not real. This guy above is also a testimonial on Cash Money Sites. It’s obvious that he does not earn money by trying these programs, but he gets paid from their owners. The owners earn money from your and no from the systems they sell.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s really interesting this part. If you go and fill in your email to the box below the video on the sales page, you will pay $37. However, if you wait for some seconds, you will see a popup with a downsell to $17. The same will happen if you remain to the site with the exit popup.

Next, you are going to see a lot of upsells in the members’ area. According to the affiliate page, someone who promotes this site can earn up to $450 from one buyer on a 60% commission. If you do the maths, the total cost can go up to $750.

The worst part is that there are some one-click upsells ready to get your money away. There are some big fancy buttons on the members’ area. If you click on them, they will get hundreds of dollars without another warning from your payment details. EZ Bay Payday pricing

Also, there is no real support or someone to contact when you get the product. It’s an available email where you can send, and that’s all. The 60-day money back guarantee by Clickbank applies here as well. If you buy the product with the upsell, the guarantee is for 30 days.

Lastly, there are a few affiliate links. For those who trust the owners and buy all the upsells and the affiliate links, you will get into the endless funnels of the owner.

My Final Verdict – Is EZ Bay Payday?

I can tell you right now that you are not going to earn $500 in one day with this program. Also, an eBay dropshipping business does not work on autopilot. It takes work and time to grow.

If you do not care about the claims, the next question is about the training on the members’ area. You can find some generic information. I do not think they are enough to earn money, but if you have never heard anything about selling on eBay before, then you can learn a few new things.

For those who are serious to get into this business, you will need more training, resources, and tools only to get started. This product is not enough. Some people will look for this extra information on the upsells. I do not think this is a good idea.

I am not sure about the actual value of the program. It’s not worth $37 for sure. There are ebooks and blog posts with better quality even for free. So, I would not give any money for that. In my opinion, the owner asks $37 for information without value, but they are presented as a goldmine.

A Legit Way To Earn Money Online

On this site, I share what exactly I do to earn money online. It’s a guide to becoming an affiliate marketer. The guide is free and there are some resources you can use for free like Wealthy Affiliate which a legit training program for affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing is a legit business model. You need a website to create content for your audience. The goal is to help them and recommend useful products. If you can do that, good things can happen.

Of course, there is a strategy on how to find what your audience wants to read, how to get traffic and make sales but you can learn it.

It takes work. I will not claim systems that work on autopilot or 30-minute workdays to earn thousands of dollars. The truth is that any legit way takes work and time. Are you ready to learn more about my strategy?

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Thanks for reading my review on EZ Bay Payday. I can’t recommend that program but there are a few alternatives to check out. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.

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