Is DotCom Secrets A Scam? – Read My Comprehensive Review

Is DotCom Secrets A Scam? – Read My Comprehensive ReviewDotCom Secrets Review:

Name: DotCom Secrets
Website: dotcomsecretsbook.com
Price: $7.44 or $11.98 on Amazon
Writer: Russell Brunson
Make Money Bay Rank: 58 out of 100

What Is DotCom Secrets?

DotCom Secrets is a book written by Rusell Brunson. Most online marketers have heard his name again because he is the CEO and one of the founders of ClickFunnels. You can read here my review of ClickFunnels. It could help you to get a better understanding what this book is all about.

Most people agree that Russel Brunson is an expert on creating funnels. For this reason, he has created ClickFunnels.

This is what you can expect to learn on this book, different ways to build nice and effective funnels for your online business.

Also, this book looks like an upsell of ClickFunnels. I think that you cannot use the strategies and the tips you will read unless you are a member of ClickFunnes which is recommended on the last part of the book.

These funnels include many, upsells, downsells ways to trick the visitors and send them into your funnels with free offers, high ticket upsells, show you how to launch a product and host webinars.

Many quick rich schemes and scams use similar techniques, and in my opinion, many of these strategies are unethical.

However, we cannot say that it’s a scam. I was expected to read a book about funnels as the majority of people who have bought it. Russel Brunson has created a good book for those who use these techniques. But I am not going to use them on my site.

You can always create or promote a quality product that your visitors want to buy. So, you will not have to create upsells and downsells to make money.

Who Is Supposed To Help

The book is for people who have already an online business and look for ways to increase their earnings.

According to Russell Brown, this book is not a way to get more traffic or conversions. However, when you cannot get traffic or conversions, most of the times is a funnel problem.

So, DotCom Secrets helps you to improve the overall performance of your business through new funnel ideas.

It is not for beginners on online marketing who want to start a new business. However, if you are going to launch a new product, you can get some ideas.

If you are new to online marketing, you need to learn some basic skills before start creating costly funnels. Learning to get free targeted traffic would be an essential skill for any marketer.

DotCom Secrets cannot help you to learn a traffic strategy but focus on helping you to get the maximum from your traffic with the strategies that are mentioned above.

For a training program for beginners on online marketing, you can check Wealthy Affiliate.

What You Will Learn On This Book

Russel Brown uses many of these techniques to promote his products. This is a good thing and you must always be looking for training from people who apply what they teach. The bad news is that uses these techniques on you as I have mentioned again in a previous article.

If you visit the DotCom Secrets, he uses the Free-Plus Shipping technique that you can find in the book. On ClickFunnels, you can see many and expensive upsells. So, these strategies work and he uses them.

The recommended strategy of the book starts with a landing page where you will usually give something for free in exchange for an email address. Then, you send them to your funnels through your email series or through your Thank You page.

There are many types of funnels that will send your visitors to different offers. There are offers even when the visitors buy one of your products.

While it’s standard strategy, it’s impressive how deep is analyzed by Russel Brown. As I said above, he is a real expert on this type of marketing.

The marketing strategy depends on the type of the visitor. Every website has visitors with different demographics. When you analyze them, you must send offers and upsells that are relevant to each category of visitors.

It makes sense but most people cannot analyze and understand the needs of their visitors. It results in a low conversion rate.

On this book, you learn how to create different types of funnels that convert well with the visitors of your site and the customers of your business.

Is It Worth The Price?

The book is not an expensive one. When this article is written, it costs $11,98 on Amazon and the Kindle Edition costs $7,44.

If you visit the website of DotCom Secrets, it is free but you pay the shipping. The cheaper option is the Kindle Edition.

While it is not an expensive book, you just waste your money if you are not a member of ClickFunnels or you have no intention to join in the near future. Simply, you will not be able to apply what you will read and you also need the funnels.

All together, they will cost you if you do not buy any of the upsells of ClickFunnels $97 per month and the price of the book.

Generally, I avoid sites and programs that are not straightforward about what you are going to spend and what you will find inside.

In my opinion, you can make better investments that will help your business or you can learn how to start a new business from zero.

You can check here my top recommendation. An online program with a free and a premium membership with no upsells and tricks.

My Last Thoughts – Is DotCom Secrets A Scam?

The book includes a lot of information for those who are members of ClickFunnels. For all the other people who will buy it, it’s a nice book that cannot use unless they have enough technical knowledge to create these funnels by themselves. ClickFunnels are also recommended at the end of the book.

So, we cannot say that it is a scam because it offers some value to the reader. However, many people will expect something different or at least something that they can apply after reading the book.

It is not what you will find by reading this book. Also, if you dislike the upsells and other misleading strategies as I do, you will be unhappy with that purchase.


Name: DotCom Secrets
Website: dotcomsecretsbook.com
Price: $7.44 or $11.98 on Amazon
Writer: Russell Brunson
Make Money Bay Rank: 58 out of 100

Thanks for reading my review of DotCom Secrets. If you have read the book, or you want to ask any questions, feel free to leave your comment below.Start a business banner

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