Is Crypto Prophecy A Scam? – A Thorough Review

Is Crypto Prophecy A Scam? - A Thorough ReviewWelcome to my review of Crypto Prophecy. A program that is not supposed to be available for the general public according to the homepage. On this review, you can read if this is a scam or a legit program that will help you to earn thousands of dollars in a few months.

What Is Crypto Prophecy?

Usually, I do not review programs relevant to cryptocurrencies. Until today, on this site, you can find only one more relevant program. It was another Clickbank’s product Crypto Coin Sniper.

The reason why I took a look at these two programs is that they are presented as money-making products. So, let’s see more specific about Crypto Prophesy.

When you visit the homepage and watch the video, it seems like another online quick rich scheme.

First of all, it’s obvious that Crypto Prophecy is available to the general public despite the statements for the opposite.

Online marketers send tons of emails to promote this product, it is promoted on Facebook, and you can find it on the listings of Clickbank. The owner just wants to make you buy the product fast. It would be bad for business to let the visitors do some research.

Next, there are claims about the huge earnings of the owner from small investments in a short period.  For example, in 12 months $50 became $6,614, and in one month $10 became $4563. There are some screenshots, a testimonial and a lot of scarcity on this sales page.

However, the good news is that you will get a product if you buy the program. It does not mean that I do not care about the misleading homepage. I just mention the facts. On the members’ area, you can find enough information to get started with cryptocurrencies. The product is unique and you can see the owner on the videos inside.

So, Crypto Prophecy has two parts. The homepage that is similar to other low-quality products that promise fast earnings and the second part is the member’s area with a tool and some training videos.

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How Does It Work?

This product is about investing in cryptocurrencies. Like any investing method, your knowledge on the specific market can help you to get the maximum. Crypto Prophecy wants to help in two ways.

The first way is a tool that shows you many cryptocurrencies of the market. The purpose is to buy low and sell high. This tool shows the prices and when they go up or down to help you decide your next moves.

Next, there are some videos with the owner of the program. They are guides about buying or sending Bitcoin, study cases and other relevant information.

In my opinion, there is some value in these videos and the tool. Of course, you can watch the prices by yourself or find similar information from other sources. But overall, it’s an ok product.

I would not be excited if I was expecting thousands of dollars in a few months with small investments. Many people they will be disappointed if they believe the claims on the homepage.

However, if your plan is to use this information to learn and have realistic expectations, it could help you. Keep in mind that the initial investment will be not enough. You will need some budget to buy Bitcoin, and there are some upsells as well that I will mention below.

Who Is The Cryptogirl?

who is the cryptogirlIt sounds like a superhero. This is how the owner introduces herself. It would be an interesting idea but people give money for her program. A real name would be better. On the sales page, the spokesperson just mentions the name, Susie.

She publishes videos on her YouTube channel where she promotes Crypto Prophecy. Of course, the statement about not an available product to the general public is not a concern anymore.

I am not sure if she wants to become a guru on this niche, and I do not know if the screenshots or her earnings are real. Anyway, above it’s the link for her channel, you can check it out and decide by yourself.

How Much Does It Cost?

Like the most Clickbank’s products, it has a 60-day money back guarantee and upsells.

The starting price is at $37. If you stay on the page with the exit popup, there is a downsell. It costs $1 for seven days and then, $24.95 per month. So, there are recurring fees inside. I think that the 60-day money guarantee is available only for the $37 price. Also, there are two upsells that cost hundreds of dollars.

The risk is low with the downsell. Almost everyone can afford a dollar to take a look inside. Then, you can decide if this is what you are looking for. The only problem here is the upsells. It’s common these days, and you can find them in most programs but not to all of them.

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My Final Verdict – Is Crypto Prophecy A Scam?

Crypto Prophecy is not a scam. There are some good videos on the members’ area, and the tool can help you. In my opinion, it’s not a top program but you can learn some new things.

However, most people can agree that there are misleading information and unrealistic claims on the sales page. If you expect to invest $10 and earn thousands of dollars, you will be disappointed.

It takes work to earn money no matter the way you try to achieve it. If you are looking for opportunities to invest, you need to research, read, and ask for information. If you want to start an online business which is my recommendation, you need to work.

Cryptogirl has created an online business as well. She sells her product on people like you and makes money. So, I guess she would think that starting an online business, it’s a good idea.

How To Start Your Own Online Business

The good news is that anyone can start and build a profitable online business. I know that Bitcoin is trendy these days, but there is a lot of risk on that market.

The ups and downs are bad for out stress levels and health. I do not say that building a business is easy, but it’s a more stable way to get started online and depends only on your efforts.

The risk is low. You can start even with no investment. However, most beginners spend some money to buy a domain name and website hosting which is a good idea.

I am an affiliate marketer and this is what I recommend. It’s the simplest way to start an online business. You do not need a product, customer service, inventory or anything like that.

You can build a site about something you like. It can be a hobby, your passion or anything you want. I can show you a lot of ideas. Next, you need to create content for your site.

Creating content is communicating. You do not have to be a writer. For example, I check online business programs, and I write reviews on them. I am not a writer, my English is not my native language, but I make money because I help people with my research.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, read about my exact strategy.

It’s just a free blog post. You do not have to pay anything. For my domain names, website hosting, and other tools that are needed for a new website, I use Wealthy Affiliate. Also, it includes great training for beginners and advanced affiliate marketers.

Thanks for reading my review on Crypto Prophecy. On my next post, I will return on the online business programs, but in the future, I could write about more cryptocurrency programs.

For any questions, feedback, or observations on this post, leave your comment below.

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