Is Clout Bucks A Scam Or $500 Per Day?

is clout bucks a scam or legit? - review

In this review, you will read if Clout Bucks is a scam or a legit site that actually will pay you so much money for clicks, referrals, and simple tasks.

The claims are very high for a site that looks so simple and here is what you can really expect.

What Is Clout Bucks?

Clout Bucks is a site that promises $500 per day and mentions that is a social earning network.

But if you take a look inside, it’s obvious that there is nothing social and this is not a network. The only thing we can discuss is about the earning part of the website.

But even on that part, there is no proof that works. While they claim a lot of money with simple tasks, there is no proof that a real person has made money and got paid on this site.

They say that there are thousands of members, ten years in business and paid $39 millions to their members. These stats are completely made up.

This is a very new website and I doubt it has paid even one person. Simply, no one confirms that this site pays. For the legit sites, you can find plenty of people out there who are willing to show their results and payments.

Clout Bucks is the same as other online scams that do not pay their users. It looks like a copy of Kids Earn Cash. It’s an online scam that can be found under many domain names like Kids Have Money.

These sites change domain names every few months and move on a new ones. I think this is a way to avoid the negative reviews and the complaints from their users. When they go down and you try to visit one of these sites, they redirect you to the next scam.

I think you do not care about their tricks. The important thing is that they do not pay. They want to keep you around to complete tasks and send referrals to them because they earn money from these tasks. But they don’t give something back.

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How Does It Work?

It’s very easy to create an account. You just fill in a few details. When you move on the members’ area, you can see a referral link, $25 to your account as a sign up bonus, and some available tasks.

The first thing you can see is your referral link. They say that you will earn $2 per click and $10 for free referrals who do not have to take any action on Clout Bucks.

These rewards are ridiculously high. If they pay $2 per click, they would lose a lot of money in the long. In my opinion, these big rewards is an obvious scam alert.

They do not give you a strategy but ask from you to share that link on your social media accounts. They just want more people on their website and they make you work for them.

The $30 tasks are not realistic as well. You can’t earn so much money on a legit website for tasks. Usually, you can earn a few cents to download apps or participate in draws and surveys.

If you choose any of these tasks, you will be redirected on a third-party website. I do not know if these sites are legit. However, they ask for your phone number and charge you for every SMS they send to your number.

It’s never a good idea to give your phone number on random sites on the internet no matter what they promise.

Lastly, they will add $50 to your account if you create and publish a YouTube video about Clout Bucks. It can be a short video that mentions on the title and description the website.

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Can You Get Paid?

When you send traffic on Clout Bucks and complete tasks, they add money to your account. This is their trick to confuse the members.

However, you can ask for payment if you do not complete a specific number of clicks, referrals, and tasks. When you reach that number and request your earnings, there will be a waiting period.

It will take a few weeks with no response and then, they will reject your payment for fraud clicks and referrals. They may close your account as well.

The bad news is that there is no payment proof about this website on the internet. Also, there are many complaints about the previous versions of the scam.

If you watch people who create YouTube videos about that site, they probably do not know that it does not pay and try to get the $50 from the YouTube submission.

The comments and the testimonial page are not real too. The creator of the site has added a few numbers and some words on the testimonial page.

No Owner Or Support

There is a lack of information about the company or the owner. We don’t know who have created this site and there is not any person that is mentioned on the homepage or the members’ area.

This is a typical scam alert. No one will put his name next to a scam. Also, that means that no one will take responsibility. You can’t get help or find someone to ask for your money. There is nothing you can do if something goes wrong.

Chances are that after a few months, you may not be able to find the website under the same domain name as well.

Is Clout Bucks A Scam?

This website is created to get your contact details and make you complete a few tasks. But they will not pay you.

So, Clout Bucks is a scam.

The website will make money through these tasks. When you give your phone number on these third-party websites, Clout Bucks earns a commission.

The referrals and the clicks is only a way to get more members on the site. If every member invites a few people, you can understand that they will get many new members.

Lastly, they will probably use your log in details. I do not know how but we can assume they have a plan. Also, you can expect a lot of spam on your mobile phone from these third-party companies.

In my opinion, you must avoid giving your email address and your phone number. The best option is to avoid creating an account at all on the specific website.

It does not mean that there are no legit ways to make money on the internet, but Clout Bucks is not one of them.

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But simple does not mean that it does not take work. Simple means that the process is straightforward and everyone can do it but you must take action.

On the link below, you can get my guide on how to make money online. I use simple steps and some tools from a legit program.

Thanks for reading my review Clout Bucks. This site is a scam and I do not recommend it to anyone. You can leave any comments or questions below.

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