Is Bluehost Legit or Scam? – Read my 2017 Review

Bluehost Review

Name: Bluehost
Price: Shared Hosting from $3.95 per month, WordPress Hosting from $19.99 per month (Join Here)
Founders: Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth
Make Money Bay Rank: 85 out of 100

Is Bluehost Legit or Scam? – Read my 2017 Review

What is Bluehost

Bluehost is a web hosting company founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth. After fourteen years is one of the biggest names in the industry, hosting over two million websites. Bluehost focuses on WordPress and it is the top recommended hosting from

However, we often hear many complaints from marketers who use it. People ask if Bluehost is legit or they should avoid it. Before answering that question, I will give more information below.

First of all, Bluehost is a beginner friendly web host for two main reasons:

  1. You can start with cheap plans from 3,95$ per month (You can not sign up for one month ONLY).
  2. One click WordPress install. This is a good thing for internet marketers and beginners who have no experience about website building.

If you are a beginner or you want to blog for fun, Share Hosting is fine for you. But if you are a blogger who wants great quality on your websites, you should look for something else. In my opinion, the most complaints about Bluehost are from people who have chosen the wrong package for their needs.

You can find many available packages on Bluehost. What is best for you depends on your needs but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Bluehost is a leader in the industry for a reason however they have pros and cons that you can see below.

WordPress Made EasyPros

    • Cheap to get started
    • One click WordPress install
    • recommended host
    • A free domain with a year hosting package
    • Free SSL with WordPress hosting
    • Great security features
  • Money back guarantee for 30 days


  • Slow page loading times on Shared Hosting package
  • Many complaints about support speed and effectiveness
  • Many Upsells
  • Misleading Pricing
  • Expensive packages when you need to upgrade
  • When you start getting visitors, you need to upgrade or your page load time will slow down

Who is Bluehost For?

As I said above, Bluehost is a hosting company that has great offers for beginners. 3,95$ per month and a free domain that is a great price to begin. I do not think that other hosting companies offer so low prices. However, with the Share hosting, you will see the most of the cons from the list above.

Your websites will be slower than expected and you will need to upgrade to improve your page load time. Also, most of the complaints about support on Bluehost are from marketers who have bought the Share hosting package. They try to get beginners to join without explaining the problems that will face.

If you are a part-time or full-time internet marketer, you must buy another package. Check out what every package and plan has to offer and I think that you can find out which one fits your needs.

While my experience was with only one website because I changed my host later on Wealthy Affiliate, I know many marketers who host multiple sites in Bluehost and they are happy with their services. It is safe to say that Bluehost can work for any internet marketer who chooses the right hosting plan.

Bluehost Packages and Features

Bluehost has many features and six hosting packages with three or four plans each one:

  1. Shared hosting: The cheaper solution to get started. You get a free domain, one website available, 5 emails and 50 GB website space with the basic plan. You can host unlimited websites, emails and space with the Plus and Prime plans. The Prime plan also includes domain privacy and website backup.
  2. Cloud hosting: The second level of hosting with better page load times and website space than the Shared hosting. Three available plans for cloud hosting too. The Business Pro plan includes in the price an SSL certificate on the available features.
  3. WordPress Hosting: Four plans with free SSL, CDN and security features. With the WP Standard plan, you can reach the 100 million visitors per month and unlimited with the WP Ultimate plan which is the most expensive of this package. Also, on WordPress Hosting there is a 30-day money back guarantee.
  4. WooCommerse Hosting: WooCommerce, SSL and dedicated IP already included on your website if you buy any of these plans. This package is for marketers who want to start their own online store.
  5. VPS Hosting: Two cores, 30GB SSL storage and 2 GB RAM on the cheaper of the three plans on this package.
  6. Dedicated Hosting: For marketers who already have much traffic on their websites and want to achieve maximum speed and performance.

Bluehost plans

Security Features

I mentioned above that Bluehost offer great security features. Some of these features are SSL certificates, site backup, SpamExprerts and many others. But if they are not included in the plan you have selected, you have to pay extra money to add them to your website.

