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Is Domainer Elite A Scam? – Learn What is Inside Today

In this post, you will read an honest review of the Domainer Elite, and you will find out why it’s a scam or a legit website.

Domainer Elite is a product that shows you how to flip domain names for a profit. The owner of this product is Jamie Lewis. Jamie claims that he has earned thousands of dollars by flipping domains, and he will teach you to do the same. When you visit the Domainer Elite homepage, Jamie presents you with the product and how this method works. Well, is Domainer Elite a scam?

It is not a scam, but there are a few things that I did not like when I bought this product for 24,95$. First of all, there were too many upsells when I logged in for the very first time. I do not like to rush me to buy new products. The second one is that many features are not available with the Lite membership.

On the positives, you can definitely learn the basics about domain flipping if you are a beginner. Yes, you can start your domain flipping business with this product. Jamie has a method that absolutely works, but there is a learning curve for sure. If you are serious about this, you can buy the upsells from the beginning to test the waters first.

I have bought before ebooks and programs about domain flipping. Comparing Domainer Elite with them, I think that is above the competition in this category, and Jame has a very simple method for beginners that works.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Software that helps to find domain names
  • Active marketplace inside the program
  • Two lists of words you can use to find domains
  • Example of Flippa listing template
  • Some great training videos
  • Domain flipping is a legit online business


  • Too many upsells
  • Not great support

Is Domainer Elite For You?

This is the most important question to answer before buying Domainer Elite. If you are a beginner who wants to find a very simple method to earn money, then you can get it. It is a simple and scalable business model. However, keep in mind that you may not start selling immediately. You can not sell every domain name. Having a budget to invest it could be a good idea.

It is also recommended for people who do not want to create content. I prefer to write articles for my websites and create posts on social media, but some people do not like this method. Flipping domains is a great way to start without writing articles or building websites.

Can this program be useful for people who already make money with domain flipping? Absolutely, the marketplace and the pro software will help you to find more buyers and find more profitable domain names. However, you can get access to them only by buying the upsells.

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Tools and Training Overview

When you buy the product and log in, you will see the homepage of the program. In the left sidebar, you can see the tools and the resources that you can use for your new online business. But let’s start with the homepage:

Homepage: 17 available videos that teach you how to use the tools, resources, strategies to buy or sell domain names, and many more. I am inexperienced in this type of online business, but when I saw those videos, I learned much helpful information about domain flipping.

LITE Software: This is the basic software of Domainer Elite. You can search for domain names by using keywords, starting words, and ending words. When the search is completed, you have a huge list of available domain names that you can appraise instantly. Then you can buy them on your registrar.

Marketplace: It is really impressive that there is an active marketplace for domain names. With the basic membership, you list until three domain names. For more than three, you need to upgrade. If you want to create a listing,  you give all the important information (name, price, description) and the link to the listing. The domain must be already listed on another marketplace.

domainer elite marketplace

The rest of the tools are two lists of words you can use to get ideas, the domainer recipe (a simple way to calculate the value of any domain name), and an example template for Flippa listings.


The only way to contact Jamie or the support is by email. You can find this email on the bottom of the left sidebar. If you send them your questions or ask for help, you will discover that they will not answer you soon. Hopefully, Jamie will improve the support of this program.

It is really important for a making money program like this to have good and fast support. Many times beginners do not know how to make their next step in training. They can not wait for days for a reply.


24,95$ to learn the basics of a business model is not much. If we add that you have access to the marketplace and the LITE software, then it is worth it. Pro software costs 97$ more, and the webinars 147$.

If you are serious about getting into the domain flipping business, I would recommend you to go for the Pro software at the beginning. You will be able to find better domain names. About the webinars and any other upsell, I think that it is better to wait to get some sales before you buy them.

Is Domainer Elite A Scam? – My Final Opinion

The video sales page, the upsells, and the exit pop up are suspicious. Many online scams use these strategies. But Domainer Elite is not a scam. It is a good program for domain flipping where beginners can easily learn the basics of this business. The videos have simple instructions on how to use the tools and the training.

The strategy of Jamie is also simple profitable, and well explained through the training. You will learn to find cheap domain names and sell them at higher prices on Flippa and GoDaddy premium listings.

If you are an experienced seller, you can take advantage of the marketplace, save time from researching with Pro software, and you can watch the webinars for advanced courses and strategies directly from Jamie.

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Have you any experience with domain flipping or Domainer Elite? Leave your comment below or ask your questions.