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Is ClickFunnels Legit? – Read my Unbiased Review (2020 Update)

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ClickFunnels is a tool that helps online marketers to increase their sales by creating sales funnels and in this review, you will learn if ClickFunnels is legit.

The goal is to help marketers who have not the technical knowledge to create landing pages and websites to get started online.

Many expert online marketers use ClickFunnels to create landing pages, host webinars, build membership sites, etc.

Russel Brunson, the owner of ClickFunnels, says on the homepage that he wanted to simplify the process of creating a sales funnel for everyone who wants to get started online.

In my opinion, he has achieved his goal. You only need a few minutes to build a page for your marketing campaigns. There are some pre-made landing pages and layouts that you can customize to promote your products.

There are many options for pre-made funnels, both free and paid. I will analyze the pricing later in this post.

You can find many instructions for the basic membership that will help to create your first funnel.

Overall, ClickFunnels is a legit website that you can use as a tool for your business. It is not offering you a new business model and it cannot be the solution to every problem of your business.

What I mean is that you need some traffic to send on the funnels that you will create. Next, you can expect more conversions than an average page because the funnels of the program have been tested and optimized to give you the best results.

Who Is ClickFunnels For?

The program can be helpful for anyone who wants to sell a product online. There are many types of online marketers, different products, and niches. However, it has been designed to help you sell your product no matter which your audience is.

You can create a membership site, there are funnels for product launches, sell products, and collect emails. Most people would be happy with this variety of funnels.

Here are some products that you can sell according to the landing page:

  • e-commerce
  • information products
  • services
  • retail
  • business to business

Is It A Good Tool For Beginners?

As you can see, the tool is created for people who have already made some decisions. You must know what is your product, your audience, and what type of business you want to create.

From my experience, a beginner needs step by step training. So, if you are a beginner, you will need help on finding your niche, products to promote, set up your business and get traffic.

When you have the basic foundation of your business, you can use ClickFunnels to increase leads and sales.

Some marketers can start directly with ClickFunnels. For example, those who want to create a digital product for online marketplaces.

Also, the price and the upsells can be a problem for a beginner. It is an expensive tool and if you need the upsells it can cost thousands of dollars per year.

You must see it as an investment for your business and estimate if it is worth the money.

For a cheaper and complete way to start an online business, you can check a great training program for beginners with a free membership.

What Is Inside?

The tool has a free trial for 14 days so you can see by yourself what is inside.

If you do not buy any of the upsells, you can find the following:

  • There is a seven-day game that helps you to learn how to use the platform and create your tools.ClickFunnels game
  • If you do not want to follow the instructions, you can select to build your funnel without help.
  • Now you can choose to build a classic funnel or you can use the Cookbook Builder Process Build A Funnel
  • I selected the Cookbook and on the next step, you can choose one of the many available funnels.Funnels to get started
  • And these funnels have many “recipes” free or paid.Funnel recipes
  • When you select your recipe, you can start to customize your funnel.Customize your funnel

This is the basic process of the tool. You can create up to 20 sales funnel. When you choose a funnel, a subdomain is created that you can use to send your traffic.

I want to mention here that these funnels use techniques like upsells and downsells. Many times I have said that these techniques are unethical and their purpose is to trick the buyer to buy a product. However, you decide to use them or not.

Anyone can easily customize the funnels. You do not need any experience or technical knowledge. You just select the one you like, and you start playing with it.

It is easy to add or remove features from a page, add content or images, change the colors, etc.

In my opinion, this is the reason why ClickFunnels is so popular these days and many marketers use it. You can create and customize a funnel really fast without having to worry about the conversions. You know that most funnels work fine with the right traffic.

About The Support

Support is an important part of any online business. When you face a problem, and you cannot fix it fast, you get really frustrated.

ClickFunnels has good support. From the first moment of your membership, you can get help in many different ways.

Above I mentioned the seven-day game that includes videos and step by step help to create your first funnel.

Usually, you will not have any technical issues. However, if something goes wrong, you can go to the help page. You can find many articles that will help you with most of the possible problems.

Also, you can contact the support by clicking a blue icon on the bottom-right corner. You can see it on most pages of the platform.

When you ask your questions, you can expect to get an answer fast. The only problem is that the support is not active on the weekends.

How Much Does It Cost?

Many online marketers agree that ClickFunnels is one of the best tools in the funnel creation category.

However, the services are offered at a price that is not affordable for many beginner marketers.

I think this is the only major disadvantage of the tool.

The basic membership costs $97 per month or $997 per year. With $997 per year, you can create up to 20 funnels, 100 pages, and a maximum number of visitors at 20000.

Also, ClickFunnels has two upsells. You can get the basic membership and the upsells for $297 per month or $2997 per year. You will get unlimited funnels, pages, and you have not any limit on the visitors that can visit your pages.

I did not like how ClickFunnels try to sell you the additional products. While I was trying to start with the free trial, I saw a page with the annual price and the first upsell.

