Is Clickbank Legit? - Review

Is Clickbank Legit? – An Unbiased Review

Is Clickbank legit? There are many articles and videos about strategies, ideas, and tips from both vendors and affiliates of Clickbank. Most people agree that it is legit but there are some complaints.

In this review, I am going to share my personal experience with Clickbank and how it works. You will see what these complaints are and the benefits of the company.

What Is Clickbank?

Clickbank was founded in 1998 and it’s one of the oldest affiliate networks on the internet. Some years ago, it was by far the biggest affiliate network, and still, it’s one with the most users. According to Wikipedia, it has attracted more than 1.5m affiliates all these years and there are 100k active users.

An affiliate network means that you can find on its listings many affiliate products to promote. The difference between an affiliate program and an affiliate network is that on the affiliate programs, you can promote only one product or company. Clickbank is an affiliate network for digital products like ebooks, videos, software, or programs with a combination of all the above.

The main benefit of digital products is that they usually have high commissions. On Clickbank, most of the products have commissions of 50%-75% which is huge for those who can send targeted traffic on these products.

Amazon Associates which the biggest affiliate program for physical products has commissions of 4%-10%. You can see the difference…

However, the physical products of Amazon convert much better than the products of Clickbank. Some affiliate marketers prefer the affiliate program of Amazon, but many people agree that Clickbank is the best affiliate network for digital products and high commissions.

Who Is Clickbank For?

On Clickbank, you are going to see many beginner affiliate marketers. It’s so easy to sign up, choose a product and grab your links. That process helps a beginner to get started with affiliate marketing.

There is no approval process or any requirements like most affiliate programs and you can promote any product in any way you want. This can be a good and a bad thing at the same time. It helps people with no website or experience to discover ways to make money online. However, a lot of beginners just grab the links and spam everywhere.

You can see them on forums, social media, blog comments, etc. People who do not understand how affiliate marketing works or they do not want to learn just waste their time and other people’s time.

Many experienced marketers promote Clickbank’s products too. Some affiliates believe that it’s not worth promoting low commission products and chase only the high commissions.

In my opinion, this is not always the best strategy but the main benefit of the high commissions is that you can make more money faster than a low commission product because usually, it takes the same effort to make a sale.

So, it is a site for total beginners who want a quick start and experienced affiliates who look for higher commissions. However, some affiliate marketers avoid this program because of the two main complaints you can read below.

Clickbank Complaints

1. Low-quality products

If you have built a website, a blog, a YouTube channel or you just have an audience and you want to earn some extra money, Clickbank is an option. But you need to be careful with the products you choose to promote. Many of them are really bad.

I have written reviews about Clickbank products in the make money online niche. Some of them are worthless low-quality products.

I do not say that all of them are bad ones. You can find legit products. Some of them are created by experts in their niche. However, you need to check every program before choosing them if you do not want to promote bad products to your readers.

2. Refunds

As a result of the first complaint, many buyers ask for their money back after buying a bad product. Clickbank must send their money back and the affiliates lose their commissions. It’s really frustrating when it happens.

To be fair, other affiliate networks with digital products have worse refund rates. However, if you compare Clickbank to Amazon affiliate or other affiliate programs for physical products, Clickbank’s refund rate is high.

Is Clickbank Safe To Use?

Clickbank handles the payments of the affiliate marketers and all the sales of the products in their listings. Also, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee to all the Clickbank products. There are no major complaints here. From personal experience, you always receive your money back if you ask for a refund.

As an affiliate, I use the direct deposit method to receive my payments. I never had a problem and again, there are no complaints here from other affiliates. Lastly, the support answers any questions and fix any problems really fast. I have contacted them 2-3 times and the problem was fixed in one-two days.

Last Thoughts

Clickbank is a legit program and you can definitely find some good products to promote in their listings. Just make your research and figure out the good ones. The commissions are high and in some niches, the competition is really low. It’s up to you to use Clickbank properly.

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and you want to make your first sale, you need to learn more. Can you answer the following questions?

  • How does affiliate marketing work and why it works?
  • How can you send targeted traffic to your affiliate links?

It is easy to learn about traffic and affiliate marketing if you really want it. I recommend a top affiliate marketing course on the link below:

On the course above, you can learn how many successful affiliate marketers make money online. Also, you will see inside that they help and motivate each other.

I am an active member of that program and I can personally help you if you join. Also, you can read a review of my recommendation.

Thanks for reading my review on Clickbank. If you want to share your opinion or ask any questions, leave your comment below.


14 thoughts on “Is Clickbank Legit? – An Unbiased Review”

  1. Daniel Euergetes

    I’m really surprised about Clickbank after having recently gotten involved with it.

    I found two products, AZ Code and AZ Formula (they look almost the same and probably from the same owner.)

    What surprises me the most is the fact that on September 7th 2011, Clickbank had a major house-cleaning. It kicked out thousands of vendors pushing bad products and a few of these got together and Clicksure srpung up in China. From then on, Clickbank was relatively free from the make-money-online junk products that was ruining its reputation.

    I see that the bad products have returned to Clickbank.

    The sad thing about many affiliate marketers is that they don’t care about reputation and hold the same view as was the general theme of Clicksure – make money no matter how you can (which supported bad vendors by hosting them) that buyers are fish to be caught and stripped of their money.

