Is Digital Worth Academy Legit? – A Thorough Review

Is Digital Worth Academy Legit? – A Thorough Review

Thank you for visiting my Digital Worth Academy review. It is updated in 2019 for the relaunch of the product. In this post, you will read if this is a legit program, what you can expect inside, and my opinion about your chances to earn money.

What Is Digital Worth Academy?

Digital Worth Academy is an interesting course and a coaching program by Sara Young and Andrew Hansen. You are going to learn how to build high authority websites with the intention to sell them later for a profit. The specific business model is definitely legit and works in three steps:

  • Finding low competition niches and sub-niches
  • Building small blogs that turn in big content platforms
  • Using SEO systems to get traffic

The goal of the program is to help you create websites that earn $10k per month and sell them for “30 x monthly earnings” on online marketplaces. If your site earns $10k per month, you want to sell it for $300k! Check the screenshot of the program below:

Website sales

Is It A Legit Business Model?

You can see by yourself places on the internet where website owners sell their sites or stores. One popular marketplace is Empire Flippers (the screenshot above is from the marketplace of Empire Flippers).

On Empire Flippers, you can find websites that are sold for very high amounts of money. It is a marketplace for established sites, and you will want to sell your website on this place if you follow the training of Digital Worth Academy.

If you are a beginner in online marketing, it may sound unrealistic. However, you can reach 10k per month if you follow the right strategy. It is not a quick rich scheme or a way to make money overnight. You will build a real online business. It’s an attractive business model because you can repeat the same process as many times you want. You start a blog from zero, start building, and when you get enough traffic, you can sell it at a huge price.

From my experience, most people fail when they try to do the same thing by themselves. They may choose the wrong niche or find too competitive keywords. The result is or no good enough results to get the maximum from your blog. However, if you apply what you learn at Digital Worth Academy, you can eliminate these mistakes and move on to the next level. Also, the fact that you learn from two marketers who have mastered this process is another reason you can expect to learn the right things.

What Is Inside?

You will find inside the following components:

1. The course: More than 150 videos and 7 different sections. You will start from the zero, and you will learn every part of this business.

  1. Markets, Niches, Angles, Passions
  2. Digital Asset Construction
  3. Your Site’s First Content
  4. How To Grow Traffic and Authority With Outreach
  5. How To Scale Content For Long Term Success
  6. High Impact Link Building and Promotion
  7. Your Site’s Future: Analyzing, Planning, and Strategy

2. The Coaching Program: You will learn directly from the owners of the program and their coaching team. All the coaches are former students, and they have their own profitable websites. There are live webinars, one-to-one chats, a setup process, support, and more.

3. Software tools: There are three tools to figure out the competition, the best keywords, and a profit calculator before getting into a niche. The tools are designed to give you an advantage over the competition!

4. Community: Support is one of the most important factors for your success. When you learn something new, you will need help, or at least you will want to ask a few questions. Digital Worth Academy includes a forum to post threads and ask questions, a Facebook group to connect with other members, and you can also create your groups and invite other people.

5. Outsource Staff: If you do not have the time or the knowledge to do the tasks yourself, there is a team of verified staff members who will help you build your business.

Who Is It For?

Digital Worth Academy is created for all the users who want to start their own online business. You will get step by step guides and a lot of information.

Any beginner or experienced marketer can use them and apply what he learns. It does not matter if you had some success online before or no. You learn something new so you must be sure that you don’t miss anything. The secret is on taking action. If you are willing to learn something new and apply anything you learn, you can expect good things.

I guess that if you already knew this information, you could get the same results. Many people skip training because they think they already know. It would not be wise to make this mistake. If you join Digital Worth Academy, make sure that you will get the maximum. There is only one way to achieve that: Stay focused and apply everything.

So, you do not have to worry about your experience. It’s not really important. This program will not show you a trick or a hack to make money. It’s a long-term strategy. If you expect overnight success, it will not help you.

How Much Does Digital Worth Academy Cost?

We can agree that the price is not low. But compared with the potential benefits and the alternative programs, it’s one of the best options out there. The owners are confident that the product deserves that price. In my opinion, there is a lot of value in the members’ area, and the potential earnings with that business are huge.

You can use two options when you buy the product. There is a one-time payment for $1997, or you can make three payments of $$797. Many people ask me if it’s really worth giving that money. My answer is always the same: Are you ready to take action and make it work?

For many people, an expensive program can increase their motivation to take action because they do not want to lose their investment. Also, most people who buy cheap business programs just take a look inside and never apply anything. If Digital Worth Academy makes you take action, then it’s worth it. When it comes to training and tools, it’s a top program for sure. So, it’s on you to decide.

The good news is that there will be a money-back guarantee. It is 100% legit and provided by Clickbank. You will have enough time to take a look at the tools, the members’ area and decide by yourself if you like what you see. With the money-back guarantee, the risk is much lower.

My Final Opinion – Is Digital Worth Academy Legit?

Digital Worth Academy made a successful launch the previous year. Many people took action, and you can read many positive reviews on the internet while there are no complaints.

The unhappy buyers can ask for a refund, and the happy members will build their own online business. You can expect quality coaching and support from the owners and other coaches. You will not be alone, but they will guide you all the way.

In my opinion, it’s 100% legit. The only issue for some people can be the price, but as I said above, the risk is low with the money-back guarantee. The program will be available soon for a few days. You can check the availability of the program on the link below.

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Thanks for reading my review on Digital Worth Academy. For any questions, you can leave your comment below.