Is Crypto Siphon A Scam Or $4,274 In Profits Daily?

is crypto siphon a scam? - review

Welcome to my Crypto Siphon review. You probably want to learn if Crypto Siphon is a scam or a legit website to make thousands of dollars per day.

I have some bad news about this program. There are many reasons to stay away from it, and you will read about them below.

What Is Crypto Siphon?

Crypto Siphon is a making money program with many unrealistic claims. You are supposed to use a magic software and earn thousands of dollars from the first day.

The program will show you how to get into the cryptocurrency market. But according to the owner, there is no risk and he earns money every day.

Most people already know about the ups and downs of cryptocurrencies. It’s easy to lose your initial investment if you are not careful, no matter what this guy claims. These claims are too good to be true.

Crypto Siphon is quite similar to another scam with the name Daily Cash App. It has a similar sales page, video presentation, and we can assume they do the same thing.

These programs have not a product on the members’ area, but you will be redirected to a third-party website. If you complete a purchase on the third-party website, the owner of Crypto Siphon will earn a commission.

At the bottom of the sales page, there is a disclaimer that mentions that Crypto Siphon directs the users to open an account on another website and they earn fees.

Promoting other people’s products is not a bad thing. But it’s a bad thing when you are not honest and try to mislead other people with unrealistic claims and nonsense.

You will not make over $4,000 on average per day. It’s unlikely to make even one dollar with this program. It’s easier to lose money than earning.

The claims are not the only issues. You will read below about the fake testimonials, the owner, and the scarcity is not real as well. There are no limited spots and some people promote this website with spam emails.

I think that most things on the video and the sales page are made up from those who created Crypto Siphon.

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How Is It Supposed To Work?

According to the spokesperson, you fill in your details to register to the website, active the Crypto Siphon software, and log in to your account to start earning $4,273 per day. You are supposed to sit back and make money.

Of course, there is no proof of these earnings or a video with the software. It makes sense because software like this one does not exist.

Everyone would like to find a money-making machine for a few dollars but it does not work like that. Many online programs about cryptocurrencies offer tools or softwares. Most of them try to tell you when to buy and sell.

But as you can understand, if any of these things could work, everyone would become rich. With a few words, they don’t work.

There are no robots that can invest profitably and replace humans. We still have to use our brains. Even if someone invents a tool like that, he will not promote it with spam emails.

The truth is that the creator of Crypto Siphon just created a program to send traffic to a website that promotes.

It’s not possible to earn thousands of dollars overnight when you start from scratch. All the legit ways to make money take time and work.

How Much Does It Cost?

Crypto Siphon is not a real program so it does not have a price. However, it will send you to another website. A similar program sends the visitors to Click2Sell that is an advertising platform.

I think we can expect the same here. This platform sells advertising packages that will cost hundreds of dollars or more.

There is not a step by step strategy, software or anything mentioned in the video presentation.

However, if you want to visit the next platform that is promoted by Crypto Siphon. You must fill in your details and for a weird reason, it asks for a phone number and not only for an email address. They will use your data to promote their products. You can expect a lot of spam.

About The Owner and The Testimonials

The name of the owner is Dan Redmond. This guy is supposed to be a millionaire with cryptocurrencies. However, it does not show us any proof.

The screenshots do not look real and we cannot find any information that confirms his earnings.

Instead of that, I discovered that the image of the sales page is not of the owner. But he has found it on a site with stock images and added it on Crypto Siphon.

You can check it by yourself. Below is the image of the owner:

dan redmond crypto siphon

And the results of that image from Google:

fake owner 2

The same image can be found under different sites and names. We can assume that Dan Redmond is not a real name as well.

The lack of information about the owner creates a lack of other important information as well. At the bottom of the page, there are some links for other pages of the website but they do not work. So, Crypto Siphon has not added basic pages like a contact page or a privacy policy page.

We cannot even contact any person relevant to the program which is an obvious scam alert.

Lastly, the testimonials that you can see on the video are not real testimonials. The creator of the video has hired these guys to say a few good words about his website.

For example, you can check the man from Crypto Siphon:

fake testimonial 2 crypto siphon

On the next image, you can see a screenshot from the Fiverr gig that sells his services:

testimonial man

All the other testimonials are hired from Fiverr too, and they are testimonials on other scam programs out there.

Is Crypto Siphon A Scam?

After all the details about the testimonials and the owner, the answer is quite easy.

Crypto Siphon is a scam. The fake testimonials are not on the video by accident. Someone uses different tricks to make you fill in your details on the registration form.

If you fill in that form, nothing bad will happen in the beginning. But you can expect a lot of spam of other similar programs.

For those who will go through the site and buy products for the next platform, the situation is more complicated. If you do not like your purchase, I do not know if there is something you can do. You can try to ask for a refund but it depends on the policy of the website that you have bought the product.

The bottom line is that Crypto Siphon is a scammy middleman and not a real program or website with information. You will not learn something, and there is no software.

I would suggest you stay away from any similar program as well. There is no software that can make you rich. While it’s possible to make money online, it will not happen overnight. It takes work and those who put the work get results.

Here Is A Legit Way To Make Money Online

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It’s an internet based business so you can work anytime you want and put as much work as you want. However, your results will depend on that.

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Thanks for reading my review on Crypto Siphon. It was not as expected from the sales page so I don’t recommend it. You can leave any comments or questions below!

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