ClickFunnels pricing
ClickFunnels Upsell

Next, there is a second upsell when you fill in your personal details about a “secret” training. 

more funnels with upsells

Lastly, while there are many free funnels to get started, the good ones cost extra money. As you can see in the image below, they cost up to $297.

You can start with a 14-day trial but you can see that you may need to pay thousands of dollars.

The two basics upsells are named Actionetics and Backpack. Actionetics works like an autoresponder for different target groups. It analyzes the visitors to your website and sends different email series depending on their demographics.

Backpack is about creating a shopping cart that can create more sales. It will be achieved by adding one-click upsells and using it to create an affiliate program. You cannot select one of these upsells but you must get them together.

My Final Verdict – Is ClickFunnels Legit?

It’s a tool that creates funnels but the problem is that it uses these funnels to you as well. However, it’s a legit website. The upsells are totally optional and you can create nice funnels without them.

It does not promise something that cannot deliver. Many people like ClickFunnels and use it on a daily basis for webinars and landing pages.

If you plan to create funnels for your products, ClickFunnels is a great place to get started. You can create your funnels or use pre-made templates that are available on the members’ area. 

Start your free 14-day trial here!

Thanks for reading my review of ClickFunnels. For any questions, you can leave your comment below!

14 thoughts on “Is ClickFunnels Legit? – Read my Unbiased Review (2020 Update)”

  1. Hallo there,

    Based on how you have explained about the program, I think clickfunnels is great but what turned me off is the upsells, and the price.

    Your recommendation seems to be better than clickfunnels. I think I will go for your recommendation instead of the other one, which may have more hidden catches when you have gone deeper into it.

    Thanks for your honesty.

  2. I really liked that it has a good support since I always have a lot of questions and I know that I will have a lot of questions when I will create a business. However it is just too expensive. I wonder that if I join your top recommendation for free, can I reach success?

    1. Wealthy Affiliate has only two types of memberships and no upsells at all as I have mentioned above.

      You can start for free and you can go premium any time you want. If you use my bonus, you will get a discount for your first month. You can claim your bonus on my review page.

      Yes, you can reach success. Many members go full time and some members earn over $10k per month.

      It is the most a legit and popular site with the best training in the industry. 

  3. Great review Ilias. Probably a newbie question but once you create the funnel what do you do with it? Is it basically a one page website that collects information? or do you then need to market it eg. paste into social media?

    Sorry for all the questions, I have heard a lot about sales funnels but I don’t think I am understanding the process. Any help appreciated.

    1. Thank you, Heidi,

      When you create a funnel, it can be a landing page, a webinar, a membership site with a few pages or anything else you want, it’s your job to send traffic and promote it.

      This is the main reason why I do not recommend it for beginners. They hear all the fancy words on the homepage and they think that they can build a complete business.

      However, you will not learn how to send traffic on this funnels. You will create a funnel and you need to find guides and training for traffic.

      The good news is that it has a free trial and hopefully, you will figure out the problem before it’s too late.

  4. Hello Iljas!
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has seen how expensive it is to follow this course and make websites with the system.
    Found it myself from a sales page that I had sent to my mail.
    The CF logo was everywhere on this page, so I almost doubted that they meant their product seriously. I looked at it. However, I found that the price is utterly obscure compared to what I experience at WA as I can see you recommend.
    I see it as a cash machine, where the sale of beer is what you can earn a bit of your money back.
    My question is you think it would be as good as WA if the price is another?

    1. Wealthy Affiliate is a completely different program and you learn how to start a business from zero.

      On ClickFunnels you just look to improve your conversions.

      It is what you are looking for. If the problem of your business is the traffic then, Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option. You will learn how to get free organic on any website and niche.

      To answer your questions, even if ClickFunnels was cheaper than $97 per month, again I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate as my top recommendation to start an online business.

  5. Hi Ilias,

    That is awesome, seriously looks like a very powerful way to increase sales and funnel traffic for those that have their own products. I am an affiliate marketer that basically runs review sites, how can click funnels help me to increase conversions and get more sales or indeed sign ups to my email list?

    1. Hi Derek,

      You can create funnels for the products you promote, to capture more emails or give your free ebooks. It depends on the structure of your business if Clickfunnels can help you. If you have already traffic on your website you can try it for 14 days and compare the results before you buy it.

  6. Clickfunnels looks interesting and it is packed with so many features. This is useful for an online business owner who wishes to do it all by themselves without having prior knowledge of programming or website designing. Although it is packed with many features, the pricing is a bit high to maintain every month.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      When you compare Clickfunnels’ price with other programs it sounds high. But if it really helps your business it worths it.

      For those who want to sell their own products, I think that Clickfunnels is the best they can find online. Affiliate marketers must test it and see if it fits with their business.

  7. This concept is very interesting for a new online business owner. Marketing is crucial for the success of any business whether it be bricks and mortar or online. I wonder how expensive this is (there is no mention of cost) and over what period of time would I make that investment up?

    1. Hi Karen, Clickfunnels pricing is one of the disadvantages of this program as I mention above. 97/month costs the standar membership and 297/month the suite membership. The standar membership has some limits but if you are a beginner you do not need the suite membership yet.

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