You may need to pay for other extra features too. Upsells is a common strategy of many hosting companies. Many beginners buy a plan for twelve months and realize later that they have to pay more for needed features and tools.


Most complaints in Bluehost is about its support. Usually frustrated customers talk about delayed answers, I have read recently a comment from a marketer who said that his website was down for twelve hours before getting an answer from support. After doing research on what people are saying about Bluehost support, I think that the level of the hosting plan affects the time of their response.

It makes sense to give more attention to the high-paying customers. However, this also means that their support cannot respond to the high number of the hosted websites. Anyway, I do not want to go far with this issue, just keep in mind that they may not respond in time if you have a problem with your website.

If you are a beginner who has not built a website before, you may face some difficulties in building and setting up your first website. The better way to get help is by searching on Google and Youtube for helpful guides and videos.

bluehost support

Bluehost Pricing

Before we talked about six packages with multiple plans each one. You can see the price of each plan below:

  • Shared hosting: Basic $3,95/mo, Plus $5,95/mo, Prime $7,95/mo
  • Cloud hosting: Starter $6.95/mo, Performance $8.95/mo, Business Pro $15.95/mo
  • WordPress Hosting: WP Standard $19.99/mo, WP Enhanced $29.99/mo, WP Premium $39.99/mo, WP Ultimate $49.99/mo
  • WooCommerse Hosting: Starter $6.95/mo, Plus $8.95/mo, Pro $12.95/mo
  • VPS Hosting: Standard $19.99/mo, Enhanced $29.99/mo, Ultimate $59.99/mo
  • Dedicated Hosting: Standard $79.99/mo, Enhanced $99.99/mo, Premium $119.99/mo

In my opinion, Bluehost pricing is good but not great. You can find cheaper solutions but it is one of the most quality hosting companies in the industry and it is worth the price in most of their plans but not to all of them.

I would definitely recommend the WordPress Hosting which is great for online marketers with multiple websites. You will have great speed and security features.

I want to mention that if you choose the Shared Hosting, you will need to upgrade your package when you start getting traffic. Also, if you buy the basic plan, you will pay for any extra feature you will need.

On the cons, I mentioned above the misleading pricing. The prices above are true only if you pay for 36 months!

On Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting you cannot pay for only one month but at least for twelve. The basic plan for twelve months it costs $5.95/mo.

WordPress Hosting is available for one month but instead of $19.99/mo, it costs $39.99. The misleading pricing and the upsells are usual on hosting companies and you need to be careful when you choose your package in any host.

Bluehost package

Is Bluehost Legit or Scam? – My Final Opinion

Bluehost has many features, packages and plans for any online marketer or blogger. A huge name in this industry that offers its services for years. Yes, it is absolutely legit and I would recommend most of its plans and features.

Sure, there are complaints about any online program and company but there are many happy customers too. For this reason, choosing a package that fits your needs it will determine your experience with Bluehost.

I did not like the Shared hosting, the upsells and the poor support but every product has positives and negatives. My advice is to start with Cloud or WordPress hosting if you want to get into online marketing or a new website for your offline business.

When you get more traffic, you have to upgrade your plans to maintain the high quality of your website. Also, I do not recommend the basic plans of any package because they do not include any of features that you will need to add later on your website.

That was my review on Bluehost based on my experience and research on blogs, forums, social media and any other place on the internet where people talk about Bluehost. My final verdict is that it worths joining.

If you are uncertain about Bluehost, I would recommend to check out Wealthy Affiliate for hosting and training. It is the only host I use the last months and it has the best support I have seen on the internet.


Name: Bluehost
Price: Shared Hosting from $3.95 per month, WordPress Hosting from $19.99 per month (Join Here)
Founders: Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth
Make Money Bay Rank: 85 out of 100

Feel free to ask any questions below! Also, I would like to hear your opinion and experience with Bluehost. I will reply to any comment as always.


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