    Clicksure drew both bad vendors and affiliate marketers alike, but in July of this year, the affiliate network shut down, almost without warning leaving thousands of vendors with no place to go – or do they?

    Your thoughts?

    1. Hi Daniel, 

      I am aware of the scammy products on the listings of Clickbank. I have already written a review on AZ Code to warn my readers, and the next days I am going to write a review about AZ Formula.

      As affiliate marketers, we can choose how to build our affiliate marketers business.

      Do we want to add value to the internet and help our readers or we just want to make some quick money?

      I want to add value and I know you are on the same page. However, many people just look for quick cash and create these scammy and ridiculous products.

      Clickbank still accepts scammers who create these products. They created an approval process to control the low-quality products but they have not avoided all of them.

      Also, many affiliate marketers promote these programs. No one would know about the AZ Code if some people would not share their affiliate links everywhere on the internet.

      So, there are two problems. Affiliate networks must be more careful about their products, and affiliate marketers should not promote any scammy product they find just to make some money. In the long run, it’s not profitable to promote scams because people will ask for a refund and you will lose your reputation as a marketer.

      You can’t make money when there is a refund rate over 70%. It’s just ridiculous.

      However, if you are an affiliate marketer who really helps people, you are not afraid of bad things that can happen on these networks. For example, I have a website and create content to show the best options on the internet to make money online.

      If a program from the ones that I recommend stop working or do not pay anymore, I will recommend another one that still works.

      Yes, I could lose some commissions but only in the short term. People know I am honest so they will keep visiting my site and read my reviews. 

      Next, if you are a vendor with a helpful product, you do not need Clickbank, ClickSure or any other affiliate network. They could help you to get more traffic but when a product is good enough, people will search for it anyway.

      To summarize:

      There are scammy vendors and affiliate networks that accept them. We can say the truth about these issues and warn people but that’s all we can do.

      For those who want to build a profitable affiliate marketing business, here is the solution:

      We must help our audience. When we add value, we are responsible for our results, and they do not depend on any affiliate network.

      About Clickbank: 

      We know there are some good products on their listings and some bad ones as well. Also, Clickbank will pay you in time when you make sales. So, it’s on you to promote the good products and avoid the scams.

  2. Andiamolireforex

    Thank you for the article on Clickbank. It’s good to be reminded that although many of the products are of poor quality, there are still some gems to be found. How do you know which ones are of good quality? Which niches stand out in Clickbank as the more legitimate ones?

    It’s good to know that Clickbank has always been efficient with their payments and refunds. Thanks again.

    1. Hi there, 

      To figure out which one is legit, you must buy it. Another alternative is to read some reviews online from marketers you trust.

      There are good and bad products in most niches. I am in the online marketing niche and the good ones are only a few. I cannot recommend products in other niches because I have not tried them.

  3. I am a ClickBank member for the last two years but I don’t like it because it doesn’t have enough products for my music niche. Every time I go there I don’t find any relevant products and I am confused whether to stay or leave.

    Generally, I like their high commission compared to others like Amazon but am not sure if they are prompt in payment.

    Just a concern, would there be any reason to say that ClickBank isn’t a good choice for people with long term aspirations in online marketing?


    1. Hi Paul, 

      I promote some legit Clickbank products with no problems. Your long-term success in online marketing depends on the value you provide to your audience. It does not depend on Clickbank or any other affiliate program. Just help your audience and recommend helpful products.

  4. McKenzie Durham

    This was interesting to read, I have seen a lot about this Clickbank recently but haven’t really understood what it was. So this was perfect for finding out. I don’t think I will use it, but I guess if I ever change my mind on it, it is good to know that there are at least some good affiliates in it, even if you do have to do some research to find them.

  5. Hey there Ilias,
    I remember back when Clickbank used to be the holy grail for buying legitimate ebooks on Online Businesses but today, I agree that it’s image has tainted.

    There are just so many scams and low quality products and I think it started during the viral PLR scam era whereby internet gurus teach people to get a book they like, rebrand and sell it again as their own which is why many ebooks there have similar contents. Quite sad though :/

    1. Hi Riaz, It is sad that so many people do the exact same thing. You can see similar landing pages, content, marketing, prices etc. However, this is another way to figure out the bad programs.

      The good news is that you can always ask for your money back from Clickbank products if you have not bought any upsell.

  6. Hey I really enjoyed this article, I have been up in the air with if I should use Clickbank or not. I already do have an account but I couldn’t find anything worth promoting and I kept seeing offers pop up that wants me to buy something. So, I never got around to using it and I’m not sure if I will.

    1. It’s true that some products are not so good and look a little spammy as I have mentioned above. However, almost in every niche, you can find a few legit programs. 

      Also, it depends on the niche. For example, the online marketing niche has too many low-quality products. But still, you can find some good ones like the Super Affiliate Program or Affilorama.

      Anyway, Clickbank is not the only option on the internet. Just try something else.

  7. Mitchell Balker

    Hi there,

    Thank you for taking your time to create this article very helpful.

    I haven’t tried clickbank myself but hear a lot of people talking about it so very good that I came accross your review very helpful.

    Which affiliate network are you using and why?

    Thank again for this great review great work.

    1. Hi Mitchell and thanks for your comment.

      I focus on the products and not in the affiliate programs. If I discover a good product that can help my readers, I just join on this affiliate program or network and promote it. There are some affiliate programs that I avoid but Clickbank is a good one. 

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